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Battalion Roll : 5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders 1914

"A" Company - Strichen





  44 C.S.M  Watt, William Allathan, New Deer  Farmer. Attested 8/4/1908 - from Volunteers. Served with BEF 2/5/25 to 2/7/1915. Then Reserves. Farmer. Discharged 12/12/1917 aged 45. Rheumatism following shell wound to head (June 1915) and exposure to cold and wet. Granted pension.  (240005) 
  4 Sergt Horne, Henry 27 High St New Pitsligo  Attested 11/4/1908 (From Volunteers). Age 39. Horse hirer. Discharged at Bedford as unfit for further service 12/2/195.
 16 Sergt Smith, William New Aberdour To France 2/5/1915. WO2.  292119. SWB
  7 L.Sergt Henderson, William Market Tce, Strichen 240002 (= 1917 service number) Disembodied 18/2/1919
  24 L.Sergt  Murray, James Middlemuir, Strichen Attested 11/4/08 (From Volunteers). Age 27. Farmer's son.  Discharged as unfit at Bedford 6/12/1914.
  1215 L.Sergt Fraser, F High St, New Pitsligo Possibly same as Sgt Frank Fraser 54 High St New Pitsligo.  Age 37 on discharge - 24/4/1918. (WO364) This man was discharged as medically unfit 23/10/1914. and re-enlisted 19/12/1914.  Numbers given 2741 and 240762.
  681 L.Sergt Ogston, John James 71 Main St, New Pitsligo Commissioned 2nd Lieut. Gordon Highlanders 29/5/1917 (1st Bn) Address on Medal Card: 71 Main St New Deer.
  1555 Pte Barclay, William Mains of Byth, Turiff Killed in action 31/7/16 (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL ) Farm Servant. Born Rathen. Enlisted Strichen. MiC: To France 2/5/1915. "OiC Recs. Perth requests insts re disposal of medals 10/12/1920"
  1528 Pte  Brechin, Alexander J. D Longhaven, Cruden Died 13/11/16 (Buch. Obs. "Killed in action on 13/11/16, Pte Alexander James Brechin …, aged 24 years, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Charles Brechin, Longhaven, Cruden.") 
  1245 Pte Buchan, Thomas 4 Hanover St, Fraserburgh To France 2/5/1915. Dischaged 7/1/1916. (Possibly re-enlisted 27/7/1916 as 4266, later MCG.) 
  1486 Pte Calder, John South Skelmanse, Strichen Scotsman - casualty list 22/7/1915 - wounded - gunshot wound scalp and legs. Later transferred to 7th Battalion - 292118
  1461 Pte Craig, Alexander 119 High St, New Pitsligo Killed in action 31/7/16. Age 19. Son of Alexander  Craig, wine merchant and plasterer, and wife Mary of 119 High St., New Pitsligo.(THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Born Tyrie. Enlisted New Pitsligo. 
  1556 Pte Duncan, George Fedderate Cottages, Maud Killed in action 26/3/16. Age 23. Son of William and Annie Duncan, of Maud, Aberdeenshire
  1491 Pte Elrick, James C 28 Thistle St, Aberdeen (Later Corporal - 240149) To France 2/5/1915. Disembodied  26/3/1919
  1428 Pte Forrest, James 32 High St, Strichen 240122
  1288 Pte Forsyth, Alexander Hillfoot, Lonmay Attested 11/3/1911. Farm servant. Age 19. Discharges at Perth 11/3/1916 - Termination of engagement.  Served with BEF 2/5/1915-11/3/1916. Father John Forsyth.
  1252 Pte Gow, Angus 27 High St, Strichen To France 2/5/1915. Discharged  19/2/1916. (MiC) [Note: there is a man named Angus Gow, Gordons (Strichen) mentioned in Buchan Observer as being a POW in 1918. This man may have re-enlisted.] 
  1568 Pte Jaffray, Henry 41 Pitsligo St, Rosehearty S/18898
  1117 Pte Knox,  Fred 13 High St, New Deer "A" Coy. Killed in action 1/6/1915. Age 24. Son of Elsie Simpson (formerly Knox), of 66 Main St., New Deer, and the late John Knox.
  60 Pte Marshall, Alexander Viewbank House, Maud Scotsman 22/7/1915 - casualty list - wounded A. Marshall, L.Cpl, gunshot wounds. In hospital at Rouen. Also wounded July 1916
  1492 Pte Mathers, Alexander High St, New Pitsligo 240150. Wounded 2/12/1916. Killed 28/3/1918. 1st Bn. Age 36. Son of the late William and Christina Mathers. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
  1373 Pte McDonald, William 33 St Peter Street, Peterhead Scotsman casualty list 7/7/1916 - wounded - (Peterhead). . Died of wounds 16/11/16. Son of Mrs. Jane McDonald 14 Wallace St., Peterhead. (Y RAVINE CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMEL) 
  700 L.Cpl McLean, James A High St, Strichen Born abt. 1890. Son of James (gamekeeper) & Ann McLean, Strichen. (1901 census) Arrived France 2/5/1915. Scotsman casualty list 2/11/1916 wounded - McLean, 700, Cpl J.A. Discharged 26/4/1919. 
  1483 Pte Melvin, Robert Springbank, Oldwhat 240145 .To France 2/5/1915. Died of wounds 22/4/1917. Age 28. Son of Alexander and Mary Melvin, of Springbank, New Deer. (DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUN)
  14 L.Cpl Milne, Alexander J Cockmuir, Strichen  SWB.
  1374 Pte Milne, W Asleed House, Methlick  (No trace on Medal Index)
  1477 Pte Milne, Alexander Jaffray Asleed House, Methlick Attested 1/4/1912. Age 24. Farm servant. Discharged at Greenock 12/9/1915. No longer physically fit - Flat feet. (KR 392 XVI)
  1348 Pte Mitchell, James G.C Ardlawhill, Aberdour Killed in action 17/3/16 Age 23. Son of William and Mary Mitchell, of Boston, Mass.. Nephew of John Cooper, of Ardlawhill, New Aberdour, Fraserburgh. Born Manchester. Enlisted Strichen.
  1273 Pte Murison, Alfred Rivehill, Strichen Died of wounds 21/3/16 at No 3 General Hospital, Le Treport, France. Age 22. Son of James and Jane Murison, of Rivehill Strichen. Twice recommended for D.C.M. (LE TREPORT MILITARY CEMETERY)
  1216 Pte Noble, A 28 Main St, New Deer  (No trace on Medal Index)
  1430 Pte Park, John Rettie Hillside, Strichen Born Tyrie. Enlisted Strichen.  Died of wounds 3/6/1915. Will at NAS. (See Photo and biography). (CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERY )
  42 Pte Pirie, William A 25 Bridge St, Strichen 240004. Disembodied 4/4/1919
  1258 Pte Rennie, J.H 2 Low St, New  Aberdour (No trace on Medals Index)
  1540 Pte Robertson, John Hardslacks Croft, Hatton Scotsman 9/10/1915 - casualty list - wounded - shows: "under 15th September 1915". Killed in action 13/11/16. Born Cruden. Age 26. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, of Corse Kininmonth, Mintlaw. Enlisted Strichen.
  1431 Pte Scott, Edward School St, New Aberdour Killed in action 31/7/16. Sergeant. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Born Strichan.
  1508 Pte Scott, William 29 High St, New Aberdour Killed in action 13/11/16. Grandson of John Scott and Ann Bruce.  (Y RAVINE CEMETERY) 
  1259 Pte Shearer, Robert G 63 Low St, New Pitsligo 240090
  1419 Pte Smith, William 117 High St New Pitsligo 240117. Disembodied 6/4/1919. 
  1307 Pte Spence, William Woolmill, Strichen Born in Ellon. Enlisted Strichen. Died of wounds 11/4/1917. (AUBIGNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION) (Will at NAS) Service returns shows age 23. Died at No. 1 Canadian CCS. 240095
  1119 Pte Taylor, George Slacks, New Deer Wounded 31 July 1916. Transferred to the Labour Corps - 316868.
  682 Pte Thom, Henry 69 Main St, New Deer  240052. Wounded 11/12/1917 "B" Coy.
  1291 Pte Thomson, William G 9 North St, Strichen Wounded 13/11/16 (Later attached to King's African Rifles). 240094
 1354 Pte Thomson, James  Clackriach, Maud Attested 1/5/1911. Age 21, farmer, Clackraich, Maud. Discharged 17/4/1915 KR 392 (vi). Joined British Red Cross (MiC) To France 27/9/1916. SWB. Address Esteran, Saskak. Canada. 
  1458 Pte  Urquhart, Alexander S Tyrie, Fraserburgh Wounded 31 July 1916. Killed in action 31/7/1917.(NEW IRISH FARM) 
  1085 Pte  Watson, David A Warland, New Aberdour Killed in action 31 July 1916. Age 24. Son of John and Isabella Watson, of 26, High St., New Aberdour.(THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  1547 Pte  Watson, Albert Warland, New Aberdour 292194 . To France 4/12/1915. Disembodied 2/3/1919. 
 1260  Pte Whyte, Thomas D 1 Cairnbulg Scotsman 22/9/1915 casualty list - wounded. Discharged 22/2/1916. Number indicates enlistment Feb 1911 so discharged as Time Expired.
  1497 Pte Whyte, Alexander Kirkhill, Tyrie Born New Aberdour. Enlisted Strichen. Died of wounds 2/6/1915. (CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERY )
  1270 Pte Wood, James 25 Low St, New Pitsligo Scotsman 8/11/1915 - casualty list - wounded from June/July 1915 - previously unreported. (New Pitsligo) Attested 7/2/1911. Apprentice merchant. Age 17.Shrapnel wound, left shoulder 16/6/1915. To  England. Rejoined Bat. 28/9/15.  Discharged Peterhead - time expired 8/2/1916. Mother's address - 22 Low St New Pitsligo. Re-enlisted as 5713/ 292202.  Buch. Ob. 28/5/1918. -Recently reported missing, is now a prisoner of war in Germany. (New Pitsligo)
  1265 Pte  Yule, Alexander G Mill of Old Maud 240091
  1674 Pte Duffus, J Westerecht, Dunecht (No trace on Medal Index)
  1730 Pte  Morrison, G.A Ivy Cottage, Maud (No trace on Medal Index)
  1742 Pte Thomson, George Forehill, Peterhead Age 21  "D" Coy. Son of George and Mary Thomson, of 37, St. Mary St., Peterhead. (BANCOURT BRITISH CEMETERY) War Diary 6/12/1917 Fremicourt: Enemy aircraft visited this area…four casualties were sustained from bombs that evening : one killed and three wounded." Buch. Ob 18/12/1917: Reported killed in action. He was a son of Mr George Thomson, 37 St Mary Street and in civil life was a farm servant at Corskellie, Lonmay.
  1743 Pte Whyte, George 11 North St, Strichen 240262. Disembodied 1/4/1919
 1760 Pte Wight, Patrick B Dalrymple House, Fraserburgh Born Tyrie. Enlisted Strichen. Killed in action 17/6/1915. Age 20. Son of Elizabeth Grant (formerly Wight), of Alpine Cottage, St. Fergus, Peterhead, and the late James Wight. (LE TOURET MEMORIAL )
  1803 Pte Ritchie, William George Whitebog, New Deer Killed in action 13/11/16. Age 20. Eldest son of Jane Ann Ritchie of Artamford Maud. (MAILLY WOOD CEMETERY)
  1804 Pte Beedie, Robert Shevado Croft, New Deer To France 4/5/1915. 240290. Later transferred to 43rd Battalion Royal Fusiliers GS/25308.
 1856 Pte  Shand, James 9 School St, New Pitsligo Killed in action 29/7/18. "A" Coy. Age 21. Son of Andrew Philip and Jane Shand, of 9, School St., New Pitsligo.(SOISSONS MEMORIAL) MM. 240316 
  1857 Pte  Dickie, Alexander 74 High St, New Pitsligo Killed in action 31/7/1917.  Age 22. Son of William Dickie, of New Pitsligo. (NEW IRISH FARM CEMETERY) 240317 Previously wounded - Scotsman 22/7/1915 and 27/7/1915 - casualty list -1859, A.Dickie, 29 Row St New Pitsligo, gunshot wound shoulder. In hospital in Rouen.
  1808 Pte Seath, J.W Techmuiry, Fraserburgh (No trace on Medal Index under that name)
  1911 Pte  Dick, E.B Blackmore, Auchnagatt (No trace on Medal Index)
  1913 Pte  Thomson, John East Atherb, Maud Killed in action 13/11/16. Brother of Mrs J. Slessor 436 Gt Western Rd, Aberdeen. Only son of the late John Thomson of Peterhead. (Y RAVINE CEMETERY BEAUMONT HAMEL)
  1914 Pte  Bonnar, William H Stuartfield Born New Deer 11/2/1897.  Enlisted Maud. Son of Isabella Bonnar of Stuartfield. Killed in action 31/7/16 (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Medal card shows arrived in France 5/12/1915 and "OiC Recs. requests inst. re disposal of medals 1/12/1920"
  2007 Pte  Smith, Edward G (Edwin) Thornhill, Cuminstown Bank accountant. Wounded at Arras 1916. POW after St Quentin (21/3/1918) Disembodied 3/3/1919.
  2008 Pte  Burnett, James P Bulwark, Maud Wounded 7/7/16 - 240384. Disembodied 28/3/1919.
  2066 Pte  Johnstone, Joseph Strichen Scotsman casualty list 22/7/1915 - wounded - J.Johnstone, Friday Hill Brucklay, gunshot wounds, head, arm, leg. Also wounded Dec 1915. 240410. Disembodied 3/4/1919
  2104 Pte  Milne, William 106 High St, New Pitsligo 240427. Scotsman 14/7/1915 - casualty list - wounded.
  2096 Pte  Watson, George N 20 High St, New Pitsligo 240423. Disembodied 17/4/1919
  2113 Pte  Simpson, Robert K 70 High St, New Pitsligo  
 2103 Pte Mutch (?) High St, New Pitsligo (No trace on Medal Index)
  2134 Pte  McLeod, James G 37 High St, New Pitsligo Transferred to MGC. (Sergeant)
  2127 Pte  Catto, John Coburty, Ardlaw, Fraserburgh Killed in action 13/11/16. Age 19 Son of John & Agnes Catto, The Smithy, Roseharty Fraserburgh.  (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  2203 Pte  McLean, Alexander W High St, Strichen  Wounded 31 July 1916. Born abt. 1894. Son of James (gamekeeper) & Ann McLean, Strichen. (1901 census) SWB. Discharged 16/4/1918.
  2159 Pte  Burnett, William High St, Strichen  Born Glasgow. Enlisted Peterhead. Died at Home 5/6/1918. Age 22. Son of William and Margaret Bensie Burnett. (STRICHEN PARISH CHURCHYARD) 
 2158 Pte Gow, John High St, Strichen   (No trace on Medal Index) 
 2163 Pte Trail, James High St, Strichen  Enlisted 2/9/1914. Age 19. Baker. Address shown as 8 Market St Strichen. Discharged at Perth  2/10/1914 ,medically unfit.  para 156 (11) TF Regs. Signed for foreign service at Peterhead 15/9/14.

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