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Casualty List : 1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Names in Blue also appear on Battalion Roll

From War Diaries December 1916

Place   Date Number  Rank Name                        Nature of casualty   Notes
Courcelette Firing Line 1 Dec 1916   3829   Pte Metcalf , John    Killed  Age 19. Farm servant. Killed by a sniper four & a half miles W. S. W of Baupame.  Born Gamrie enlisted Banff. Served from April to December 1916. Son of George and Euphemia Metcalfe, of Sealscrook, Cuminestown. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
      2295   Sgt  Kelman,  William  Killed  Age 22. Farm servant.  Killed at Courcelette.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Kelman, of Mains of Byth, New Byth, Turriff. Enlisted Fraserburgh. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) 
      2123   Cpl  Scott,  George Killed Age 31. Son of Elizabeth Scott,  Marischal St. PHD. Buchan Observer: "Killed in action…Cpl George G Scott, aged 31 years..son of William Scott, cabinetmaker, Peterhead".  Born and enlisted in Peterhead.  (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) 
      3428  Pte Wilson, Alfred  Killed  Born Udny. Enlisted Peterhead. 
      2905  L.Cpl Smith, J Wounded  Lonmay
    S/8085   Pte Barron, George Wounded Scotsman 16/1/1917 casualty list wounded - Barron, 5453 G (Inverness). S/8085 is previous number.  (242287)

Courcelette Firing Line

2/12/1916    5575 L.Cpl McCreadie, Charles Wounded  
      1492   Pte Mathers, Alexander Wounded New Pitsligo 
      1907   Pte Thomson, William Wounded Peterhead.  Later Killed in action 21/3/1918. (POZIIERES MEMORIAL)
      2077   Cpl Campbell, Robert Killed Born Cruden.Address Chapelhill, Port Erroll.  Enlisted Peterhead. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
      3203   Pte McRae, James Killed Born Old Deer. Enlisted Peterhead. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
      2666  Pte Strachan, Robert Killed Born and enlisted in Peterhead. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
      475   Pte Thomson,  M* Killed  *  No trace of that name or number. CWGC has: 579, THOMSON, PETER LAURENCE ALEXANDER (5th Gordon Highlanders) Age 25. Son of the late Peter Thomson and Mabella Mirren Thomson Killed 2/12/1916 (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL). SDGW has THOMSON, Peter 5709, born Sandstring Zetland, enlisted Lerwick, killed in action 2/12/1916.
Courcelette Firing Line  3 Dec 1916   4038  Pte Milton, Charles  Wounded Cullen 
      3850  Pte Beatie, Peter Wounded Aberdeen 
      2nd Lieut Williamson, R Shell Shock  Commissioned 6/1/1916.
 Ovillers Huts & Bouzincourt 4 Dec 1916   3189  Pte Charles,  William Wounded Fyvie. Farm servant (WBT p 237) 
      3643   Pte Hendry, William S  Wounded Peterhead.  241221. Later transferred to Labour Corps (463425).
     12640   Pte Taylor, Charles Wounded Scotsman casualty list 16/1/1917 shows Taylor, C 5560 (Cullen). 12640 was previous number. Later killed in action 12/4/1918 Age 20. Son of Brodie and Jessie Taylor, of Mains of Skeith, Deskford, Cullen, Banffshire.
Bouzincourt 8 Dec 1916    Lieut-Col   McTaggart, M. F.


Diary shows this occuring on 3/12/1916. "During the morning [of 3rd] the Commanding Officer and Capt Lyall went round the front line.  The CO was slightly wounded by an enemy rifle grenade near C Coy's front."
  12703  Pte Anderson, R Wounded No trace TNA under that number.
  Wolfe Huts 16 Dec 1916    2nd Lieut  Meldrum, George Dundas  Killed Husband of Dora M. Meldrum, of 2, Brookfield Rd., Cheltenham Rd., Bristol. (POZIERES BRITISH CEMETERY, OVILLERS-LA BOISSELLE )
    4914  Pte Collie, James Kirkton Killed Age 23. Son of James and Margaret Collie, 20 Linksfield Rd., Aberdeen. Graduate of Aberdeen University (M.A.).  (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Born & enlisted in Aberdeen.
    3201 L.Sgt Scott, Alexander Killed  Born New Pitsligo. Enlisted Peterhead.
  Wolfe Huts 17 Dec 1916  1539 Pte Clark, James Wounded Baker. Joined Territorials 28/11/1912 at age of 15. Wounded at Courcelette  and Cambrai November 1917.
     2247  Sgt Gerrard,  James Wounded

Died of wounds 21/12/1916.  Age 24. Son of Robert and Jane Gerrard, of Mains of Haulkerton, Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire. (CONTAY BRITISH CEMETERY, CONTAY)

    5689 Pte Innes, Alexander  Wounded  
    4898 Pte Mathieson, J Wounded Probably 4879 James Mathieson.
 Wolfe Huts & Courcelette Firing Line 21 Dec 1916 1507 Pte Will, John Wounded Died of wounds 23/12/1916. Age 21. Son of John and Annie Will of Ellon.
    1795   Pte Cruickshank, Thomas Wounded   Previously wounded 13/11/1916
 Courcelette 23 Dec 1916   4940   Pte Horne, Alexander R  Wounded Died of wounds (Home) 25/1/1917 Age 29. Son of Mrs. Annie Lyall Horne, 180, Crown St., Aberdeen. (ABERDEEN (ALLENVALE) CEMETERY) Enlisted Glasgow.
Not recorded in Diary  21 Dec 1916 5635  Pte Anderson, William Wounded Information from Service Record. Joined Bn about 19/12/1916. Wounded in action 21/12/1916 with gunshot wound to right leg. Evacuated to UK on H/S Warinda 31/12/1916.

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