Battalion Roll : 1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders 1914

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Updated 26/3/2008.


    Number Rank Name Address Additional Notes
  "D" Company           
1   165 C.Sgt Duthie, Charles Alexander 23 Main St, Turriff Master Plumber. To France 2/5/1915. Discharged 9/41916 as time-expired Territorial.

2   167 Sgt Eddie, William John Cowie Peterwell, Fyvie Roof Slater. Wounded but survived the War. Attested at Turriff 9/4/1908, aged 28. Transfer from 2nd Volunteers. Signed for foreign service at Bedford 25/9/1914.   To France 2/5/1915. Injured hand on barbed wire 4/12/1915. Returned to UK 3/1/1916. Discharged 9/4/1916, time expired.  (Rank-A/WO2)

3   169 Sgt Milne, John William Millfield, Cuminestown Oatmeal miller and grain merchant. WBT shows: "A Volunteer and Territorial; went through the South African War; also through the Great War from start to finish." WO364 shows   WO364. Attested 12/5/1908  age 29. From 2nd Volunteers (11/5/1897 - served in South Africa). To France 2/5/1915. Medically unfit at Etaples 19/3/1916- transferred to Homes Establishment 26/3/1916. Discharged 12/5/1916 Time expired.

4   1040 Sgt Hay, William 12 Castle St, Turriff Shoemaker. Taken prisoner at La Bassee, April 1918.  To France 2/5/1915. Disembodied 29/5/1919.

5   576 Sgt Beattie, Robert Stuart 163 Hardgate, Aberdeen Grocer. Discharged when time expired 24/2/1916. Re-enlisted 26/7/1916.
6   1224 L.Sgt Anderson, George 8 Balmellie St, Turriff WBT: Painter. Served France 1/5/15 - 30/8/15. Then Royal Navy. Survived War. WO364: Enlisted (age 17) 24/8/1910. Apprentice painter employed by Mr James Watson 38 High St.Signed for foreign service at Bedford 25/9/1914.  Served France 2/5/1914 - 23/9/1915. Father Peter Anderson 8 Balmellie St Turriff. Hospitalised for influenza 24/7/1915 (1/3 HF. Later /trans to hospital) Rank on discharge - Serg. "C" Coy. Discharged 30/8/1915 - Time expired.

7   1279 Cpl Dalgarno, John 18 Castlehill, Turriff Harness Maker. Joined Territorials 25/2/1911.Mobilised 6/8/14. Invalided home with fractured skull 30/7/1916. Took part in battles of Festubert, Arras and Somme. Demobilised 18/4/1919.
8   1167 Cpl Mair, Alexander Balmellie St, Turriff Born abt. 1894. Son of Charles and Sophia Mair, Turriff. Printer. To France 2/5/1915. Killed at Festubert 4/6/1915. Sgt.  (LE TOURET MEMORIAL  )
9   1333 Cpl Stephen, William Moss-side, Monquhitter Farm Servant. Wounded. WBT shows: "Served with Battalion throughout the war."  WO364 shows: Attested Cuminestowm 6/4/1911. Age 17. farm servant. To France 2/5/1915.  Discharged Peterhead 8/4/1916 - termination of engagement.
10   1617 Cpl Taylor, James Moir 6 Castle St, Turriff Postman
11   2115 Cpl Downie, William Maudlin St, Kells Co. Meath Signaller Sergeant (240430)
12   1316 L.Cpl Black, Alfred Beaconsfield Tce, Turriff Coach-Painter.  Time-expired 4/4/1916; rejoined Colours 21/5/1917. Demobilized Feb. 1919.
13   1152 L.Cpl Ewen, William Millbrex, Fyvie  N/T on medal index. Possibly this man- 1901 census William Ewen, Millbrex - age 9. Son of William & Isabella and WBT p. 220 (Millbrex) William Ewan, Slater, Cpl RAF. Brother of George Royal Scots Fus. (age 5 on census)

14   973 L.Cpl Hay, Stewart John Monaltrie Blds, Turriff Painter.  To France 2/5/1915. Wounded 31/7/16.  Reported missing at Arras and presumed killed 16/5/17 (WBT p.69) . On Red Cross missing list August 1917.  "A" Coy. Serg. 240072 missing since May 16 1917. Service returns show age 21. (ARRAS MEMORIAL) 1901 census - age 8. Son of John Hay (road labourer) and Mary A Hay.

15   1688 L.Cpl Pearson, William Newton, Skelmuir Shoeingsmith. Transferred to R.A.S.C.
16   2033 L.Cpl Milne, George Danshillock, King Edward Electrical Engineer. To France 2/5/1915. Wounded in trenches at Richebourg 4/6/15 and at Neuville St Vaast 29/6/16. Transferred to R.A.F 27/1/17.
17   2032 Pte Angus, Walter Lawrence Pretoria Cottage, Turriff  Coach Painter. Wounded at Mametz. Survived War.  To France 2/5/1915. Labour Corps. Discharged to Class Z 25/3/1919.  Brother of David Angus 2034.
18   1334 Pte Burnett, Alexander Cuminestown Farm servant. Served Scotland and England.  Discharged as medically unfit. (WBT p.198).  WO364: Attested at Turriff 11/4/1911 aged 17. Absent on mobilisation. Arrested at Bedford 9/4/1914 and fines 28 days pay. Discharged as medically unfit 1/12/1914.

19   1691
Pte Beaton, William Teuchar, Cuminestown Farm servant.  Lewis gunner.  Invalided from France. (WBT p.198). War Diary shows wounded 9-12 April 1917. Scotsman - 16/5/1917 - casualty list - wounded (Cuminestown) Discharged 25/10/1917 - SWB.

20   1523 Pte Campbell, James Ardmiddle Mains, Turriff Farmer. Served France/Flanders 1915-1918. Wounded near Cambrai.
21   1539 Pte Clark, James 4 Castle Hill, Turriff Baker. Joined Territorials 28/11/1912 at age of 15. Wounded at Courcelette end of 1916 and Cambrai November 1917. Disembodied 28/3/1919
22   1661 Pte Christie, George Mains of Towie, Auchterless  (240218) Wounded 28/6/1917. Discharged to Class Z 6/2/1919
23   1573 Pte Clark, William James Dunlugas, Turriff Cycle Mechanic. 5th Gordons 4/8/14 - 30/10/14. Dispatch rider. Wounded Loos. Gassed at Ypres Oct 1917, and at Cambrai Sept. 1918.  Joined Terroitorials 27/2/13. (WBT p.45)
24   1441 Pte Cruickshank, James R Bogside, Monquhitter Farm Servant.(WBT p.200)  Born New Deer. Enlisted Turriff. Killed 31 July 1916. Son of William & Christina Cruickshank, Bogside.  (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) 
25   1452 Pte Dalgarno, B 18 Castlehill, Turriff Probably Benjamin Dalgarno, brother of 1279 John Dalgarno. Mentioned in War Book of Turriff (p50) Army Vet Corps: Camel Corps. Served Egypt 1915 to finish. Suffered from malaria.
26   484 Pte Davidson, George 29 High St, Turriff Tailor. 5th Bn until Dec  1915; Royal Engineers until end of War. Served France, Flanders and Italy.
27   2147 Pte Cow, George P  E1 Boddam 1901 Census shows Boddam, George Cow age 4. Mother Jessie. To France 5/12/1915. Disembodied 28/3/1919.
28   2149 Pte Cameron, Simon 9 Erroll St, Peterhead Attested 29/8/1914. Age 22. Carter. (shows "B" Coy). Discharged at Bedford 19/12/1914 "being medically unfit". Signed for overseas service ("D" Coy) at Bedford 25/9/1914.
29   1442 Pte Davidson, Sydney Arthur 29 High St Turriff Apprentice Draper. Territorial since 1912. (WBT p.51) Killed in action at High Wood 31 July 1916.Age 20. Third son of Alexander and Mary J. Davidson 123 Urquhart Rd., Aberdeen.  (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
30   2100 Pte Connon, Robert Cassie Knockies Lane, Turriff Farm Servant. Served 10/8/1914 - 1/12/1914. Discharged as medically unfit. (WBT p. 47). Attested at Turriff 10/8/1914. Age 18. Discharged medically unfit at Bedford 30/11/1914. Mother: Mrs George Connon 1 Knock Lane. (WO364)
31   2102 Pte Alexander, George Inverhernie, Auchterless Farm Servant. Served 1914-1919. (240426)
32   2097 Pte Cassie, Alexander None given Farm-Servant. Wounded at Festubert, Aubers  16/6/15; near Albert 1/1/16; Chemical Works, Arras 8/4/16; gassed at Battle of Marne, Busancuy, July 1918.(WBT p.45). Scotsman 6/7/1916- casualty list- Fyvie, Pte Alex Cassie, son of Mr Alex Cassie, Backhill of Gight, has been wounded in the knee with shrapnel, and is in Norfolk War Hospital, Norwich, where he is improving.
Disembodied 2/3/1919
33   1489 Pte Gillespie, Alexander Gladstone Tce, Turriff Tailor. Served 4/8/1914 - 25/3/1919. Wounded 30/7/16 and in bombing raid upon enemy at Armentieres 25/9/16. (WBT p.64). To France 2/5/1915. Labour Corps 262048. Discharged 28/3/1919. (MiC)

34   1456 Pte Grant, G 31 Fife St, Turriff  
35   1542 Pte Grant, James Brigend, Forglen, Turriff Baker. Served from 5/8/1914. Sergt (Bomber). Killed while bombing a German sniper on Vimy Ridge 9/4/1917. (ARRAS MEMORIAL) (240167) Service returns show age 21.

36   1335 Pte Gray, Henry Cuminestown  WBT p. 203 shows:Farmer's son. Wounded . WO364 shows: Attested 11/4/1911 aged 17. Apprentice mechanic.  Sick July to Oct 1915. Discharged 12/4/1916 Termination of engagement KR392 (XV). In "C" Coy. Capt Lyall Officer Commanding. Address in 1920 Corsehill Croft Newmachar. Father - George.
37   1500 Pte Hay, George Andrew Dunlugas, Turriff

Joiner. Served 4/8/1914 to 17/2/1919. Twice wounded - High Wood and in attack on Cambrai front 21/11/1917. Discharged 17/2/1919. (WBT p.145) MiC shows - To France 2/5/1915. Disembodied 17/2/1919. (240152)

38   1655 Pte Ledingham, John Fintray, Turriff Farmer. Served with 5th Bn until 29/11/15. Later 4th Bn and 2nd Bn. Enlisted 1913. Commissioned from ranks 27 March 1917. (WBT p.76) MiC shows To France 2/5/1915. Commissioned to 4th Bn 27/3/1917.
39   2035 Pte Ledingham, Andrew 16 Duke St, Huntly WBT p.76. Watchmaker. Wounded Mametz Wood.  Commissioned from ranks12/9/17. Missing presumed killed 22/3/18 (4th Bn) (ARRAS MEMORIAL)  MiC shows to France 2/5/1915. Father A.F. Ledingham 234 King St Aberdeen applied for late son's medals 30/3/1921.

40   1490 Pte Lovie, Thomas Bonnykelly Croft, New Deer WBT p. 206. Farm Servant at Monquhiller. Killed in action at High Wood. 31 July 1916. Born New Deer abt 1895. Son of Alexander (farm servant) and Mary Lovie.

41   1443 Pte McKenzie, Frank Alexander 22 Castlehill, Turriff Saddler.  Enlisted TF 22/2/1912. Served  4/8/1914 to 4/3/1919.
42   1651 Pte McLeod, Harvey (Harry) Burnside, Fishererie Farm Servant. Served 4/8/1914 - 17/10/1917  240213. Born abt 1895. Father William McLeod (ploughman)
43   1652 Pte McLeod, Albert Burnside, Fishererie Farm Servant. Served 4/8/1914. Transferred to 1st Gordons. 240214. Born abt1897. Father William McLeod (ploughman)

44   1310 Pte McRae,  Robert A Woodhead, Fyvie (WBT p.246) Baker. Discharged 23/3/16 as time-expired Territorial. Rejoined and served until end of War. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant (5th Bn 18/12/1917.) To France 2/5/1915.

45   2151 Pte McGregor, Donald 79 King St, Peterhead Wounded 26th March 1916. MiC shows Demobilised - no date. (Served various Regs.)
46   2180 Pte McGregor, Robert L Newmachar Wounded 1.Buchan  Obs 14/11/1916- Mintlaw - Sgt McGregor, 5th GH who appeared among the list of wounded in the recent fighting is a native of Newmachar, and previous to the war acted as foreman at the Abbey Gardens, Pitfour.
Wounded 2. Scotsman casualty list 2/11/1917 - wounded (New Machar) 240460. Disembodied 6/5/1919

47   1453 Pte Milne, Andrew 1 Gaul St Turriff Skilled Worker (Agriculture) Invalided home from France Nov 1915. Died Stobhill Hospital Glasgow 23/2/18. Buried Turriff Cemetery. Age 24. Son of Isabella Milne, 52 Fife St Turriff.
48   1460 Pte Milne, James Kemp Mill of Petty, Fyvie Motor Driver. Wounded twice and gassed. Disembodied 16/3/1919 (WBT p.248) War Diary shows Wounded 28/7/16.

49   1570 Pte Mitchell, James 20 Shillenhill, Portsoy No record of this number. Possibly same as WBT entry: (Turriff) Farm servant. 5th Gordons 4th Aug 1914 - 1st Feb 1919. Served Scotland and England 4 Aug 1914 -  4th May 1915 and France May 1915 - 31st Jan 1919. Wounded with shrapnel in both legs on the Soissons front during the German offensive April 1918. (p.90)
50   2160 Pte Milton, James A Burnhaven, Peterhead Scotsman 13/9/1915 casualty list wounded. (Burnhaven)  To France 2/5/1915. Disembodied 2/4/1919.
51   1468 Pte Morrison, George Mains of Fyvie, Fyvie WO364 Attested. 25/3/1912 age 17. Shoemaker. Discharged at Greenock 8/3/1916 KR  Para 392 (XVI) No longer fit. (pleurisy) In hospital Stobhill Glasgow.  Father George Morrison Lawrence Cottage Fyvie. War Book of Turriff (Fyvie) p.250.
52   1469 Pte Morrison, William J 3 Colbert St, Portsoy Wounded March 1916. To France 2/5/1915. MCG 67621 (SGT)
53   1645 Pte Morrison, Forbes Carnousie, Forglen (Or Murison) 240210 .Wounded 11/9/15 - Bullet wound in left shoulder. Later Pay Corps. MiC shows Disembodied but no date given.
54   1654 Pte Norrie, Thomas Andrew Cairnhill, Monquhitter Farm Worker. Discharged at Bedford as being medically unfit for military service, September 1914. (WBT p.209)
55   1321 Pte Rose, Robert Park
Woodhead, Fyvie Shoemaker. Served from 4/8/1914. Twice wounded at Arras 1917. Died at home as a result  of wounds 14/11/1918. (WBT p.253) Buch. Ob. 29/5/1917 (Fyvie) : Wounded - Son of Mr W. Rose, Upper Bairnsdale.
Death certificate shows died of pneumonia following influenza 13/11/1918.
Age 24. Son of William and Christina Rose (ms Park). (FYVIE PARISH CHURCHYARD).
56   1337 Pte Scott, James B Teucher, Monquhitter Baker. Time expired and re-enlisted in course of the War. (WBT p.211). WO364: Attested 11/4/1911 at Turriff. Age 17. Apprentice baker. To France 2/5/1915. Discharged Peterhead 10/4/1916 (Time expired para 392 XV) Father- Charles Scott, Kirkton of Teucher

57   1548 Pte Sharp, George Windyhill, Fyvie Farm Servant. 4/8/1914-22/3/1919. Wounded by gunfire at Armentieres 6/9/16. Invalided to hospital with diptheria 23/3/1918. Served as transport driver. Territorial from 6/1/1913. (WBT p.254)
58   2098 Pte Smith, William 22 Chapel St, Turriff  MiC shows a William Smith GH, 2098. Later Labour Corps 262131. To France 19/2/1915. Discharged 22/11/1917. (Also WO364)
59   2156 Pte Taylor, Thomas W 9 Pool Lane, Peterhead (Miscellaneous Articles) Killed in action 11/4/1917
60   1662 Pte Wilson, Restin Muiroak, Turriff Farm servant.  Transferred to Tank Corp. (WBT p.196)
61   2148 Pte Watt, Robert Gordon Grant Cairntrodlie, Peterhead Born Clatt Aberdeenshire. Died of wounds 15/5/1916. Age 21. Ward of Mrs. J. Milner, of 7, Lily Terrace, West Rd., Peterhead (AUBIGNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION)
62   1663 Pte Milne, Robert Walker The Wynd, Turriff Baker.  Wounded in German Offensive 12/4/18 and died at 51st CCS on 13/4/18. (WBT p.88)  Age 22. "C" Coy. Son of James and Isabella Milne, The Wynd Turriff (AIR COMMUNAL CEMETERY)
63   1670 Pte Milne, John  Danshillock, King Edward (Brother of 2033 George Milne) Apprentice Carpenter. Wounded in trenches 13/8/15. Died at Corbie as a result of wounds at La Boisselle 16/8/15. Age 19. Son of George and Mary Milne of Danshillock, King Edward. (CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERY)
64   2133 Pte McAndrew, John The Cottages, Fyvie Gardener. POW in Germany after big offensive in March 1918. (WBT p.245).  Buch. Ob. 30/4/1918. Intimation reached Fyvie on Thursday in the shape of a post card from Cassel, Germany, that Pte John McAndrew is a prisoner of war.  (240438) (Photo)

65   2092 Pte McRobbie, Alexander Inverurie To France 2/5/1915. Killed in action  13/11/16. L.Cpl. Born Cushnie. Brother of Mrs. M. McWilliam, of Benackie Cottages, Braes, Pitcaple, Aberdeen. (MAILLY WOOD CEMETERY). Previously wounded. Scotsman 22/7/1915. 2092, A. McRobbie. 7 Mill Rd Port Elphinstone - gunshot wound - severe.
66   1664 Pte Robertson, Alexander Leslie 38a Fife St, Turriff Baker. Reported missing and presumed killed March 1918. (WBT p.102) [CWGC shows died between 21/3/18 and 2/4/1918.] (POZIERS MEMORIAL) 240220
67   1665 Pte Dickie, John Alexander 53 Balmellie St, Turriff Postman. Served in France with G.H. until 20/11/16. Wounded at Beaumont Hamel 1916 and Peronne 1/10/18. With Royal Highlanders from 1/8/17. Commissioned from ranks.  1/8/1917. (WBT p.52) Address on MiC 59 Balmellie Street.
68   1666 Pte Rennie, John Balmellie Croft, Turriff

Carter. Balmellie Croft, Turriff.  5th Gordon Highlanders, 4th August 1914. Sergeant. Wounded and taken prisoner at St Quentin, 21st March 1918. (WBT p.100) Disembodied 6/4/1919. From Elphinston Kist web site: Balmellie Farm & Thereaboots  by Mrs Rennie." I wis born at Darnabo. Im a Reid... We were aa born there, the hale eicht os and I wis the youngest een . My auldest brither, Willie, wis killed aside my husband John here, at High Wood . It wisna till we were coortin that we kent that, fin I showed John a photograph o him. He said, Oh bit I ken this lad - he wis killed aside me fin we gid over the top at High Wood ! John Rennie wis in the Turriff Terriers and mustered the day o the Turriff Show 1914 for the Great War."
(William Reid 2774 Killed 31/7/1916).



69   1667 Pte Anderson, Charles John Church Tce, Turriff Apprentice Butcher. Twice wounded, May 1916 and April 1917.  Was 17 years old at outbreak of War. Killed near Zillebeke 4/10/1917 (2nd Bn). (WBT p. 36)
70   1668 Pte Coull, George Watt Brigend, King Edward Wounded 26/8/16 Apprentice Blacksmith. Transferred to 1st Bn. Stationed at Cologne after Armistice. Once wounded and gassed slightly. (WBT. p.125) War Diary shows slightly wounded 26/8/1916.  Disembodied 7/4/1919

71   1692 Pte Riddell, James Parkburn Cottage, Fyvie Farm Servant. Served in England for 9 months (Bedford). Discharged 23/4/1915 as unfit for active service after having had measles. (WBT p.252) Attested 15/12/1913 age 18. Later address: Blackbog Rothienorman.
72   1702 Pte Rodger, James Plaidy, Turriff

Insurance Agent. Discharged owing to ill health. No date given. WO364 Attested Turriff 8/1/1914. Age 17. Labourer. Born Kirkcaldy. Discharged Blairgowrie 31/12/1915. para 392 (XVI) KR. Address 1916 - Skeen House Croft Turriff.

73   1712 Pte Gaul, John (or Gaull) Whiterashes, Turriff Farmer. Mobilised 6/8/14. Wounded 31/7/16 at High Wood. Also took part in Battle of Vimy. (WBT p. 63)  SWB. Discharged 11/3/1919
74   1725 Pte Clark, Douglas Charles Greig Hillend, Fyvie Roof Slater. (WBT p.237) To France 2/5/1915. Disembodied 8/2/1919.
75   1726 Pte Gordon, Lockhart Brown Greenmyre, Fyvie Estate worker at Fyvie Castle. Joined Territorials 1913. Served in France from 1/8/1916. Died at the Tabernacle Hospital, Southport on 29/10/16 as a result of wounds received at the Somme on 8th Sept. 1916. (WBT p.242) Age 18. (Born at Fyvie 25/3/1898). Son of Mrs Ward. Grandson of Mrs Brown, Greenmyres.(FYVIE CHURCHYARD)
76   1727 Pte Forbes, William Balquhindochy, Turriff Scotsman 21/5/1917  casualty list wounded 240253 (Turriff).  Labour Corps 643858. MiC shows - To France 21/8/1915
77   1763 Pte Connon, Albert Balquhindochy, Turriff Farm Servant. Wounded at Ypres 31/7/1917. Took part in battles of Beaumont Hamel, Arras and a few counter attacks. (WBT p.47) Disembodied 22/3/1919.
78   1764 Pte Finnie, James Upper Burnside, Turriff Farm servant. 5th Gordons 4/8/1914 - Sept 1017 and March 1918 to 28/2/1919.  Signaller. Joined 28/2/1914. (WBT p.201)  240271. Brother of William.

79   2031 Pte Alexander, Edward Lyon The Wynd, Turriff Tailor. Wounded. 1915 Star. (WBT p.35) Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 47662  and Labour Corps.

80   2034 Pte Angus, David Pretoria Cottage, Turriff WBT p38 and WO364.  Enlisted 4/8/1914. Age 18.  Tailor with Mr Esslemont, Main St Turriff. Signed for foreign service 25/9/1914 at Bedford. Discharged as medically unfit at Bedford 20/11/1914.  Father Walter Angus.
Re-enlister Royal Field Artillery as a driver. Invalided home from Salonika 21/2/1918. .

81   2036 Pte Elrick, William Overbrae, Fisherie, Turriff Cycle mechanic. Served 4/8/14-10/2/1919. (Brother John Bell Elrick 2358 killed 30/7/16) (WBT p.189)
82   2038 Pte Swanson, William 5 Knockies Lane, Turriff Apprentice Tailor. With 5th Gordons. 4/8/14-July 1916. Then 2nd Gordons. Killed at Givenchy 5/9/16. (WBT p.112)
83   2056 Pte Geddes, James Denhead, Fyvie Buch. Ob. 23/4/1918. Missing since 21st March and believed to be a POW. He was in the employment of Mr Ross, baker, Rothienorman and lived with Mr Peter Wright, Denhead. (Fyvie) 
Buch. Ob. 30/4/1918. Intimation reached Fyvie on Thursday in the shape of a post card from Cassel, Germany, that Pte James Geddes is a prisoner of war. 
Disembodied 13/3/1919.
84   2088 Pte Finnie, William Upper Burnside, Idoch Apprentice joiner. 5th Bn from Aug 1914 - June 1915. Military Mounted Police June 1915-July 1916. Served in France 1st and 7th Bns from July 1916. Wounded at Cambrai. Died at No 1 Australian General Hospital, Belgium13/8/1918 as a result of wounds received at Rheims Forest 28/7/18 (7th Bn) (WBT p.202)
85   2152 Pte Smith, Benjamin 22 Chapel St, Idoch Farm Servant. Served Aug 1914  - Jan 1918. Then King's African Rifles to 1919. Wounded in trenches near Albert 25/11/1915; Beaumont Hamel 1916 and in trenches at Chemical Works 25/5/17. One of 2000 Warrant and NCOs sent to East Africa (WBT p.109)  Disembodied 3/7/1919

86   2107 Pte Garden, Alexander Hillside, Greeness, Idoch Farm servant. 5th Gordons. Served Scotland 1914; England 1914-1916; France 1916-18; Germany 1918-1919. Shellshock twice. (WBT p.202)

87   2129 Pte Fraser, Charles Parkburn, Fyvie Assistant Forester. Born  Banchory Kincardineshire. Enlisted 22/8/1914. Reported missing and presumed killed 30/7/1916 (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Born abt 1896. Son of Archibald Fraser (foreman forester) and wife Annie. Address 1901 Lower Den Lodge, Fyvie. (WBT p.240)  (Photo)
88   2136 Pte Paterson, William Brigend, Cruden  Scotsman Newspaper - casualty lists - wounded -"Paterson, 240440, W (Cruden".SWB. Discharged  5/2/1918
89   2099 Pte Taylor, Alexander Drachlaw, Turriff  (240425) Disembodied 20/3/1919
90   2154 Pte Proctor, William Lily Tce, Peterhead  Wounded 1918. Buchan Observer 23/4/1918:He is the youngest son of Mrs Proctor, 14 Lily Tce., Peterhead.  He was with Messrs James Reid & Sons, carters, Peterhead.  To France 2/5/1915. Disembodied 23/3/1919. (MiC)

91   2157 Pte Webster, James Forbes 79 King St, Peterhead Enlisted 31/8/1914. Age 40. Born Old Deer. Engine Driver. Served Home. Trans to Royal Scots Fus. Disembodied 2/4/1919. Married. 
92   2160 Pte Shearer, F Atholhill, Uday  
93   1338 L.Cpl Stephen, James Moss-side, Monquhitter Farm Servant.Served in France.  Discharged as medically unfit for military service. (WBT p.213) WO364: Attested 1/4/1911 at Turriff. Age 17. Grocer. To France 2/5/1915. Demobilized on compasionate grounds to work on father's farm at Moss side 11/2/1916 to 10/4/1916. Discharged Termination of engagement 11/4/1916.

94   1033 Pte Black, Stanley Forsyth Beaconsfield Tce, Turriff Plasterer. Wounded in trenches Armentieres 21/9/16. Served in France 2nd May 1915 to 19/4/1919.  (WBT p.41) MiC shows RASC/Gordons. SWB. Discharged - no date.
95   2150 Pte Davidson, John 41 Windmill St, Peterhead  Mother Isabella Davidson (Willox). Brother of William Buchan Davidson (died 11/7/1915) and Sgt James Willow (killed 25/7/1917).  Disembodied 1/4/1919

96   2184 Pte Gibson, James Brucklay Died of wounds 7/7/1915. Born Savoch 1895. (MERVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY )
Medals to mother: Mrs J. McRae Mosslip, Rathen 2/9/1920

97   2192 Pte Will, Frederick 41 Manse St, Peterhead  240474. SWB. Address on MiC: 7 Northgate St Anfield Liverpool.
98   2201 Pte Bruce, James 14 North St, Fraserburgh Transferred to Scottish Rifles.MiC shows Disembodied - no date.
99   2199 Pte Fraser, Charles Saltoun Place, Fraserburgh Later commissioned into Manchester Regiment (27/6/1917).Address on MiC 39 Charlotte St Fraserburgh. Mentioned in book "The Gallant Gordons" pp.33-35.
100   2200 Pte Burnett, Gavin 64 Cross St, Fraserburgh (War Diary - wounded 25/6/1917) Scotsman 30/7/1917 casualty lists - wounded  (Fraserburgh). Buch. Ob. 9/7/1918. Prisoner of war. He is a son of Mr John Burnett, cooper, 31 Mid St., Fraserburgh. He was a slater with Mr James Reid.  Discharged to Class Z 5/3/1919

101   2198 Pte Will, George Bogtama, Turriff Farm servant. Killed in France 20/8/1915 (WBT p.231)  Born Turriff. Enlisted Fraserburgh. (BECOURT MILITARY CEMETERY, BECORDEL-BECOURT )  (Will at NAS)

102   2187 Pte McIntosh, Thomas 10 Back St, Peterhead  
103   2204 Pte May, James.Stephen 6 King Edward St, Fraserburgh Post Office clerk. Born 1896, son of William May (fishcurer) and Joan May. Awared MM for action at High Wood and bar to MM at Beaumont Hamel. Wounded July 1917 and leg amputated.
104   2205 Pte Shepherd, James Charlotte St, Peterhead Died of wounds 1/9/1915. Age 21. Son of Henry and Margaret Shepherd, of Perth; husband of Charlotte Shepherd, of 9, Albert St., Fraserburgh. Native of Perth. (ETAPLES) (Will at NAS)
105   2209 Pte Milne, John Harry 82 Moss St, Keith  
106   2179 Pte Smith, John Gordon Pitfour, Mintlaw Transferred to MGC. Killed in action 24/4/1917. Age 25. Son of William Smith, of Castle St., Fochabers. Born Enzie Buckie Banff. 

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