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Casualty List : 5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Casualties for August 1918  (Battle of the Marne)


The casualty lists supplied in the War Diaries for August are incomplete. Only the names of officers were provided together with the numbers of other ranks killed or wounded up to 4th August. These were:

  Date Wounded  Gassed  Missing  Killed 
  1st   56    1   6   12
  3rd     68    
  4th      3    
   56   72   6   12


The Diary for 2nd August states the Battalion was at Ambrief and HQ were established in the old distillery with "A" and "D" companies retained as Battalion reserve in an adjoining cave.
For 3rd August it continues:
"68 ranks of "A" and "D" Coys were gassed in the cave they were living in. The reason for this appears to have been that when the men entered this cave they lit fires, this brought out the gas which the enemy must have left before retiring."

From The Life of a Regiment: "The final stroke dealt by the Germans, was however, still to be felt. They had deluged woods and valleys with mustard gas. This does not appear to have had much effect on either battalion [5th and 9th] of the regiment that day, but both were hard hit that night.  The 5th had 68 and the 9th 67 men of their support companies gassed in caves.  The men did not notice the smell of gas entering.  Fortunately, the effects were very slight, and even of those men sent to hospital, the majority were back at duty within a fortnight." p.219

It is hard to tell, therefore, whether the men listed below who died from gas poisoning were gassed as a result of  the action of the 3rd August or during the earlier battle at Buzancy.

 Number  Rank  Name                
Nature of   casualty          Notes
1st Aug
  Lieut Reid, James Tom
Wounded  Also: Awarded M.C - Gazette 15/10/1918
1st Aug
  Lieut   Berry, G.M
1st Aug
  Lieut   Adam, John Ewing
Wounded  Also: War Diaries for July 1918 show: Taken on strength from Div HQ formerly Div. Burial Officer. Scotsman Biographical notes 7/8/1918: Admitted to hospital suffering from severe gunshot wounds in arm and leg. He is the older son of the Rev James A. Adam, Cambusbarron U.F. Church, Stirling. Lt Adam was a first year divinity student in the U.F. Church College, Glasgow, when early in 1915 he received his commission from OTC of Glasgow Univ. In Oct 1915 he was sent to the front and since then he has been in service there.
1st Aug
  2nd Lieut
Middleton, Gordon A
Wounded  Buchan Observer 13/8/1918 "2/Lt Gordon A Middleton, GH, wounded by gun shot in the back, is the fourth son of police superintendant Middleton, Peterhead. He served his apprenticeship in the Union Bank Peterhead and subsequently emigrated to Canada, where he was employed in the Bank of Hamilton. He volunteered for active service and on obtaining his commission he was transferred to the Imperial Army. He is 27 years of age.
 3rd Aug
  Capt Kemp, William Strathenry  MC
 3rd Aug   Lieut Fraser, D.A.D
3rd Aug   2nd Lieut Gill, Ian Munro Gassed  

War Diary (Gazetted 31/10/1917) (Formerly Vet. Corps) Born 1897 Son of James Gill, grain merchant ad his wife & Margaret,  Ferryhill Aberdeen.

3rd Aug    2nd Lieut
Insch, James Gordon Gassed   Formerly  Pte 290632 Gordon Highlanders (MM)
3rd Aug   2nd Lieut
Martin, John Francis Gassed   Formerly 8th/10th Battn. 
1st Aug
Barrack, James
De Roll of Honour V4 p9. Born 23/8/1891 at Monquhitter, son of William Ferguson, farm overseer at New Deer and wife Helen. WBT p.215=Farm Servant -shows death 28/7/1918 - battle of Marne) CWGC-Father of Miss M. Barrack, of Shepherds Croft, Cluny, Lillyflourie, Aberdeen. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE) 3470
1st Aug
 Cpl Gillett, Thomas Charles Widdows
Killed Age 34. Son of T. C. O. and A. Gillett, of Kingsdown, Swindon, Wilts; husband of Edith Mary Gillett, of "The Haven," Bampton, Oxon. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE) 
1st Aug

S/20542  Pte Hendry, Arthur William
Age 19. Son of William and Catherine Hendry, of Lathrisk Gardens, Freuchie, Fifeshire. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE)
1st Aug
 Jeffrey, James Walker
Killed Age 19. Son of Andrew and Margaret Jeffrey, of Cottage Place, Broughty Ferry, Forfarshire. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE)
1st Aug
 Pte Lyell, Robert  William
Killed Age 19.   Son of John Couper Lyell and Catherine Lyell, of Annell House, 36, Argyle St., St. Andrews, Fifeshire. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE) 
1st Aug
 McBeath, Andrew
 Killed Son of Mr. W. McBeath, of Station House, Coleburn, Longmorn, Elgin. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE) Scotsman casualty list 19/9/1918 - killed (Strichen )  Service returns show age as 22. 
1st Aug
Pte Melvill, Archie
Killed Age 20. Son of William F. and Mary Melville, of 16, Comiston Rd., Edinburgh. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE) 
1st Aug
Paterson, Henry
Killed Age 19. Son of William and Mary Paterson, of 6, Keilarsbrae, Sauchie, Alloa, Clackmannanshire. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE) 
1st Aug
Ross, William
Age 23 Son of Mrs. J. Ross, of 73, West Hill St., Inverurie (  RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE)  
1st Aug
Scott, Donald McInroy
Killed Age 26.  Husband of Catherine F Scott (McLean), of 56, Longcauseway, Dovecotland, Perth. Son of Donald and MaryAnn Scott. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE) Married 1915. Monumental mason in civil life.
1st Aug
Pte Sievwright, John
Killed Farm servant. Age 22. Born Ythanwells. Enlisted Huntley. WBT p.314 - Killed at the battle of the Marne. Grandson of William Sievwright, of South Broomhill, Forgue. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE) CWGC shows initial as "T".
1st Aug
  Pte Tait, William
Killed Age 20. Born and enlisted Dundee.  Son of William and Betsy Tait, of 133, Victoria Rd., Dundee. (OULCHY-LE-CHATEAU CHURCHYARD EXTENSION) 
1st Aug
 291318  Pte  Kirkwood, Frank
Died Enlisted Aberdeen.  Service returns show Died from influenza while a POW. "B" Coy. Age 26. Son of William and Charlotte Kirkland, of Luthermuir, Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire ( RETHEL FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY)
2nd Aug
Milne, James
Died of wounds
Born Fraserburgh. Age 38. Enlisted Peterhead (ROYALLIEU FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY, COMPIEGNE  ) 
3rd Aug
Watson, Walter Kerr
Died at sea
Age 18.  Son of William Kerr Watson and Isabella Watson of 115 Dalkeith Rd., Edinburgh. (HOLLYBROOK MEMORIAL, SOUTHAMPTON) HMT Warilda, ambulance transport torpedoed and sunk between Le Havre and Southampton 3 August 1918. (Will at NAS) 
 5th Aug
 238010 Pte
Kane, John
Died of wounds
Age 32.  Son of John and Bridget Kane, of 36, Swindon St., Hebburn-on-Tyne, Co. Durham. (SENLIS FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY)
 5th Aug
 266078 Pte
Shearer, William
Died of wounds
WBT (Forgue) p. 314: Farm servant. 1/5th Gordons. Served France 1915 - 5 Aug 1918. Wounded at Cambrai 9 April 1917; at Le Touquet 23 Aug 1917. Died as a result of mustard gas shell at 6th General Hospital Rouen 5th Aug 1918.  Age 21. Son of William Shearer, of Glendronach, Forgue, Huntly . (ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN)
 5th Aug
 266078 L /Cpl
Thomson, Alexander
Died of wounds
Age 25. Son of Alexander and Margaret Thomson, of Fife Keith (SENLIS FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY) . (Service returns show  Died from gas poisoning at 63 CCS France.)
 6th Aug
L /Cpl
Lamb, George
Died of wounds
Age 24. Born Banff. Enlisted Liverpool. Died as a result of being gassed  and died at Senlis CCS 63. (SENLIS FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY) [Information supplied by a relative of Cpl. Lamb.] 
 7th Aug
 S/23074  Pte Craig, David
Died of wounds
Age 19. Son of Mrs. Jessie P. B. Craig, of Laurel Bank, Arkleston Rd., Paisley. (SENLIS FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY) 
 8th Aug
 S/11415 Pte
Gray, Charles
Died of wounds
Age 29. "A" Coy. Son of William and Mary Gray, of "Strathdonne" Tough, Whitehouse. Aberdeenshire. (BOIS GUILLAUME COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION) 
 8th Aug
Pte Wood, Alexander
Died of wounds
Age 31. Died from gass poisoning at 6 General Hospital Rouen (Service returns). Enlisted Aberdeen. Son of Jeannie Wood, of 68, Menzies Rd., Torry, Aberdeen. (ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN)
9th Aug  260180  L/Cpl  McKinnell,  Daniel
Died of wounds  Age 29. Son of James and Charlotte McKinnell, of St. Cuthbert's Cottage, Catrine, Ayrshire. (ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN) 
9th Aug  240785  Cpl  Thomson, Lawrence
Died of wounds  Age 31. Husband of Bella Lumsden (formerly  Thomson - ms Finlay, married 1913), of 8 St. Andrew St., Peterhead. (SENLIS FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY) Will of 240785 Corporal Lawrence THOMSON, dated 11/6/1918 at NAS (2777) Service returns show died at No. 63 CCS. 
10th Aug  S/40718  Pte  Lawless, Edward
Died of wounds  Age 25. Son of Peter and Elizabeth Lawless, of 30, Dalderse Avenue, Falkirk. (ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN) Service returns show died of gas poisoning at 10th General Hosp. Rouen. 
12th Aug   238008 L/Cpl  Graham, Neil 
Died of wounds  Enlisted Stirling. Age 32 Son of Alexander and Catherine Graham; husband of Christina Graham, of Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen, Islay, Argyllshire. Native of Island of Islay (  ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN) Service returns show Died of gas poisoning at No 2 General hospital Rouen. 
18th Aug  263080  L/Cpl  Marshall, Stanley  Died of wounds  Age 19 Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Marshall, of 49, Mansfield Rd., South Croydon, Surrey. (ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN) 
 18th Aug    2/Lt  Currie, J Wounded - gassed  
21st Aug  241440  L/Cpl  Hill, Cecil A. D
Died of wounds  Buch. Ob.  6/8/1918. Dangerously wounded, he is a son of Mr John Traill Hill, sheriff officer, Queen St Peterhead.  CWGC: Died 21/8/1918. Age 25. Son of John Robert Trail Hill, M.A., and Mary Anne Wyndham Wilson Hill, of 23, Queen St., Peterhead. (ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN) Scotsman 23/9/1918 - previously reported wounded now reported died of wounds (Peterhead) Service Returns show Died at 11 Stationary Hospital Rouen. 
 22nd Aug  241024  Pte  Ironside, John   Wounded WO casualty list 3/10/1918 - wounded (Garmond)  
24th Aug  310349  Pte  Armstrong, James  Morgan Died of wounds  Age 25. Husband of Christina Armstrong, of "Ravenswood," Alexander St., Dunoon, Argyll. (ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN) 
26th Aug  S/6518  Pte  MacKenzie, Philip

Age 22. Son of Mr. W. McKenzie, of 31, Sugar House Lane, Aberdeen.(PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE)  War Diary "Three men of A Coy killed and 1 wounded by direct hit in a trench near Quarry Dump where they had gone for rations."

26th Aug  S/13135  Pte  Paton, Thomas 

Age 21. Son of George Paton, of 9, Mance Brae, Mew Buildings, Galston, Ayrshire. (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE) War Diary "Three men of A Coy killed and 1 wounded by direct hit in a trench near Quarry Dump where they had gone for rations."

26th Aug  242408  Pte  Taylor, James  Killed 

Age 30 Born and enlisted Aberdeen. Son of Mr & Mrs William Taylor, Aberdeen. Husband of Aggie Ann Taylor, The Square, Cults, Aberdeenshire. (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE)  War Diary "Three men of A Coy killed and 1 wounded by direct hit in a trench near Quarry Dump where they had gone for rations."

26th Aug   S/42734 Pte   Stevenson, James   Wounded 

 War Diary "Three men of A Coy killed and 1 wounded by direct hit in a trench near Quarry Dump where they had gone for rations." 

27th Aug
S/42728  Pte Highland, William J

War Diary "Trenches very heavily battered. Three men from B Coy were wounded by direct hit in the early morning."

27th Aug  S/22731 Pte Fyfe, George   Wounded

War Diary "Trenches very heavily battered. Three men from B Coy were wounded by direct hit in the early morning. "

29th Aug  260250 Pte   Young, James   Wounded 

War Diary "Trenches very heavily battered. Three men from B Coy were wounded by direct hit in the early morning."

 30th Aug   260250 Pte Young, James   Died of  wounds  Age 40 . Born and enlisted Glasgow. (PERNES BRITISH CEMETERY) Service returns show died at 22nd CCS.

The action of 1st August was a continuation of the July attacks. To quote from The Life of a Regiment again: "A fresh attack was launched on August 1st. All that need be said of it is that a very slender measure of success was gained...  The 5th Gordons were to have had a role in covering the right flank, but the advance was not deep enough to make this necessary.  They nevertheless came in for considerable loss." p.218

Diary for 8th August
"The Bn detrained at Tincques and then marched up to Izel-Le-Hameau arriving at 8 a.m. After a wash and a brush up the Bn lined the streets pending the arrival of H.M. The King who was motoring through. 44th Highland Brigade were all present and cheered him heartily as he passed."

On the 26th August the Diary records:
"Cloudy weather and a little rain fell. The enemy retaliated a little for the previous day's shelling and 3 men of "A" Coy were killed and 1 wounded by a direct hit going up for rations."

28th August:
"Another drizzly day with little activity. 3 men of "B" Coy were wounded by a 4.2 direct hit in the early morning. In the afternoon the Bn was relieved by 4/5th Black Watch. "B", "C" and "D" Coys returned to Mazingarbe and "A" Coy remained behind in Lone Locality...The billets proved very comfortable and the village in extrordinary good condition considering the proximity of the line for the past 4 years."


Casualties for July 1918

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