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Casualty List : 1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Names in Blue also appear on Battalion Roll

Casualties for April 1917 (Battle of Arras)

 Date  Number  Rank  Name Nature of casualty  Notes 
Action between
9 & 12 April 1917 Roclincourt Area
240810   L/Cpl Main, Neil  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Fraserburgh) To France 2/5/1915. Disem. 2/3/1919. 2835
   260019  Pte Paterson, George  Wounded  Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Blantyre) 
  240236 Pte   Beaton, William  Wounded   Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Cuminestown) 1691
  242164 Pte Mackie, George C (MacKie)  Wounded  Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Cairnie) 12065
  242026 Pte Martin, William  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Aberdeen) 4982
  260032  Pte Watmore, William  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Falkirk) Formerly A&SH 
  241184  Pte  Park, George  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (St Fergus)
2571. Also wounded March 1918 
  241985  Pte  Brown, Robert D  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Cullen) 4941 (Fmrly 6th Bn 1017)
  S/40882  Pte Whyte, James  Wounded  SWB
  242113  Pte Steven, Edward  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Aberdeen) - 5071
  S/40878  Pte  Hyndman, Lewis Wounded  
  260062 Pte  Cowie, Alexander (Sandy) Wounded Died of wounds 10/4/1917 1/3 Highland Field Ambulance. D Coy. Age 22 Son of James and Isabella Cowie, of "Redhall," Slateford, Edinburgh (ROCLINCOURT MILITARY CEMETERY)  .
  260066  Pte  McAllister, James  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Glasgow) 
   242150 Pte Rattray, William  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Braemar) 2558
  240382  Pte  Davidson, James Wounded 2006 (M.M.) Buchan Ob 9/4/1918 (Longside) Wounded again November 1917. SWB Enlisted 7/8/1914. Discharged 6/9/1918
   S/40847 L/Cpl   Leslie, Robert D  Wounded  
   260023 Pte   Eadie, George Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Stirling) Later Labour Corps 605346
   241507 Pte  Milton Charles  Wounded  Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Cullen) 4038 Previously wounded Dec 1916 .
   241962  Pte  Graham. Thomas B  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Largs) 4319
  241380  Pte  Sim, William  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Old Meldrum) [Details incorrectly shown as Sim, 241300, W]. Later Labour Corps 434015
  260030  Pte  Coyle, John  Wounded Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Falkirk) 
  241982 Pte  Souter, J  Wounded
  242174  Pte  Duncan, Robert  Wounded  2794
  242567  Pte  Lawson, John P  Wounded  
  242517  Pte  Curtis, William F Wounded 5703 
  260033  Pte Hunter, T  Wounded  
  240564  Sgt  Jaffrey, L.C  Wounded  
  242087  Pte Kiloh, Fred Wounded 5043 
  240112  Pte Davidson, Peter C Wounded 1398
  242148  Pte Cummings, Robert Wounded 2775 
   S/40902 Pte Lauder, ? Wounded  N/T
   S/40894 Pte Nocker, F Wounded  N/T
   242086 Pte Jackson, H Wounded  N/T
   242194 Pte Milne, Alexander Wounded 4340 
   240359 Pte Middleton, George B Wounded 1953  Previously wounded July 1916
   242127 Pte Christie, Alexander Wounded 4431 
   S/40893 Pte Cook, John Wounded
   241499 Pte Mortimer ? Wounded  N/T TNA under that number
   240105 Pte Taylor, James Wounded  1387
   S/40887 Pte McInnes, (MacInnes) Alexander                           Wounded  
   242302  Pte Ferguson, Thomas Wounded  
   260062 Pte Cowie, Alexander   (Sandy) Died of wounds  (CWGC) 10/4/1917 D Coy Age 22 Son of James and Isabella Cowie, of "Redhall," Slateford, Edinburgh (ROCLINCOURT MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  241481  Pte  Cruden, John  Missing  On Red Cross missing list August 1917. Killed 9/4/1917 (ARRAS MEMORIAL) 
16.4.1917  Maroeuil Wood Fampoux Area  240803  Pte Ewan, J.R Killed  Born Strichen (ST. NICOLAS BRITISH CEMETERY) 

242468  Pte  Chalmers, Douglas Sinclair Killed Age 27 Son of William A. Chalmers, of 5, Park Rd., Brechin.  (ST. NICOLAS BRITISH CEMETERY)
  242059  Pte McIntosh, Arthur J  Killed  (ST. NICOLAS BRITISH CEMETERY) From Huntly,
  240319 Cpl Cruickshank, James Wounded   Became a POW in March 1918
  260086  Pte Houston, Daniel Wounded   (Formerly A&SH)
  240015  Pte McConnochie, J Wounded  
   260074 Pte Bruce, James Wounded  
   242099 Pte McGregor, W. M Wounded  
  17.4.1917 Fampoux Area  242192 Pte  Sherriff, Charles  Wounded  
  240488  Pte  Dunbar, H  Wounded  
  242390 L/Cpl Herries, David Killed Born Langholm Dumfriesshire (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
  242099 Pte McGregor, William Mosley Died of Wounds 

(Additional info held in Roll of Honour V3 p181) Age 19 Only son of George and Mary D. McGregor, of 28, Beverley Terrace, Cullercoats, Whitley Bay, Northumberland. 

Fampoux Area

260047 Pte Porteous, William  Killed  (ARRAS MEMORIAL) Age 29 (Service Returns) Born: Penicuik, Midlothian. Residence: Glencorse. Father Thomas Porteous (chimney sweep). Formerley A&SH
   260010 L/Cpl Birrell, Allexander  Killed  Born Clackmannan (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
   240431 L/Cpl Gordon, James  Killed  D Coy Age 23 Son of Mrs. Mary Gordon, of 4, Threadneedle St., Peterhead, (2118) (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
   240432 Pte Adams, Robert  Killed (2120) Born Peterhead . Adddress in 1914 was 41 Maiden St Peterhead (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
   242565 Pte Malcolm, John Killed  Born Rubislaw Aberdeenshire (ARRAS MEMORIAL) 
   242154  Pte Gilbert, John Killed   (ARRAS MEMORIAL ) Enlisted Tarland.
Fampoux Area
 201994 Pte Sim, Charles Killed  Born Inverurie  (ARRAS MEMORIAL) 
   S/17462 Pte Blyth, Andrew Killed Born Ceres Fife (ARRAS MEMORIAL) 
   240987 Sgt  Buchan, Alexander Died of Wounds 

Wounded 9th-12th April 1917. Son of Alexander Buchan, of 15, St. Peter's St.,ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY (2615) 

   242185 Pte  Holder, Reginald  Died (Disease - Nephritis) Age 21 Son of Walter James and Martha Mary Holder, of Cambridge. Native of Cambridge (ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY)
   242506 Pte Reid, George  Wounded  Scotsman 30/5/1917 casualty lists - wounded  (Keith) (5692)
   266588 Pte Coull, William J Wounded  
   240757 Pte Munro, James Wounded Scotsman 30/5/1917 casualty lists - wounded  (Peterhead). (2734) 
   S/17475 Pte Jardine, Thomas Wounded  
   W/19457 Pte Morris, A Wounded  
   241076 Pte Mowat, James (or Mowatt) Wounded
   242380 Pte Hepburn, John Wounded  SWB
Fampoux Area 
 242023 Pte Barron, Alfred S Wounded  4979
Arras Fampoux Area
  260056 Pte Gardiner, T.P  (Gardner) Missing  CWGC shows Died 21/4/1917 Age 21 Son of Mrs. Gardner, of 631, Hawthorn St., Springburn, Glasgow. (BROWN'S COPSE CEMETERY, ROEUX). Born Barony Lanarkshire . Appears on Red Cross List for August 1917: "A" Coy 1 platoon. 209956. Missing since May 3, 1917.
   241348  Pte  Coull, John  Missing  3828 (No trace of death on CWGC) 
Arras Fampoux Area
 240301 Pte Daniel, Harry Killed CWGC shows 26/4/1917  (FEUCHY BRITISH CEMETERY)  Born Cruden (1832)
   241145 Pte  Melvin, Robert Morrison Wounded  Died of wounds 22/4/1917 (Listed in Diary as 30/4/1917- see below)
  240189  Pte Barron, James Wounded CWGC shows died 26/4/1917. Age 22 Son of James and Mary Barron, of Old Craig, Udny, Aberdeenshire. Born at Methlick. (ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY) 
  240257 Pte  Mark, George  Wounded  Ardlethen, Ellon (1735)
Arras (See Notes below) 
240647 Pte Galen, George  Wounded

WBT Auchterless. Grocer 5th Gordons 11 Nov 1914 - 28 Nov 1917. Wounded at Beaumont Hamel 1916; wounded and disabled at Arras 23 April 1917. (p.270) Scotsman - 30/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Auchterless)

  241063  L/Cpl McDonald, James  Wounded WBT Farm servant. 5th Gordons August 1915 - Feb 1919. Served Scotland, England, Ireland, F & F. Wounded at Beaumont Hamel and at Arras 22nd April 1917. (p. 80) Scotsman - 30/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Turriff) 
  240705 L/Cpl Anderson, W.C  Wounded Scotsman 30/5/1917 casualty lists - wounded  (New Pitsligo).   
  241356  Pte Duncan, George  Wounded Scotsman 30/5/1917 casualty lists - wounded  (Hatton). (3859). 
  242187  Pte Duncan, Douglas  Wounded Scotsman 30/5/1917 casualty lists - wounded  (Aberdeen).  Later killed in action 21 March 1918. 
  241994  Pte Goodbrand, George  Wounded Scotsman 30/7/1917 casualty lists - wounded  (Glasgow). 
  241355  Pte Dalgarno, A Wounded Scotsman 30/5/1917 casualty lists - wounded  (Peterculter) 
  241336 Pte Bruce, Andrew Mitchell Missing CWGC shows Killed 23/4/1917. Age 40. Son of Alexander and Eliza Bruce, of Mill of Allathan, New Deer, Maud, Aberdeenshire. M.A. (Aberdeen). A Teacher at Inverness Central School. (ARRAS MEMORIAL) (See also Aberdeen Uni Roll of Honour. Photo)
  241357  Pte Gill, David Missing CWGC shows death 29/4/1917 Age 20 Son of Agnes Gill, of 12, Clergy St., Macduff, Banffshire, Scotland. Native of Macduff. (ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY) 
   241239 Pte Barclay, James J Killed (ATHIES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION) Born Kincardine-O'Neill Kincardineshire 
   242241 Pte Christie, John Killed Born Kinellar Aberdeenshire (ARRAS MEMORIAL )
   S/40844 L/Sgt Henderson, D Died of wounds  Originally wounded 9/4/1917. Age 27 Son of the late George and Mary Henderson, of Gordon, Berwickshire; husband of Annie Henderson, of 3, Royal Park Terrace, Edinburgh. Native of Gordon. (ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY) 
240365  Pte Smith, George Wounded (Torry) 1961 
 30.4.1917 240145  Pte Melvin, Robert Morrison Died of wounds  CWGC shows died 22/4 - the date the Diary shows he was wounded). Age 28 Son of Alexander and Mary Melvin, of Springbank, New Deer (DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUN) - CCS site 9 miles west of Arras)

23rd April 1917: A major attack took place on this day. The history of the Gordon Highlanders, "The Life of a Regiment" volume 4, records that: "Some officers with long experience thought that the 23rd April witnessed the hardest fighting of any British offensive since the beginning of the war."(page  142) However the 5th Gordons were not directly involved.  The "Life of a Regiment shows: "The 5th Battalion on this occasion provided only stretcher-bearing parties, and its losses, which are not recorded, are unlikely to have numbered more than about a dozen." (page 147). The War Diary for this day reports that "Two officers and 100 other ranks were supplied to act as a forward evacuation stretcher-bearing party and did good work. The party had several casualties. The remainder of the battalion stood by and were ready to move on half an hours notice."

Note on information supplied from the Scotsman newspaper : "The town shown against a soldier's name is the home of his next-of-kin, except when followed by the abbreviation 'enlt', when it is his place of entlistment."

WBT= War Book of Turriff.

SWB=Silver War Badge (for men discharged due to wounds or illness)

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