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Casualty List : 1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

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From War Diaries : From War Diaries : Casualties in Operations 30/31st July 1916  (High Wood) continued.

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Place Date Number Rank Name Nature of casualty Notes
 High Wood 30/31-July-1916 1586 Piper Willox, Andrew Killed in Action Age 23. Son of John Willox. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Piper Article.
  30/31-July-1916 2387 Pte Dey, James Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Enlisted Peterhead
  30/31-July-1916 S/5348 Pte Barker, T Killed in Action 8th/10th Bn. Age 23.   Son of John and Grace Barker, of 299, Clydesdale Rd., Mossend, Lanarkshire (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 1555 Pte Barclay, William F Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL   ) Farm Servant
  30/31-July-1916 S/11091 Pte Corke, James Killed in Action 8th/10th Bn. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 S/5039 Pte Forrest, William Fleming Killed in Action 8th/10th Bn. Age 38.  (BOIS GUILLAUME COMMUNAL CEMETERY)
  30/31-July-1916 S/8579 Pte Doull, A Killed in Action 8th/10th Bn. (CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY)
  30/31-July-1916 928 Sgt Morrison, John S Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Buchan Obs. 15/8/1916 - Peterhead. Mrs Morrison, 7 1/2 Kirk St, has received a leter from the chaplain that her husband has been killed in action. Sgt Morrison, was a son of the late Mr John Morrison, 19 Windmill Street and was well known in Peterhead and district. He was a plumber to trade but prior to the war was an officer at H.M. Convict Prison.
  30/31-July-1916 S/13590 Pte Quinn, Charlie Killed in Action 8th/10th Bn. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 3047 Pte Hutcheon, Norman Killed in Action Merchant. Served in Scotland  6/2/15-Dec 1915; France Dec 15-30/7/16. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Born Turriff. Enlisted Peterhead.
  30/31-July-1916 2653 Pte Beedie, George Killed in Action Age 19. Son of George and Caroline Beedie, of 45 Pitsligo St., Rosehearty. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Buchan Obs. 15/8/1916 - Rosehearty - Mrs G. Beedie 45 Pitsligo Street, Rosehearty, has received notice that her son was killed in action on Sunday 30th July. Pte Beedie enlisted when war broke out. Previously he was engaged in farm work.
  30/31-July-1916 S/10833 Pte Gold, Robert P Killed in Action No record of death. Records show he became a sergeant (8th/10Bn) and was discharged to Class Z on 20/4/1919. He went to France 14/10/1915. 
  30/31-July-1916 S/12453 L.Cpl Barclay, James Killed in Action 8th/10th Bn. Age 28. Son of Alexander Barclay, of Rosewell Cottage, South Stocket Rd., Aberdeen (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 2046 Pte Reid, Robert Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Buchan Obs. 22/8/1916 - Auchnagatt - Mr Charles Reid, Craigiehill, has received word of the death of his son at the age of 24. When war clouds burst two years ago he nobly gave his services at once for, as he said, "somebody must go." His example probably had the effect of inducing other yound men to join the colours ...and at CCairnhall ... where he was in farm service deep regret will be felt at the loss of one who was every inch a soldier.
  30/31-July-1916 2936 Pte Morrice, John Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Buchan Obs. 22/8/1916 - Longside - Mr Alexander Morrice, overseer, Ardlawhill, has received official intelligence that his fifth son was killed in action on or about 30th July last. Pte Morrice was 21 years of age and before enlistment was engaged in farm service. A brother was also killed in France about a year ago.
  30/31-July-1916 S/10140 Pte Bingham, William George Killed in Action 8th/10th Bn. Age 20. Son of John and Mary Dale Bingham, of 13, Park St., Cambuslang. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL).
  30/31-July-1916 3390 Pte Pennie, Frank T Killed in Action Born Lonmay. Enlisted Peterhead. [Note: CWGC= Penny] - Age 19. Son of William and Mary Jane Penny, of Woodhead Cairness, Rathen, Aberdeenshire.(THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)  Buchan Obs. 22/8/1916 - New Pitsligo - Mrs William Pennie, 19 Low Street has received official information that her second son was killed on 30th July. Pte Penny was 19 years of age and prior to enlistment was a farm servant. Much sympathy is being extended to his widowed mother.
  30/31-July-1916 3023 Pte Sinclair, William Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Buchan Obs 15/8/1916 - Peterhead - Mr John Sinclair, fishcurer, Hawarden, Balmoor Tce, received a letter on Tuesday from Chaplain Watson of the Gordons, that his 7th son was killed in action  on Sunday 30th July. Pte Sinclair was 20 years of age and joined the Gordons in November 1914.Prior to that date he was in the employment of his father.
  30/31-July-1916 1814 L.Cpl Cameron, Ronald Killed in Action Age 23. Son of Alexander and Alexandra Cameron, of 83, Balnagask Rd., Aberdeen. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 297 Sgt Brown, Andrew M Killed in Action Age 25. : Son of James and Margaret Brown . (CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY) MM.
  30/31-July-1916 2358 Sgt Elrick, John Bell Killed in Action Age 30. Son of Mrs. Margaret Elrick, of Overbrae, Fisherie, Turriff, and the late John Elrick. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL )
  30/31-July-1916 1532 L.Sgt Walker, William Spence Killed in Action Age 19. Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Walker, of Hardbedlam, New Deer. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL )
  30/31-July-1916 1506 Cpl Gordon, Thomas Killed in Action Age 19. Son of William and Jeanie Gordon, Ward of Slains, (CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY, LONGUEVAL )
  30/31-July-1916 2834 L.Cpl Duffus, John Killed in Action Age 23. Nephew of Mrs Kemp, May Cottage, Aldie, Hatton. Grandson of the late James Lawrie, Howe of Kinmuick, Ellon.(THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)  (Will at NAS) Buchan Obs. 15/8/1916 - Cruden - From information sent by Lt Youngson and later by the chaplain, Mrs Kemp, May Cottage, Aldie, learned that her nephew had fallen in action in France on July 30. L.Cpl Duffus had been in France for the past 16 months. Prior to joining the Army he was a farm servant at North Ythsie, Tarves.Note: Name on CWGC "Duffas".
  30/31-July-1916 1441 L.Cpl Cruickshank, James Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Farm Servant (Monquhitter)
  30/31-July-1916 S/13333 Pte Campbell, W Killed in Action 8th/10th Bn. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 2532 Pte Davidson, William Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Born/Enlisted in Peterhead. Buchan Obs. 15/8/1916 - Mrs William Davidson, 45 North St Peterhead has received information that her husband was killed on 30th July. A letter from his commanding officer stated that Pte Davidson volunteered to assist to carry the wounded and while engaged in this work a shell burst near by and killed him. Pte Davidson enlisted in November 1914 and has been at the front for about 11 months. In civil life he was a slater in the employment of Mr Greig, slater, Peterhead. He leaves a wife and two young children.
  30/31-July-1916 2250 Pte Dinnes, John Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL  ) Enlisted Peterhead. Born 1895 Rosehall, New Machar, son of John Dinnes, farm servant, and Helen Murray. A younger brother, George, Scots Guards, died at home 30/1/1919.
  30/31-July-1916 1442 Pte Davidson, S.A Killed in Action Age 20. Son of Alexander and Mary J. Davidson, of 123, Urquhart Rd., Aberdeen. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 2878 Pte Park, William George Killed in Action Farmer. Age 24. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Park, of Lescraigie, Auchterless. (CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY, LONGUEVAL )
  30/31-July-1916 S/10473 Pte Pearson, J Killed in Action 1st Bn. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 2278 Pte Massie, John Killed in Action Age 22. Son of James and Annie Massie, of Milltack, King Edward. (CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY, LONGUEVAL) Farm Aorker. Enlisted 30/9/14. In France from 10/5/15
  30/31-July-1916 97 Pte Shepherd, Charles S Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL )      
  30/31-July-1916 3415 Pte Yeats, Robert Killed in Action Age 32. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Yeats; husband of Maggie Yeats, of Leslie House, Newburgh. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 10828 Pte Jones, Frederick William James Killed in Action Ist Bn. Age 17.  Son of Elizabeth F. Jones, of High St., Wick, Bristol, and the late Frederick Jones. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 2509 Pte Smith, James W Killed in Action Age 21.  Son of George and Christina Smith, of The Pitfour Arms, Mintlaw. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL  )
  30/31-July-1916 S/2263 Sgt Lyon, Robert James Killed in Action 8th/10th Bn. Age 20. Son of George and Margaret Lyon, of 4, Trees Park Avenue, Barrhead, Glasgow. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL).
  30/31-July-1916 1995 Pte McAllister, Archibald Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 2095 Pte May, Robert Killed in Action Born Fraserburgh. Enlisted Peterhead. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) M.M. Son of W May, fishcurer. Buchan Obs. 15/8/1916. Intimation has been received of the death in action of Pte R. May, Fraserburgh. Captain Simpson, in the course of a letter to deceased's wife writes:- "I wish to pay tribute to his memory. I have been his company officer now for a long time and I knew him well...he was admired and liked by all for his unfailing good nature and exceptional courage." Brother James DCM had leg amputated - Buch Ob 14/8/1917.
  30/31-July-1916 S/4715 Pte McGoldrick, T Killed in Action 8th/10th Bn. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 3291 Drmr. Duthie, Edward Killed in Action (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Born Aberdeen. Enlisted Peterhead.

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