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Casualty List : 5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Names in Blue also appear on Battalion Roll

Casualties for July 1918 (Including battle of Buzancy) - B

Date            Number Rank  Name                  Nature of Casualty          Notes
  1st July   S/14402   Pte  Wilson, John B    Wounded  
  3rd July   245520   Pte  Fraser, Robert G   Wounded (12537)  SWB.
  3rd July  10244  Cpl  Robertson, John S   Wounded Originally 2nd GH. To France 7/10/1914
  3rd July  310012   Pte  Wood, William   Wounded  
  4th July  17791     Pte  Gregory, Alexander   Wounded  
  4th July  10099   Pte  Tannah, John (Tunnah)   Wounded  Originally 8th GH. To France 11/10/1915. 
  7th July S/17789   Pte  McDonald, W   Wounded  
  7th July   S/18094   Pte  Brewster, Henry   Killed Born and enlisted Aberdeen  (MINDEL TRENCH BRITISH CEMETERY, ST. LAURENT-BLANGY) * See note 1 below.
  8th July   S/4384   Pte  Cook, Joseph   Killed  Born Govan. Enlisted Glasgow. (MINDEL TRENCH BRITISH CEMETERY, ST. LAURENT-BLANGY)  MM ** See note 3 below.
  8th July   S/7598   Pte  Gentleman, John   Killed Age 34 Son of John Gentleman, of 3D, Kippen St., Airdrie.  (MINDEL TRENCH BRITISH CEMETERY, ST. LAURENT-BLANGY)  DCM ** See note 2 below.
  7th July   260106   Pte  Mitchell, John   Died of wounds Born Darvel, Aryshire. Enlisted Kilmarnock.  (ANZIN-ST. AUBIN BRITISH CEMETERY)
  8th July   516976
  Pte  Newman, Rowland  Died of wounds Age 19. Son of Henry and Eliza C. Newman, of 21, Prospect Rd., St. Albans.  ( (ANZIN-ST. AUBIN BRITISH CEMETERY) * See note 1 below 
  8th July   41263   Pte   Woodcock, G   Wounded  
  8th July   S/12884    Pte   Milne, Robert   Wounded  Originally 10th GH. To France 24/12/1915
  8th July   291174    Pte  Luckwood, John (Luthwood)   Wounded  (4007)
  8th July   S/18944    Pte

Lawrie, James                        

  8th July  266891    Pte McKay, Thomas   Wounded  To France 10/10/1915 (S/10999) 
  11th July   S/14707    Pte   Collier, Lawrence   Wounded SWB 
  11th July   S/6498    Pte   McGiven, Henry   Wounded To France 10/5/1915. SWB shows name as Hendry McGwin. Enlisted 16/10/1914. Discharged 14/5/1919 
  11th July   S/17061    Pte  Cooper, (or Coupar) William   Wounded  
  12th July   S/10343   Cpl   Smith, Jarvis  S.I.W [Self inflicted wounds]  Originally 8th GH. To France 14/10/1915. Discharged to Class Z 23/3/1919.
  24th July   290525   Pte   Cooper, Alexander   Killed Born Belhelvie. Enlisted Banchory.  (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) *** See note below
  24th July   240541   Sgt   Wood, George   Killed  Born Fraserburgh. Enlisted Peterhead. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) MM *** See note below
  27th July   S/13444   Pte   Anderson, Frank   Killed Age 32 Son of David and Margaret Anderson, of New Houses, Stenhouse St., Cowdenbeath, Fife.    (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY)
  27th July   S/13499   Pte   Hartley, John    Killed  Age 22. Son of James and Jane Hartley, of 28, Mount St., Great Harwood, Blackburn. (SOISSONS MEMORIAL) 
  27th July   19546  L/Sgt   Mundie, George    Killed Born Stonehaven. Enlisted Aberdeen. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY)
 27th  July   203354  Pte   Richardson, James    Killed Age 19. Son of Mrs. M. Richardson, of "The Rookery," Westcott, Dorking, Surrey.  (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY)
  27th July   241685   Pte   Ross, John    Killed  Age 21. Son of Mrs. John Ross, of 29, Stafford St., Aberdeen. (SOISSONS MEMORIAL)  MM
  27th July   S/11680   Pte   Smith, William    Killed  Born Strathdon. Enlisted Aberdeen. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  27th July   242250   Cpl   Vannet, Robert    Killed Age 26. Son of William Vannet, of Lawton Cottage, Arbroath.   (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  27th July   S/10957   Pte   Wright, James Imray    Killed  Age 28. Son of William Imray Wright, of Cypress Cottage, Banchory, Kincardineshire. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
 28th July   260181  Pte  Arbuthnot, Hugh   Killed Age 22 Son of the late David and Margaret M. Arbuckle Arbuthnot.( SOISSONS MEMORIAL)
 28th July  S/13355  Pte   Bennett, Thomas   Killed Age 24 Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bennett, of 85, Balsusney Rd., Kirkcaldy, Fife. .( SOISSONS MEMORIAL)
  28th July   S/40003 L/Cpl   Bruce, Alexander   Killed Age 27. Son of Alexander and Elsie Bruce, of 86, Union Grove. Aberdeen. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  28th July   S/5197 L/Cpl   Brunton, John   Killed  Age 38 Son of Mrs. B. Brunton, of 18, Castlegate, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire. SOISSONS MEMORIAL
  28th July   242240  Pte  Burnett, Arthur    Killed Age 20 Son of William and Helen Burnett, of Spital Burn, Glendye, Strachan, Banchory (SOISSONS MEMORIAL)
  28th July  292570  L/Cpl   Chalmers, James    Killed Son of Mr. J. Chalmers, of Prison Buildings, Peterhead (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE)
  28th July   241784 Pte   Cockburn, William    Killed Age 26 Son of Alice Cockburn, of Thurston, Innerwick, East Lothian, and the late William Cockburn. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  28th July   S/18058 Pte   Couper, Robert    Killed Born Cupar, Fife; Enlisted Perth (SOISSONS MEMORIAL) 
  28th July  S/43403  L/Cpl   Craig, Robert    Killed Age 20. Son of James and Jessie Craig, of 30, Balvernie St., Dufftown, Banffshire. Native of Mortlach, Banffshire. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY )
  28th July   S/13296  Pte Dalrymple, James    Killed Age 20 Son of Janet Dalrymple, of Kennoway Burns, Windygates, Fife, and the late David Dalrymple. (SOISSONS MEMORIAL )
  28th July   S/21182 Pte  Edwards, William    Killed Age 19 Son of Mr. D. and Mrs. Jessie Edwards, of 130, Alexander St., Dundee. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  28th July  S/17862   Pte  Farquharson, Robert    Killed Age 20 Son of Robert and Mary Farquharson, of Eskmore, Braes of Glenlivet, Ballindalloch, Banffshire. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY )
  28th July  S/22732   Pte Gall, Charles    Killed Age 18 Son of Mr. and Mrs. David Gall, of 3, Plewlands Gardens, Edinburgh. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY )
  28th July  240623  Pte  Geddes, Robert    Killed  Born and enlisted in Peterhead (SOISSONS MEMORIAL)
  28th July  S/14470  Pte Gordon, Duncan   Killed Born Keith. Enlisted Banchory. (Also known as William Duncan Gordon )  Age 25 - Son of John and Mary Gordon, of Wardhead, Belhelvie, Aberdeen (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY).
  28th July  S/9173  Pte   Hamilton, James    Killed Age 32 Husband of Mrs. M. Hamilton, of 32, Allison St., Ayr. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY)
  28th July  S/43863   Pte  Harvey, John    Killed Age 24 Son of John Joseph and Ada Harvey, of Micklegate, Pontefract, Yorks  (SOISSONS MEMORIAL) 
  28th July  266061   Pte   Henderson, John    Killed Age 22 Son of John and Jane Henderson, of Woodhead, Grange, Keith, Banffshire. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY )
  28th July  S/13196   Pte   Holmes, Thomas    Killed Age 23 Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Holms, of I, West March, Paisley. (SOISSONS MEMORIAL)
  28th July  263133   Pte   Keen, Norman    Killed Age 18. Son of William and Annie Keen, of 40, Grant Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon. A chorister at Addiscombe Parish Church. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) (Photo) 
  28th July   S/13337  Pte Kelly, George    Killed Age 31 Son of Elizabeth Rafferty (formerly Kelly), of 145, New St., Stevenston, Ayrshire. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY ) MM
  28th July   S/41391  Pte  Logan, James    Killed  Enlisted Stirling (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY)
  28th July   S/17798  Pte   McDonald, William    Killed Age 33 Son of John and Fanny McDonald, of 889, Maryhill Rd., Glasgow.  (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  28th July 



Pte    McDougall, Donald    Killed Age 19 C Coy Son of John Alexander McDougall and Mary McCallum Livingston McDougall, of 87, Grove St., Glasgow.  (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY )
  28th July  S/22251   Pte   McGhee, Donald McLeod   Killed Age 18 C Coy Son of Daniel McGhee, of 23, Webster St., Bridgeton, Glasgow.  (SOISSONS MEMORIAL) 
  28th July  S/15066   Pte  McKay, William    Killed Age 21 C Coy Son of William McKay, of 35, Ashvale Place, Aberdeen. (SOISSONS MEMORIAL )
  28th July  S/42491   Pte  Millar, Hugh    Killed Age 18 Son of William and Jessie Miller, of 3, James St., Alexandria, Dumbartonshire. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  28th July  240964  L/Cpl  Milne, William    Killed Age 22 Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Milne, of Hillhead, Sandford, Boddam (BOUILLY CROSS ROADS MILITARY CEMETERY) MM
  28th July  S/10988  Cpl  Milne, William    Killed Age 27 Son of the late James and Annie Milne; husband of Elizabeth Milne, of 512 1/2, 6th Avenue, New York, U.S.A (SOISSONS MEMORIAL) 
  28th July   S/22746 Pte   Mitchell, Thomas    Killed Age 21 Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell, of 4, Park Road, Brechin, Forfarshire. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  28th July  263088  Pte Ould, Ernest    Killed Age 19 Son of William and Florence M. A. Ould, of 10, Rutland Rd., Ilford, Essex. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY )
  28th July   S/19545 Pte Parsons, Walter    Killed Age 19 Son of William and Ada Parsons, of 22, Elford Grove, Roundhay Rd., Leeds. (SOISSONS MEMORIAL) 
  28th July  S/40501 Cpl  Paterson, Alexander    Killed Age 28 Son of Thomas and Jemima Stirton Paterson, of 22, Main St., Holytown, Lanarkshire (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE,) MM 
  28th July  291381  L/Cpl  Payne, Robert   Killed Age 29 Son of George Payne; husband of Mrs. A. Payne, of 15, Copeland Rd., Govan, Glasgow. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  28th July  S/8377  Pte    Reid, Gavin    Killed Born South Shields Durham. Enlisted Liverpool. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) (Spec. Mem 8 : "special memorials are erected to nine soldiers believed to be buried there") 
  28th July   240332  Pte   Rennie, George    Killed Born Cruden. Enlisted Ellon (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) (Spec. Mem 7 : "special memorials are erected to nine soldiers believed to be buried there") .  
  28th July   S/22770   Pte Robertson, John    Killed Age 18. Born Clunie. Enlisted  Blairgowrie Son of Mrs. J. Robertson, of 22, Reform St., Blairgowrie, Perthshire (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  28th July  290582    Pte Selbie, William   Killed Age 21. Son of the late John and Elizabeth Selbie, of Burnhead, Auchronie, Skene, Aberdeen (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) (Spec. Mem 2 : "special memorials are erected to nine soldiers believed to be buried there') 
  28th July   10827 L/Sgt  Shorthose, Gilbert    Killed Born and ellisted  Burton-on-Trent (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) DCM 
 28th July   263129 Pte   Stenning, William    Killed Age 18. Enlisted Bromley. Son of William James Stenning, of 199, Blandford Rd., Beckenham, Kent. (SOISSONS MEMORIAL) 
  28th July  200334   Pte Third, Alexander    Killed Age 20 Son of James Third, of 32, Don St., Woodside, Aberdeen (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  28th July  241720   Pte  Third, Andrew    Killed Age 21 Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Third, of Terryfield, Kininmonth, Longside (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  28th July  240460  A/Sgt  Thomson, Allan    Killed Born and enlisted in Peterhead. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) DCM; MM (See additional information
  28th July  266510  Pte Turriff, Alexander   Killed Born Crimond.  Enlisted Peterhead (SOISSONS MEMORIAL) 
 28th July   203076 Pte  Wilkinson. Leonard    Killed  Age 19. Born Hereford. Enlisted Tottenham. Son of Harriet S. Wilkinson, of "Essex", Glasllwch Crescent, Newport, Mon., and the late Walter Wilkinson. (SOISSONS MEMORIAL) 
29th July   241460 Pte Gill, Arthur Died of wounds Age 20. Born Buchan. Enlisted Peterhead. (ROYALLIEU FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY, COMPIEGNE)
29th July    242456  Pte Thomson, David Bell  Died of wounds  Age 19. Son of Henry and Helen Thomson, of Culross, Fife. (ROYALLIEU FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY, COMPIEGNE) MM and Bar. ****See note 4 below
  29th July  S/14630  Pte Thornley, William Died of wounds  Age 22. Son of George and Fanny Thornley, of 3, off 86, Hebers, Middleton, Manchester. (SENLIS FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY) MM ****See note 4 below
  29th July  S/10782  Pte Gray, William  Killed Born Abbey Hill, Midlothian. Enlisted Leith. (SOISSONS MEMORIAL)****See note 4 below
  29th July  240316 L/Cpl Shand, James  Killed Age 21. "A" Coy.Son of Andrew Philip and Jane Shand, of 9, School St., New Pitsligo (SOISSONS MEMORIAL) MM ****See note 4 below
 30th July  S/13205  Pte Holloway, James Died of wounds  Born Carlton, Lanarkshire. Enlisted Glasgow. (ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN)
 30th July S/13862  A/Sgt  Whitehead, Wallace Died of wounds Age 34. Son of William and Emily Whitehead, of Sowerby Bridge; husband of Ellen Whitehead, of 4, Industrial Place, Sowerby Bridge, Yorks. (SENLIS FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY) DCM
6th August S/9714 L/Cpl  Lamb, George Died of wounds Age 24. Born Banff. Enlisted Liverpool. Died as a result of being gassed on 28th July at Buzancy and died at Senlis CCS 63. (SENLIS FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY) [This information supplied by a relative of Cpl. Lamb. However see also casualty list for August 1918]

* 1. From War Diary 7th July."the Hun .. sent over some trench mortar bombs. 2 of our men were hit - one killed and one severely wounded (died of wounds 8th).

** 2. From War Diary 8th July. "the shelling increased towards night and grew heavier especially in the area between the SCARPE and the ARRAS-DOUIA Railway and WATERY WOOD and Bn Hqs. Two men were killed in TILLOY TRENCH near ROAD.

*** 3. From War Diary 24th July. "BDE was not used and the attack proved abortive. 3 men were wounded and two killed.

****4. From War Diary 29th July. "The lines were heavily shelled during the day and as orders for a relief had  been received the Bn prepared to move. A portion of the 136th French Regiment look over from the Bn, the relief being completed by 11.30 p.m. The enemy put down a heavy barrage during the relief using an abundance of gas shells, though the Bn suffered no casualties from this detestable form of warfare. They were [illegible] to march  [illegible] for about 3 miles in respirators to billets. Billets reached by 1 a.m."

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Battle of Buzancy

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