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Casualty List : 1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

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A page of the casualty lists appears to be missing from the Battalions War Diary of November 1916. 
The following list is from the Scotsman of 18/12/1916. Men who had already been listed are not included.
Places names are locations of next of kin.

 Date      No Rank  Name                             Nature of
13 Nov 1916  5536 Pte  Aird, James  Wounded  Darvel  Formerly S/10388. Later 242358
  3238 Cpl  Allan, Henry  Wounded   New Byth 
  3085 Pte  Anderson, John  Wounded   Peterhead  (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916)
  3826 Pte  Andrews, Alexander  Wounded   Longside   (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916)
  3984 Pte  Annand, Thomas  Wounded   St Fergus 
    563 Sgt Ballantyne, Samuel  Wounded   Old Meldrum 
  3470 Pte  Barrack, James Ferguson  Wounded   New Deer.  Later killed 28/7/1918. photo
  1883 Pte Beagrie, John C Wounded   Stuartfield
  3690 Pte Birnie, George  Wounded   Mintlaw 
  5454 Pte Bradley, H   Wounded   Blackburn   
  5573 Pte Brogan, Peter    Wounded  Liverpool. Formerly S/10769. Later 242394. Deserted 12/2/1918 
  2613  L.Sgt  Buchan, Thomas  Wounded   Peterhead  (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916) POW in 1918
  2659  Pte  Burr, Andrew  Fowler  Wounded   Methlick.  Killed 21/3/1918
  5460  Pte  Calder, Albert W  Wounded   Battersea SW. Formerly S/12111. Later 242294. Discharged 10/10/1917 
  3751  Pte  Catto, William  Wounded   Mintlaw  (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916) Killed 20/9/1917
  1616 L.Sgt  Chalmers, Charles T  Wounded   Tarves   (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916) Killed 16/5/1917
  2240  Pte  Chalmers, George M  Wounded   Peterhead. Killed 16/5/1917
  1635  Sgt  Chisholm, William  Wounded   Peterhead  (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916)
  1675  Pte  Colvin, John  A S  Wounded   Fraserburgh. POW 1918 
  2731  Pte Connon, George  Wounded   Peterhead  (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916)
  5466  Pte Critchley, Percy  Wounded   Wigan. Formerly S/9967. To France 15/10/1915. Later 242299. Discharged to Reserves   21/3/1919
  3408  Pte Cruickshank, James  Wounded   Ellon  (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916) SWB Attested 6/9/1915  . Discharged 15/6/1917.  241088
  2680  Pte Dalziel, Frederick D  Wounded   Peterhead. To France 21/8/1915. Discharged 24/4/1918.  SWB 
  3263  L.Cpl  Davidson, George  Wounded   Peterhead. Later Labour Corps then RFC. To France 12/10/1915. Discharged 9/3/1919 
  2971  Pte  Davidson, James B  Wounded   Carlisle 
  1665  Cpl  Dickie, John A  Wounded   Turriff   (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916) (WBT p 52 )Commissioned 1/8/1917. Address 59 Balmellie St Turriff.
  2062  Pte  Dunbar, Harold  Wounded   Rathen 
  3794  Pte  Duncan, Alexander G  Wounded   Banff 
  2192  L.Cpl  Farquhar, James  Wounded   Longside  (Buchan Observer 21/11/1916)
  5468  Pte  Ferguson, A  Wounded   Sheffield 
  1657  L.Cpl  Findlay, Robert  Wounded   Udny 
  5471  Pte  Fletcher, Walter  Wounded   Edinburgh 
  5470  Pte  Fraser, Donald  Wounded   Edinburgh  Formerly S/6542
  2213  L.Cpl  Fraser, James  Wounded   Cruden   (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916)
  3843  Pte  Gill, David  Wounded   Marnoch. Killed 29/4/1917
  3834  Pte Gow, James  Wounded   Aberdeen 
  3607  Pte Henderson, Alexander  Wounded   Foveran. WO364- Born 1892 Attested 7/12/1915 (Blairgowrie) GSW Left Hip 13/11/1916, Wounded 13/10/1918 GSW left knee. Discharged 13/2/1919 
  2051  Pte Hendry, John  Wounded   Fraserburgh. Killed 31/7/1917 
  3221  Pte Hood, Joseph  Wounded   Peterhead  (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916)
  1915  Pte Hunter, William T  Wounded   Fraserburgh. Killed 31/7/1917 
  1976  Pte Innes, Charles B  Wounded   Fraserburgh 
   626  Pte Johnstone, John  Wounded   Fraserburgh. Disembodied 6/3/1919 
  5434  L.Cpl  Johnston, J  Wounded   Edinburgh 
  3214  Pte  Lawrie, Donald D  Wounded   Greeness 
  5435  L.Cpl  Logan, Oliver  Wounded   Alloa. Formerly S/5192. Commissioned 17/12/1917. MM 
  1912  Pte  Low, William  Wounded   Maud 
  5493  Pte McKenzie, Alexander B  Wounded   Wick. Formerly S/13380 (8/10th Bn). Later 242325. SWB Enlisted 4/11/1915. Discharged 17/4/1919 
  5585  Pte McKenzie, J  Wounded   Keith 
  5534  Pte Mackie, T C  Wounded   Glasgow 
  2196  Pte McRae, George  Wounded   Fochabers 
  3706  Pte McRobbie, Donald  Wounded   Fraserburgh 
  3281  Pte Machray, Archibald J T  Wounded   Aberdeen 
  1531  Pte Marshall, George  Wounded   Turriff  (WBT p 86) (Buchan Observer 12/12/1916)
  3629  Pte Masson, A J  Wounded   Port Errol   (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916)
  5498  Pte Masson, Harold  Wounded   Glasgow. Formerly S/10800 Gordon Highlanders. To France 24/11/1915. Enlisted 17/6/1915 Discharged 14/12/1918. SWB. Address 36 Hayfield St Glasgow.  
  5589  Pte Maun, James L  Wounded   Aboyne 
  3672  Pte Middleton, William  Wounded   Kennethmont. Also wounded 31/7/1917. Died of influenza at No 1 Australian Casualty Clearing Station 8/12/1918 (9th Bn).   Son of William and Ann Middleton, Midton of Cults, Kennethmont, earlier at Shanquhar Cottage, Gartly . 241236
  2475  Pte Milne, John  Wounded   Buchanhaven 
  3434  L.Cpl  Milne, John A  Wounded   Peterhead 
  2919  Pte  Mitchell, Peter  Wounded   Kinnellar 
  1381  L.Cpl  Morrison, James  Wounded   Fraserburgh. Died of wounds 29/11/1916  (Buchan Observer 12/12/1916) Age 21. Son of James & Mary Morrison, 70 Frithside St; Fraserburgh. (PUCHEVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERY) Service returns show died at No. 44 CCS. Buchan Obs 12/12/1916 - Fraserburgh - Cpl James Morrison who was wounded in the recent fighting has succumbed to his wounds in hospital. He was attached to the Gordons. He was the son of Mr James Morrison, slater, Frithside St, was 21 years of age and was a sawyer with Messrs Gray and Co, timber merchants.
  2275  Pte  Morrison, William G  Wounded   Peterhead. (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916) POW 1918 
  5499  Pte Munro, G  Wounded   Aberdeen  
  3806  Pte Munro, John  Wounded   Banff 
  3071  Pte  Penny, James  Wounded   Fyvie   (Buchan Observer 5/12/1916) (WBT p 251) Died of wounds 13/11/1916
  3626  Pte  Pirie, Alexander Wounded   Fraserburgh 
  1626  Pte Reid, George  Wounded   Old Aberdeen 
  3987  Pte Reid, William Alexander  Wounded   Lonmay.  SWB - WO364. Attested Fraserburgh 9/12/1915. Age 20 Horseman - Lonmay.  Army Res 9/12/15 - 2/6/16 Embodied 3/6/1916. Home 3/6/16 - 25/8/1916. BEF 26/8/16 - 31/1/17. Wounded 13/11/1916 Shrapnel wound R knee. Pneumonia 6/1/1917. To UK 14/1/1917 (Bristol War Hospital)
  2848  Pte  Ritchie, Robert  Wounded   New Deer. To France 5/12/1915. SWB. Discharged 21/9/1917
  1664  Pte Robertson, Alexander L  Wounded   Turriff  (WBT p102)
  1631  Pte Ross, Robert J  Wounded   Banff 
  5520  Pte Samson, R C  Wounded   Motherwell.  MM 
  2910  Pte Sandy, Joseph    Peterhead   (Buchan Observer 5/12/1916) Mrs Sandy, Kirk St Peterhead has received news that her youngest son has been wounded in the right leg and is now in Horton Hospital Epson. He is 19 years of age and previous to joining the colours was employed at the Great North of Scotland Granite Works.
  2424  Pte Sangster, John  Wounded   Udny 
  5549  L.Cpl  Sergeant, James  Wounded   Blackburn. Hormerly S/13577. Enlisted 28/11/1914 (or 1915). SWB. Discharged 5/9/1919. 242371 
  1939  Pte  Simpson, James  Wounded   Fraserburgh 
  3062  Pte Simpson, James  Wounded   Fraserburgh.
  3875  Pte Slessor, Peter  Wounded   Fraserburgh 
  3099  Pte  Smith, F W  Wounded   New Pitsligo 
  1689  Cpl  Sorrie, Henry  Wounded   Rathen  (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916) Mr Sorrie, baker, Gowanhill, Rathen, has received information that his youngest son has been wounded. One leg has been fractured above the knee and his right arm has been injured. Cpl Sorrie is not yet 20 years of age and has been with the colours since the outbreak of war and has been on active service for over 18 months.Prior to the war he was serving his apprenticeship with Messrs Park, cartwrights, Invernorth.
  2146  Pte  Strachan, William  Wounded   Fraserburgh. Killed 26/6/1917 
  3630  Pte  Taylor, Alexander    Fraserburgh. Mrs Taylor, at present residing with her parents at Hobshill, Hatton, has received news that her husband has been wounded and is in hospital. Before joining the Gordons he was employed as a painter with Mr William Stuart Fraserburgh. His wound is not serious. 
  3393  Pte  Taylor, Charles  Wounded   Peterhead 
  5551  Pte  Temple, George  Wounded   Blackburn. Formerly S/13580. Later 242373  
  3760  Pte  Thompson, Adam Wounded   Port Gordon 
  3336  Pte  Thomson, George  Wounded   Ellon   
  1384  L.Cpl  Tocher, George  Wounded   Fraserburgh To France 5/12/1915. Disembodied 14/2/1919 
  2416  L.Cpl  Wallace, George A  Wounded   (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916) L.Cpl George A. Wallace, youngest son of Mr James Wallace, Knock St, Stuartfield, has been seriously wounded in action. L.Cpl Wallace joined the Gordons in October 1814. He had previously been wounded in the legs. Before he joined the colours, L.Cpl Wallace was employed with Mr Rae, Overtob, Dudwick, Ellon and was at one time porter at Ellon Station.  SWB. Discharged 12/4/1917.
  3781  Pte  Wallace, William  Wounded   Mintlaw. Killed 20/5/1918 
  3775  Pte  Watson, John  Wounded   Fyvie   (WBT p 257)
  2285  Pte  Watt, Robert  Wounded   Strichen  (Buchan Observer 28/11/1916) Information has been received in Strichen that Pte Robert Watt,  a grandson of Mrs Ironside, Water St, has been wounded in action on 13th inst. In a letter Pte Watt, who has now been wounded for the second time, describes how the men of the Buchan battalion advanced on the Germans, many of them singing "I'm nae awa tae bide awa." They had reached the German second line when Pte Watt was struck on the face and left leg by a piece of a bomb.
Born 8/11/1897 at 7 Queens Gardens Row, New Windsor, England to Ann Jane Ironside- Domestic Servant (housemaid).  Emigrated to Canada in 1920.
  1474  Cpl  Wilson, Robert  Wounded   Aberdeen. Cpl Robert Wilson, son of Mr Alexander Wilson, late watchmaker of Ellon, now at Aberdeen, has been admitted into a hospital in England suffering from a wound in the shoulder received in the recent fighting. Cpl Wilson was boots at the Station Hotel, Ellon, previous to the war. He was gassed on a previous occasion. 
  5563  Pte  Young, James  Wounded   Glasgow 
  5581  Pte  Young, John H  Wounded   Thurso 

WBT= War Book of Turriff
SWB = Silver War Badge

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