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Casualty List : 1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Names in Blue also appear on Battalion Roll

Casualties for September - November 1918 

From the Battalion War Diaries

Note: WO = War Office Weekly Casualty List showing location of next of kin.

  DateNumber  Rank  Name                             Nature of
 2/9/1918   S/3421   Pte Scott, Peter  Wounded GSW left hand. Enlisted 1/9/1914. Discharged 6/3/1919. Age 31. 
 3/9/1918   240603   Pte  Strachan, Alexander  WoundedPreviously wounded in July 1916 and March 1918.
 6/9/1918  S/5892   Pte  Russell, Frederick GWounded   
 7/9/1918    203614   Pte   Hardie, James  Wounded   Wounded again 4/10/1918
10/9/1918   S/11751 Pte   Kenley, Charles Garland Died of woundsAge 23. Husband of Mary Ann Kenley (Finnie - married 1914), of 2, Magdala Place, Aberdeen. (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE) Died at 57 Field Ambulance from injuries. Grocer's assistant in civil life. 
 12/9/1918  S/22751 Pte    Pirie, George C Wounded  WO casualty list 15/10/1918 - wounded (Aberdeen) 
 12/9/1918   291485  Pte  Armstrong, Thomas J  Wounded  WO casualty list 15/10/1918 - wounded  (Riston)
 12/9/1918  201352  Pte  Anderson, StuartWounded WO casualty list 15/10/1918 - wounded  (Bedford)
 12/9/1918  291380   Pte  Naismith, Robert Wounded  WO casualty list 15/10/1918 - wounded (Glasgow) 
12/9/1918  313017   Pte  Cuthbert, Richard Wounded  Transferred from Cameron H. Enlisted 20/11/1916. Discharged 25/2/1919. Age 30.  
12/9/1918   291778    Pte  West, Walter H  Wounded  WO casualty list 15/10/1918 - wounded  (Putney SW) 
12/9/1918 S/23278     Pte    Porter, John W Wounded  WO casualty list 15/10/1918 - wounded (Prudhoe) GSW to arm. Enlisted 28/1/1916. Mobilized 28/4/1918. Discharged 23/2/1919 Age 21.   (Newcastle on Tyne.)    
13/9/1918   Lt   Dean, GeorgeKilled   Age 31 Husband of Margaret Dean, of Rowan. Cottage, Ellon (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE) Scotsman 21/8/1918: "Killed. Husband of Mrs Dean, Leysland House, Ellon and son of the late Mr Dean, Mill of Leask, Slains, and was in business in South Africa."  
13/9/1918  S/20548     Pte Innes, John   Wounded  
20/9/1918S/7778 Pte   Sellars, Alexander  Wounded  
24/9/1918   LtHaig, Alexander Weir Wounded   Remained at duty

 5/10/1918     2/Lt Buchanan, Adam Heaton Killed

DCM citation for Sgt Murray states:   "On 5th October 1918, when advancing towards the Haute Deuil Canal, his platoon was suddenly engaged from a strong concealed position.  His officer (Buchanan) was killed, and a number of other casualties occurred. He immediately took command, and by his skilful handling of his men, avoided further casualties." 
Joined battalion 29/4/1918.
Age 23 Son of Daniel F. and Jeanie Heaton Buchanan, of 382, Kilbowie Hill, Radnor Park, Clydebank, Glasgow. Native of Dalmuir, Dumbartonshire. (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE)

 5/10/1918  S/40448   Cpl   Antonelli, John             Wounded  WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded  (Renton)
 5/10/1918   235380   L/Cpl   Henderson, William Wounded  WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Newcastle) 
 5/10/1918    S/23243   Pte   McGuire, JamesWounded WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Johnstone) 
 5/10/1918 201489    Pte   Moir, AlexanderWoundedEnlisted 9/10/1915. To France 10/11/1915. Discharged 2/5/1919.  Age 23 
5/10/1918   S/40187   L/Cpl   Parsons, Raymond R Wounded  WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Harlesden NW)
5/10/1918  235358   L/Cpl   Thomson, David M Wounded  WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Glasgow) GSW right hand.  Admitted Chatham Military Hospital 11/10/1918.  
5/10/1918  S/8533   Pte    Baxter, Hugh  Wounded  WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Denny) 
5/10/1918 241646   Pte    Charge, Henry  Wounded  WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Hammersmith) 
5/10/1918   S/1716  Sgt   Glendinning, ThomasWounded WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Stromness)
5/10/1918 S/23250  Pte   McBrier, James  Killed Son of Mrs. McBrier, of Placecraig Lodge, Airdrie. (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE)  
5/10/1918   62573  Pte   Elder, GeorgeWounded  9th Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons 
5/10/1918   13875  Pte   Jackson, JosephWounded   9th Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons
6/10/1918   300587  Pte   King, DavidWounded   9th Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons
6/10/1918  330040  Pte  Gowrie, StanleyWounded   9th Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons
8/10/1918      2/Lt Tindall, Alexander GeorgeKilled Age 26. Son of Sarah Wells Tindall, of 167Crown St., Aberdeen, and the late Robert Tindall. (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE) Originally Pte S/23942 4th A & SH. Joined from base 1/9/1918 and posted to C Coy. 
10/10/1918  242498   L/Cpl  McLachan, JamesWounded WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Ballindalloch) 
10/10/1918 S/7846   Pte  Fraser, Alexander Wounded Died of wounds at No. 54 CCS on 10/10/1918.  Age 31. Native of Huntly. Son of Mr.and Mrs.William Fraser; husband of Charlotte Copland Fraser, of 3 Market St., Insch, Aberdeenshire. (CAMBRIN MILITARY CEMETERY)
10/10/1918  203021   L/Cpl  Duff, Robert AWounded WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded  (Aberdeen)
Aberdeen Evening Express 22/10/1918 - Mrs Duff, 19 Drum's Lane has had information that her husnamd L/Cpl Robert Duff has been wounded. Before joining up. He was a branch manager with the Northern Co-operative Society.
10/10/1918  S/42466   Pte  Dixon, Thomas DuncanWounded Died of wounds 25/10/1918. Born Montrose. Enlisted Dundee. (Also shown as Dickson) 
10/10/1918  S/8197  Pte  Stewart, Allan Wounded WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Aberdeen) 
10/10/1918  S/17666  Pte  Tapplin, Aubrey  W Wounded  WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Waddington) 
10/10/1918  S/22704  Pte   Sinclair, Alex GKilled Age 19 . Son of; James and Barbara Graey Sinclair, Huddart St, Wick. (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE)
10/10/1918  S/20426 Pte   Arnott, Robert Killed Age 18. Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Arnott, of 429, Cullen Terrace, Carron Rd., Falkirk.(PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE) 
10/10/1918  S/22398 Pte   McArthur, John Killed Son of Mrs. B. McArthur, of 133, Back St., Dumbartonshire. (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE)  
 11/10/1918  S/10121 Pte   Carey, AndrewWounded  WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Foveran) 
 11/10/1918  271174 Pte   Urie, Donald McLWounded  Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons 
 11/10/1918  S/22786 Pte    Kerr, JohnWounded  WO casualty list 12/11/1918 - wounded (Gilmerton) 
13/10/1918  62560 Pte    Milliken, DavidWounded  9th Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons
13/10/1918   302618  Pte   Hodge, Reginald JWounded  2nd Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons
 13/10/1918    2/Lt   Haddon, W J Wounded  Previously enlisted as Private in 7th Gordons. Commissioned 17/12/1917. Joined 5th Gordons 1/6/1918. To UK wounded 19/10/1918 (Muirkirk, Ayrshire)
 14/10/1918  S/23349    Pte   Cordiner, William H Wounded WO casualty list 23/11/1918 - wounded (Peterhead). Casualty list (Progress report) 18/10/1918 -  No. 13 CCS France - No. 23329 Pte Cordiner, W,  - GSW scalp and back - improving.   Enlisted 2/4/1917.
  4/10/1918203614 Pte  Hardie, James  Wounded GSW left hand. Sent to 51 CCS and then  No 8 Stationary Hospital . To UK Military Hospital Chatham.  Discharged 4/2/1919.  Mother's address - 47 Palermo St Springburn Glasgow.
Born 1898. Occupation: forge hammer driver. Enlisted 2/3/1916 - service from  30/7/1917. Joined 5th Bn on 20/8/1918.
Previously wounded  791918
  4/10/1918 202691 Pte   Southern, A
  8/10/1918 325326  Pte  Watt, PeterWounded  9th Royal Scots attached to 5th Gordons 
  8/10/1918 202597 Pte Thomson, John Wounded  16th Royal Scots attached to 5th Gordons
 10/10/1918    41140 Pte Jordan, HenryWounded  9th Royal Scots attached to 5th Gordons  
 11/10/1918 302340  Pte Cane, George W
Wounded  9th Royal Scots attached to 5th Gordons 
 11/10/1918   62592 Pte McInnes, M Wounded  Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons 
 14/10/1918  S/23220 Pte Bellany, John SWounded  WO casualty list 23/11/1918 - wounded  (Cockenzie)
 14/10/1918 241875    Pte McLaughlin, Laurence Wounded  WO casualty list 23/11/1918 - wounded (Glasgow)
 14/10/1918 S/13506 Pte Pyper, DavidWounded  WO casualty list 23/11/1918  - wounded (Aberdeen) 
 15/10/1918 290289   Pte Hutchison, JWounded  WO casualty list 23/11/1918 -wounded (Aberdeen)  
 16/10/1918  2/Lt   Haig, Alexander Weir Wounded Died of wounds 17/10/1918. 1st Bn attached 5th Bn  Age 29 Son of James & Margaret Johnston (nee Peacock) Haig, Dalkeith, Midlothian.  Formerly L.Sgt 1st Camerons (8742) . Address 21 Hardy St Wimbledon. 
17/10/1918   S/17681Cpl Butchart, John B Wounded  WO casualty list 23/11/1918 - wounded (Broughty Ferry)  GSW to the back. To UK 19/10/1918 - Reading War Hospital 19/10/1918 - 14/2/1919. Enlisted Newcastle 11/12/1915 - served from 12/4/1917. Occupation: Ship wire worker. Tay Square Broughty Ferry. 
17/10/1918   S/23254 Pte   Semple, JohnWounded  WO casualty list 23/11/1918 - wounded (Burbank)  
17/10/1918    22669   Pte   Brown, Charles E
Killed  9th Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons 
17/10/1918  S/5182 Pte Bain, Charles
 5/11/1918  242212 Pte   Cooper, Alexander SmithKilledAge 40. Son of Mrs. Duncan (formerly Cooper), 35 Sunny Bank Place, Aberdeen, and the late William Cooper; husband of Jeannie Cooper, of 24, Rosebank Place, Aberdeen. (WEZ-VELVAIN (WEZ) CHURCHYARD)   Farm servant in civil life. Married 1903.

Alexander Smith Cooper is the last recorded combat casualty of the 5th battalion. Sadly there is no reference in the Diary to the activity that led to his death. The battalion was in camp behind the lines at that time.

Several men of the battalion died later from wounds or illness.

William Deans S/43011 died on 23rd October while a POW as did 2/Lt John James Chalmers who died of illness on 20th November. Both men had been captured at Fresnoy on 21st March 1918.

Hamilton Lindsay 260130 was another man who died while in captivity. He was wounded and captured during the German advance on 21st March 1918. When he did not return after the war, his wife made enquiries through the Red Cross regarding his fate. On 14th April 1919 the Red Cross advised that he had succumbed to pneumonia on 5/11/1918 at Kattowitz (Katowice) in Upper Silesia.. After the war, the bodies of all British soldiers in Poland were exhumed and concentrated in Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery. He was 27 years of age and was born in the village of Galston, Castle Douglas Kirkcudbrightshire.

William Rae S/15783 died of wounds at No 8 CCS on 25th October. The Midlothian Journal of 8 November 1918 state: Private William Rae, Gordon Highlanders (attached Trench Mortar Battery), has died of wounds received in action.
Previous to enlistment he was employed in the coal mines, and was only 21 years of age. He is the youngest son of Mr Rae, Millholm, Dalhousie.

Michael Collins S/10013 died of appendicitis and TB at Bradley Gate Military hospital at Huddersfield on 24th November.

The last man to die who was recorded as being in the 5th battalion, was 242378 George Forbes of Keith, a released POW.  He had been wounded in the leg and captured in March 1918.  He survived imprisonment but died shortly after release on 29th December 1918 of  acute appendicitis  at No 1 CCS in France.

The family of Alexander Smith Cooper, the last man from the battalion to be killed in battle had the following inscription placed upon his gravestone:
                                        "He gave his life for us and we will uphold that honour."

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