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Casualty List : 1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Names in Blue also appear on Battalion Roll

From War Diaries : Casualties in Operations 30/31st July 1916  (High Wood) continued.

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Place Date Number Rank Name Natute of casualty Notes
 High Wood 30/31-July-1916 S/13727 Pte McCaw, C Missing  
  30/31-July-1916 1109 Pte Ross, John Missing Died 31/7/16 Son of John Ross, of View Hill, Kincardine, Ardgay, Ross-shire
  30/31-July-1916 3381 Pte Stephen, William Missing Died 30/7/16 Age 19 Son of James and Elsie Stephen, of Mosside, Crichie, Auchnagatt. Born Old Deer. Enlisted Peterhead
  30/31-July-1916 2673 Pte Barron, Alexander G Missing Returned to unit.  Wounded in November. Died 14/10/1918. Nephew of Mrs. E. Milne, of 13, Seagate, Peterhead.
  30/31-July-1916 S/6489 Pte Burness, David Missing Died 07/05/1917.(2nd Bn.) Age 19 Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Burness, of 13, Smithfield St., Edinburgh.(ARRAS MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 S/12008 L.Sgt Heath, Ernest C Missing Died 30/7/16  (8th/10th Bn)
  30/31-July-1916 2617 Pte Adams, Robert W Missing (No death recorded)
  30/31-July-1916 2426 Pte Strachan, John Missing (Later Killed in Action 1/8/16 CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY)
  30/31-July-1916 8181 Pte Wilson, David Missing (No death recorded)
  30/31-July-1916 3098 Pte Henderson, Andrew Missing Died 1/8/16. Age 21. Only son of Andrew and Mary A. Henderson, of Corsehill, Kininmouth, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire.(HEILLY STATION CEMETERY)
  30/31-July-1916 3/6403 Pte McNeil, Andrew Missing   Died 30/7//16 Age 35 (8th/10 Bn.) Brother of Mrs. Rachel Hanson, of 21, Victoria St., Clitheroe, Lancs.(Thiepval)
  30/31-July-1916 3420 Pte Robertson, Alexander W Missing   Only wounded at High Wood.  Died 9/5/17 Age 23. (1st Bn) Son of Alexander Robertson, of Auldyoch, Turriff.DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY. Farm Servant. Wounded at Somme 30/7/16. Died at No. 19 Casualty Clearing Station, France, as a result of wounds received at Arras, 9/5/17.
  30/31-July-1916 1162 Pte Halliday, Robert M Missing   (Later Killed 13/11/1916. Y RAVINE CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMEL)
  30/31-July-1917 1575 Pte Bruce, Andrew Missing   Died 30/7/16. Age 19 "B" coy. Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bruce, of 28, High St., Fraserburgh (CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY)
  30/31-July-1916 2048 Pte Ritchie, Willie Missing   Died 30/7/16. Age24.Son of Archibald and Helen Ritchie, of 20, North St., Rosehearty. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916 S/11225 Pte Addison, Alexander Missing   (No death recorded)
  30/31-July-1916 2228 Sgt Sim, John Missing   Killed in action 30/7/16. Age 27. Son of John and Mary Ann Sim, of 67, College Bounds, Fraserburgh. Born Rosehearty.  (CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY)
  30/31-July-1916 7013 RSM Pirie, Alexander Died of Wounds Died 31/7/16. Age 33.Son of James Pirie, of Maud; husband of Ellen Pirie, of 85, High St., Strichen. (QUARRY CEMETERY, MONTAUBAN)
  30/31-July-1916   Capt Lyon, Robert Killed in Action Died 30/7/16. Age 24. Son of Sir Alexander Lyon, Kt., D.L., J.P., and Lady Lyon, of Queen's Rd., Aberdeen. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916   Lieut Guthrie, Albert John Killed in Action Died 30/7/16. Age 25. Son of the Rev. W. G. Guthrie and M. A. Guthrie, of Manse of Glass, Aberdeenshire. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL )
  30/31-July-1916   2nd Lieut Taylor, W Killed in Action Died 30/7/16. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
  30/31-July-1916   Lieut Rice, J Wounded  
  30/31-July-1916   2nd Lieut Muir, J.M Wounded  
  30/31-July-1916   2nd Lieut Aitken, J.H Wounded  
  30/31-July-1916   2nd Lieut Maitland, W.B Wounded  
  30/31-July-1916   2nd Lieut Greig, T.B Wounded  
  30/31-July-1916   2nd Lieut Cattanach, J.R Wounded  
  30/31-July-1916   2nd Lieut Davidson, William Mason Wounded (Later Died of wounds 29/3/1918)
  30/31-July-1916 3252 Pte Barclay, C Wounded Listed in War Diary for August.(No trace TNA under that number.
  30/31-July-1916 2737 Pte Mowat, John David Wounded Listed in War Diary for August.
  30/31-July-1916 S/13122 Pte McIntosh, Lachlan Wounded Listed in War Diary for August.
  30/31-July-1916 1755 Pte Will, Norman C Wounded Listed in War Diary for August. (Later Killed 31/07/1917. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL). Born Methlick.
  30/31-July-1916 3215 Pte Dey, A.William Wounded Farm servant from Forgue. Listed in War Diary for August.  (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) 'Reported missing and death presumed after Battle of Somme 30th-31st July 1916'
  30/31-July-1916 2535 Pte Masson, William Died of Wounds Listed in War Diary for August. (HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBE)  
  30/31-July-1916   2nd Lieut Alexander, P.M Died of Wounds Listed in War Diary for August. (HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBE)  
  30/31-July-1916 1876 Pte Samuel, James Wounded (Later Killed in action 13/11/1916.)
  30/31-July-1916 2528 Pte Davidson, James M Wounded Listed in War Diary for August.(Later Died of Wounds 1/8/1917. (DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY ) (240637)

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