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Casualty List : 1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Names in Blue also appear on Battalion Roll

Casualties from the action on 30/31st July 1917 - Wounded

There is no casualty list in the War Diaries for the action of 31st July.  The following list of wounded for that battle appeared in The Scotsman on 7th September 1917.  The History of the battalion states that there were 171 Other Ranks wounded.  The list below contains 169. Note: This is a temporary record and additional information will be included when time permits.

Adam, William S/17977,  (Keith)

Anderson, George 17980,  (Insch)

Anderson, Stuart P 201357, (Bedford)

Anderson, Ernest 202649, Cpl. (Aberdeen)

Ballantyne, W 260128, (Glasgow)

Barclay, John 242423, (Slains)

Barr, James 260173, (Beith)

Barrack, James Ferguson  241120, (New Deer) Later Killed 1/8/1918

Bell,  William L 263051, (Sauchie) Formerly A&SH. SWB Enl. 5/6/1916 

Benzie, Alexander 242067, L/Cpl. (Aberdeen) SWB Enl. 7/11/1914

Birnie, George A  240893, L/Cpl. (Rora) Buchan Observer 21/8/1917 (Longside) "Mr Joseph Birnie, Cuttyhill, Rora, has been officially informed that his son has been admitted to hospital suffering from severe gunshot wound in the chest received in action on 1st August. Pte Birnie whose wife resides at Alexandria Cottage Kenmay was a farm servant in Canada. On the outbreak of war he came over and joined the 5th Gordons at Peterhead, thereafter proceeding to France with his battalion, where he has seen much fighting."  Previously wounded Sept 1915. To Labour Corp. Disembodied 6/3/1919

Booth, Charles Buchan 200083,  (Aberdeen) Formerly 4th Bn. Continued serving with 4th Bn after the war. DCM

Bremner, G 242211, (Aberdeen)

Brown, George B 242071, (Aberdeen)

Brown, A 260140, (Kilmarnock)

Bruce, James 240477, (Fraserburgh) Later trans to Scottish Rifles

Burnett, William Y 340967, Sgt. (Ellon)

Burnett, Arbuthnot S 242577, (Aberdeen) Later trans. to Labour Corps

Burr, Andrew Fowler  240711, (Methlick) Buchan Obsserver 14/8/1917 - wounded left side and arm. Later killed 21/3/1918

Campbell, John C 201796, (Aberdeen)

Campbell, John 242401, L/Cpl. (Hartwood) Formerly Gord H. S/12079. Killed in action 21/7/1918 6th Bn age 21

Catto, Forbes S 200203, Cpl. (Aberdeen) SWB

ChalmersFrancis 240356, Act Cpl.(Fraserburgh)

Charge, Henry 241616, (Hammersmith)

Clark,George A  260160, (Perth) Formerly Royal H 203039

Clark,  J 263061,(Glasgow)

Clark,J  266361, (Port Elphinstone)

Clark,W A  291120, (Aberdeen)

Clarke, Charles 313011, (Forfar)

Cochrane, Thomas 17994, (Dundee)

Connon, Albert  240270, (Monquhitter) Farm servant. Disembodied 22/3/1919 (1763)

Cormack, Andrew 200364, (Aberdeen) To France 19/2/1915. SWB (2044)

Coull, John 241348, (Auchenblae) Reported missing in War Diaries April 1917.

Coull, William J 266588, (Aberchirder)

Cruickshank, Alexander 241210, (Turriff) . Previously wounded 1916, and 16/5/1917. Farm servant

Davidson, Alexander 240436, (Fraserburgh). Previously wounded 16/5/1917. (2128) Discharged 20/1/1919

Davidson, James 241467, (Mintlaw). Buchan Observer 14/8/1917: (Mintlaw) "Pte Jas. Davidson has been wounded in the back. This is the second time he has been wounded in the same place. He is a son of Mr James Davidson, Baluss Cottage and previous to the war was in farm service in the Mintlaw district."

Dempster, Charles 242257 L/Cpl. (Luthermuir) (3717)

Dempster, John 242266, (Aberdeen) Records show Killed in action 31/7/1917. Born Woodside. Enlisted Aberdeen. (WELSH CEMETERY -CAESAR'S NOSE) 68 Marquis Rd ( 'Peoples Journal') Service returns show age 25.

Dickson, David 923, (Edinburgh) To France 19/10/1914 - 2nd Bn

Douglas, John 291151, (Kennethmont) - Originally 7th Bn. One of 4 brothers who served - 2 died. (photo)

Duncan,Christopher  S/17989, (Bervie)

Duncan, Alexander 240673, L/Cpl. (Peterhead) Buchan Observer 14/8/1917: "Mrs Duncan, 38b Windmill St Peterhead has received official notice that her husband L/Cpl A. Duncan has been wounded. Prior to the war he was a cooper with Messrs P & J Sutherland, fishcurers, Peterhead." To France 5/12/1915 (2591).  Disembodied 30/3/1919

Dunning,Thomas  260175, (Glasgow) Later Labour Corps

Earsman, James S/13718, (Edinburgh)

Esplin, Robert 17965, (Carmyllie)

Farquhar, William 242193, (Aberdeen) Originally 4th Bn (2543) To France 19/2/1915. Disembodied 21/3/1919

Ferguson, George V  240732, (Cruden)  To France 21/8/1915. Disembodied 19/4/1919. (2695)

Forbes, William 242130, L/Cpl.  (Banff)

Forrest, William Y 240185, L/Cpl. (Mintlaw). Buchan Observer 14/8/1917 (Old Deer) "Cpl William Forrest has been dangerously wounded in the face and is in a base hospital in France. He is the only son of Mr Forrest, carpenter, Pitfour, and has been at the front for two years, having mobilised with the Territorials at the outbreak of war.  he acted as a signaller, and was some time ago mentioned in Brigade orders for his bravery in mending wire while under fire."

Foster, Tom 266657, (Addingham)

Fotheringham, Thomas 260026, (Falkirk)

Fraser, S 200758, (Aberdeen)

Gabriel, Edward 241230, (Turriff) Occupation: tailor

Gardiner, George 202000, (Aberdeen)

Gavin, William 240106, Sgt. (Longside) Previously wounded 25/7/1916. Attested 7/11/1911 aged 17 (1391). Farm servant. Discharged 20/12/1917 GSW abdomen (WO364) 

Geddes, James 240900, (Buchanhaven) (3006) Buchan Observer 14/8/1917: "Mrs Geddes, 10 Mid St Buchanhaven, has been notified that her husband, has been wounded on the left arm and is in hospital in England. Prior to joining the Gordons he was a cooper with Messrs A. Wood and Son, fishcurers, Peterhead."

Geddes, Alexander 241267, L/Cpl. (Peterhead) (3716)

Goodwin, Robert 260028, (Bonnybridge) Formerly A&SH (4126)

Gow, Robert W  240119, (Peterhead) Buchan Observer 21/8/1917. "Official intimation has neen received by Mrs G. Gow, 3 Union St, that her  son Pte Robert W Gow, 5th GH has been admitted into Eastleigh Military Hospital, Hants, suffering from a bullet wound in the right arm received in action on July 31st. Pte Gow who was mobilised at the outbreak of hostilities was previous to the war a cooper in the employment of the Peterhead Fishcuring Company."

Grant, William 200572, (Aberdeen). Originally 4th Bn (2659) Later 14th Lond Regt

Gray, James R 202915, (Broughty Ferry) Originally 4th Bn Enlisted 26/2/1916. Discharged 17/4/1918 SWB

Hawkins, James E 242311, (Norwich) Previously wounded 15/5/1917

Henderson, George 242139, (Macduff) Previously wounded 15/5/1917. Later killed in action 21/3/1918 age 22.

Hutcheon, Alfred S/6476, (Musselburgh) To France 10/5/1915. Discharged to Reserves 11/1/1919

Inglis, David 235298, (Govan) Formerley A&SH

Johnston, Daniel 17019, (Fraserburgh)

Keith, Tom  241183, (Rora) Buchan Observer 14/8/1917: (Longside)"Mr & Mrs Keith, Spital, Rora, Longside have received information that their son, Pte Thomas Keith, has been wounded in the leg, and is in hospital in France. Previous to the war he was a farm servant."  (3587)

Keron, Peter S/17455, (Machany)

Knox, James  242089, Aberdeen

Law, Thomas 292184, (Glasgow) Formerly S/10928 To France 15/10/1915 Discharged 24/6/1919 SWB. Previously wounded 12/7/1916 (5th Bn War Diaries)

Lawson, Robert 17983, (Perth) Records show killed in action 31/7/1917  (ARTILLERY WOOD CEMETERY)

Lockhart, James A 235257, (Edinburgh) Later Labour Corps (SWB)

Low,  C 241995,(Aberdeen)

McArthur, Charles 241228, (Longside) Buchan Observer 14/8/1917: (Mintlaw) "Mr & Mrs McArthur have been notified that their son Pte Charles McArthur, Gordons, has been wounded in the leg. His parents reside at Burnside, Rora, and before the war he was a tailor with Mr John Grant, Mintlaw." (3652)

McCormack,  Neil 242324,(Greenock) Formerly S/12429 To France 1/11/1915. Discharged 11/4/1919

McCowan, George S/40854, Act L/Cpl. (Tibbermore) Formerly S/27030 Cameron Highlanders

McDonald, William 242219, L/Cpl. (Glasgow) Enlisted 26/1/1914 (1598 - 4th Bn) To France 19/2/1915.
Discharged  24/12/1917. SWB

McDougall, Donald A  S/17902, (Lochmaddy)

McFarlane,David  260137, (Cove) Enlisted 17/6/1915. Discharged 8/2/1918 SWB (5th Bn)

McGillivray,  D 242392, Cpl.(Bolton)

McHolland, Lawrence 201496, (Aberdeen) To France 10/11/1915 (4242 - 4th Bn). Disembodied 19/3/1919

McIntosh, Simon 242094, (Portlethen) MiC shows forfeited medals for misconduct - 392 (xi) KR.  (5050)

McKay,  George S/13359,(Blackburn) MiC shows identical to 7887 John McClay, 2nd Border Regt. To France 14/10/1914. (Deserted)

McKay,  P 242003,(Glasgow)

McKenzie,  William S/17458,(Brechin) Enlisted 18/12/1916 Discharged 15/3/1919. SWB

McKenzie, William S/17893, (Aberdeen)

McKenzie, David  242032, (Buckie) (4988)

Mackie,  T C 242356,(Glasgow)

McKinlay, Thomas S/40901, Cpl. (Meigle) Formerly S/27002 Cameron Highlanders

McLaughlin, Daniel S/17464, (Clydebank)

McLeod, Martin L 242320, (Johnstone) Formerly S/2267

McQueen [or MacQueen], Ronald  S/40888, (Staffin) Formerly S/25600 Cameron Highlanders

Marshall, Andrew 260159, (Larbert)

Martin, William S/13783, (Bridgeton) Enlisted 11/11/1915 (8th Gordons) Discharged 2/7/1919. SWB

Masson, Harold 242329, L/Cpl. (Glasgow) Formerly S/10800 Gordon Highlanders. To France 24/11/1915. Enlisted 17/6/1915 Discharged 14/12/1918. SWB. Address on MiC 36 Hayfield St Glasgow.

May, James Stephen 240480, L/Cpl. (Fraserburgh) Buchan Observer 14/8/1917 (Fraserburgh) "Pte James May DCM is in hospital with his right leg amputated. His brother Robert May MM was killed in action some time ago. Both are sons of Mr W May, fishcurer. James was formerly a clerk in Fraserburgh Post Office."To France 2/5/1915. Discharged 22/1/1918. SWB. (2204) Note: DCM is an error. He received MM and bar. His brother Robert did not received the MM.

Mennie,James Beaton  241123, Act. Cpl. (Lethenty nr Millbrex) War Book of Turriff p.224: (Millbrex) Farm servant. 5th Gordons, transferred to King'a African Rifles May 1918. Wounded at Ypres 31-Jul-17

Middleton, William 241236, L.Cpl. (Kennethmont) Worked on the railways at Udny.Died of influenze 8/12/1918 at No 1 Australian Casualty Clearing Station (9th Bn) 

Millarkay, James 242034, (Keith) (4990)

Milne, James S  241338, (Ellon) (3814) Buchan Observer 7/8/1917 (Ellon) "Pte James Milne, Gordons, wounded is a son of Mr James Milne, shoemaker, Ellon"

Mowatt, George 201346, L/Cpl. (Lonmay)

Muir, Samuel S/40890, (Maryhill) Formerly Cameron Hldrs. SWB

Murdoch, J  242360, L/Cpl, (Cambuslang) To France 10/5/1915. Discharged to Reserves 11/3/1919

Naughton, George D 242214, L/Cpl (Aberdeen) Formerly 4th Bn 2404. To France 19/2/1915. Disembodied 21/3/1919

Neil, Roger 242282, Sgt. (Barrhead) To France 10/5/1915

Nicoll, Gilbert S/17476, (Dundee)

Peden, David M 263044, (Glasgow) SWB. Enlisted A&SH 11/5/1916. Discharged unfit 29/3/1919

Phillip,Charles  S/17990, (Dundee)

Philip,Ernest  260151, (Kircaldy) Formerly Royal Highlanders

Pirie, James 241479, (Aberdeen) (3999) Previously wounded May 1917

Porteous,Alexander  S/13383, (Broxburn)

Priest, Thomas  200669, (Aberdeen)

Pryde, William 260102, (Dunbar) Formerly 5559 A&SH

Reid, John  240528,Act. Sgt. (Udny) (2411)

Reid,  Peter 242143,(Stonehaven) Disembodied 23/3/1919

Richmond,  James S/3625, (Galston) To France 5/3/1915. SWB Discharged 15/10/1918

Ritchie,John  240485, L/Cpl. (Fraserburgh) To France 21/8/1915. (2222) Disembodied 4/4/1919

Robb, A 17981, (Cruden)

Robertson,  Thomas 263005,(Glasgow) Formerly 5006 A&SH

Robinson, William  260174, (Derrygonnelly, Co.Fermangh) Formerly 202974 Royal Highlanders Enlisted 18/8/1916. SWB Discharged unfit 12/6/1919

Ross, Robert 260122, (Glasgow) Formerly A&SH

Rowbotham, Harry  242520,(Manchester) Enlisted Manchester 20/1/1915 aged 19. (SWB & W0364) Discharged unfit - GSW left thigh 24/12/1917. Address 696 Oldham Rd. (5706)  Re-enlisted Lancashire Fus. 24/6/1919. 

Rutherford, John  240641,(Longside)

Scobbie,  James 260156,(Glasgow) Formerly Royal Highlanders

Scott, Frederick 240251, L/Cpl. (Logie nr Falkirk) To France 2/5/1915. Disembodied 26/4/1919. (1724)

Scott, Charles 263007, (Hawick)

Shand, W 265630, (Whitehouse)

Shepherd, G 202146, (Aberdeen)

Short, James 263033, (Falkirk) Formerly A&SH

Simpson, James C T 242061, L/Cpl. (Aberdeen) (5017)

Simpson,  James 202453,(Fraserburgh)

Sinclair, George L 240671, Cpl. (Fraserburgh) (2588)

Smith,  William S/17469,(Methven)

Smith,  Ronald A S/17982, (St Cyrus)

Somerville, Andrew  263011,(Glasgow) Formerly A&SH

Stephen, William 241664, Sgt. (Turriff) Farm Servant. WBT:  "Served with Battalion throughout the war.Wounded." WO364: Attested Cuminestown 6/4/1911. Age 17. farm servant. To France 2/5/1915.  Discharged Peterhead 8/4/1916 - termination of engagement - No 1333. Also shows last number as 241664. Re-enlisted as 4529/241664. Buchan Observer 21/8/1917 (Monquhitter) :" Mr Stephen Hillton, Balthangie (late of Moss-side)  has been officially informed that his elder and only brother Sgt William Stephen, Gordons, has been admitted to hospital in France suffering from GSW in the head. Prior to the war Sgt Stephen was a member of the Territorial force and has been with his regiment in France since 1915."

Stevenson, James 241470, (Keith) (3986)

Stewart, William 240519, (Keith) Enlisted 29/9/1914. To France 2/5/1915 (2291). (SWB) Discharged 1/4/1919

Stewart,  John 242228,(Laurencekirk)

Stewart, James  (or John B)  263045,(Glasgow) 10/12/1915 SWB Discharged 9/12/1918. Formerley A&SH

Sutherland, J  260148, (Glasgow)

Sutherland, William 263047, (Edinburgh) Formerly A&SH

Swan, David 263042, (Perth) Formerly A&SH

Taylor, John  241234,(Peterhead) (3666)

Thompson,Peter B S  260149, (Kilmarnock) Formerly Royal Highlanders

Thomson, James 41035, (Montrose) Formerly A&SH

Thomson, William 240342, (Peterhead) (1907) Killed 21/3/1918

Thomson,Robert  263016, (Polmont) Formerly A&SH. Enlisted 8/12/1915. Discharged 2/4/1919 SWB (photo)

Toland, Charles  263018, (Glasgow) Formerly A&SH. SWB

Tough, Charles  200906, (Woodside) - Records show as Killed in action 31/7/1917 5th Bn. Age 20. Son of Charles and Susan Tough, of 6, Bank St., Woodside, Aberdeen.(YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL) To France 19/2/1915 (3285 - 4th Bn)

Tyson, H  292394, (Glasgow) To France 10/5/1915 (S/6699) Discharged 10/1/1919

Urie, Peter 17480, (Alloa)

Walker, Roderick 17898, (Stonybridge, Uist)

Walker, James  202440,(Aberdeen) 30/11/1915 SWB Discharged 15/3/1919

Walker, J 242157 L/Cpl. (Torry) Enlisted11/6/1915. SWB Discharged 18/9/1918

Ward, H L 263020, (Hertford)

Warren, George  W  S/11041, (Tottenham N) Originally 8th Bn GH

Watson, George N 240423, (New Pitsligo) Enlisted 14/8/1914 (2096). SWB Discharged 17/4/1919

Watt, Alan 241591, (Lonmay) (4154)

Watt, A 300577,  (Edinburgh)

Weatherall,  George 263025,(Gainsborough) Formerly A&SH

Welsh, James 260172, (Glasgow)

Whyte, James U  240537, L/Sgt. (New Deer) SWB

Wilkie, Robert 242202, (Aberlour) Originally 1194 6th Bn. To France 10/11/1914. Transferred to 5th Bn 18/1/1917 - 5160/242202. SWB

Wilson, Robert S/40856, (Dennistown)

Wilson,  J 201858,(Aberdeen)

Yule, J 292195, (Fraserburgh)

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