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5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Details of men discharged early (From WO364)

In 2007 The National Archives released the first group of digitised records from series WO364.  This series is usually claimed to be records of men who received a War Pension. This is not the case and a very high proportion of the files relate to men who did not have pension qualification. Many files relate to men who's Army service covered only a few weeks or months and were discharged under King's Regulations 392 (III) as "unlikely to become an efficient soldier" or (XVI) "No longer physically fit for service" or under the similar Territorial Force Regulation 156 (II). This often related to a prior condition that did not result in a pension. As can be seen in the records below, even "time expired" men are included.

The men listed below were all members of the 5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders. Those names in blue represent men mentioned as volunteers for overseas service on the 1914 Roll and explains why some did not go overseas..

Name                       Number Enlisted Discharged  Notes
Addison, Charles   2111 12/8/1914   20/2/1915  Age on enlistment 30. Address: 63 Charlotte St Fraserburgh.  Next of Kin - Father, Charles. Signed for foreign service 18/5/1914 at Bedford. Discharged at Perth: PARA 392 XVI KR "No longer physically fit for service"
Aitken, John  1811 4/4/1914 2/10/1914  Age on enlistment 17. Address Belhelvie. Enlisted Methlick. Farm servant with Miss Simmers Old Townley Farm.  Discharged Perth. Reason: PARA 156 (II) TF Regs "Being medically unfit" 
Anderson, George  1224 24/8/1910 30/9/1915  Age on enlistment 17. Address Minty Cottage, Fife St., Turriff. Father Peter Anderson 8 Balmellie St Turriff. Apprentice painter employed by Mr James Watson 38 High St. Signed for foreign service at Bedford 25/9/1914.  Served France 2/5/1914 - 23/9/1915.  Hospitalised for influenza 24/7/1915 (1/3 Highland Field Ambulance. Later transferred to hospital) Rank on discharge - Serg. "C" Coy.Termination of engagement (Probably under PARA 392 XXI KR "On termination of engagement" 
 Anderson, Robert 1988  5/8/1914   24/10/1914 Age on enlistment 28.  Address: 11 Caroline Place Fraserburgh. Occupation: Engineer. Father Andrew. Discharged at Perth. PARA 156 (II) TF Regs "Being medically unfit" 
 Angus, David  2034 5/8/1914   20/11/1914 

Age on enlistment 18.  Address: Water Lane Turriff. Father Walter Angus. Occupation: Tailor with Mr Esslemont, Main St Turriff. Signed for foreign service 25/9/1914 at Bedford. Discharged PARA 156 (II)TF Regs."Being  medically unfit". (Later enlisted in RFA)

 Annand, Robert 1463 12/3/1912   20/11/1914  Age on enlistment 17. Address: Backhill Braikley Tarves. Occupation: Grocer's assist. Employed by George Jackson Old Meldrum. Discharged at Perth. Reason: PARA 156 (II) TF Regs "Medically unfit"
Baille, Cumine  694  5/4/1909 25/9/1915  Age on enlistment 25. Address: 54 High St Fraserburgh. Occupation: Engineer. Formerly in 3rd VB. Discharged due to deafness. Rank Serg. .Discharged: PARA 392 (XVI) KR. "No longer physically fit for service" 
 Barclay, Charles 2001 7/8/1914  2/10/1914  Age on enlistment 17. Address: Tarves. Occupation: Farm servant. . Father: Charles Barclay, Haddo, Methlick. Signed for  Foreign Service 18/9/1914 at Bedford. Discharged at Perth. Reason: PARA 393 (XVI) KR.  "No longer physically fit for service" 
Barrack, Geoge Cruickshank 1769  27/2/1914 11/3/1914  Age on enlistment: 21. Father: John Barrack, Methlick.    Discharged Bedford; PARA 392 (XVI) KR. "No longer physically fit for service" 
Barron, David 1382  30/10/1911 1 5/1/1915
Age on enlistment:  . Address:  76 High St Fraserburgh. Occupation: Cooper's apprentice.  Had 3 charges against him while at Bedford. Signed for foreign service 18/9/1914 at Bedford. Discharged: PARA 156 (II) TF Regs "Being medically unfit"
Birnie, Charles   3564 22/11/1915 22/4/1916.  Age on enlistment; 38. Address: 3 Low st., New Pitsligo.  Next of Kin (sister) Miss Helen Birnie 3 Low St., New Pitsligo. Discharged 392 (III)  (cc)KR. "Recruit with more than three months of enlistment considered unfit for service".  
  Birnie, John   1970  5/8/1914   8/12/1914  Age on enlistment: 20. Address: 59 High St, Fraserburgh. Occupation: Labourer.  Formerly in 3rd Bn. GH. Next of kin Mrs Rosie Bothwick or Birnie 59 High St. Character shown as "Bad". Fined on two occasions at Bedford. Discharged: PARA 156 (II) TF Regs "Being medically unfit"  
  Brown, James   1132 17/3/1910   19/12/1914  Age on enlistment: 17. Address: 20 Mis Dt. Fraserburgh. Occupation: Cooper's labourer. Time expired March 1914. Re-signed after completion of 4 years' service on 17/3/1914. Signed for foreign service 21/9/1914.  Discharged "medical unfit".
  Bruce, George 1466   21/3/1912  25/9/1917 Age on enlistment 18.  Born 1894.  Address 14 Landale Rd . Served with BEF 2/5/1915-13/1/1916. Then farm furlough to assist Wm Bruce 17 Windmill St. Served BEF 12/6/1917 - 1/9/1917. Home 3/9/1917-25/9/1917. Discharged unfit (cataracts).
  Buchan, Alexander 2116 17/8/1914  19/11/1914 Age on enlistment: 17. Address: 15 Auldmanythie St Peterhead. Father: William Buchan 10 Almanythenie Rd. Occupation: Plasterer with William Shand, 15 Almanythenie Rd   Signed for Foreign Service at Bedford 24/9/1914. Discharged at Bedford.   PARA 156 (II) TF Regs "medically unfit".
  Buchan, Andrew 2471 27/10/1914  30/4/1915   Address: 10 Skelton St. Buchanhaven. Father: Arthur Buchan. Discharged at Aberdeen PARA 392 (XVI) KR.
  Buchan, Arthur 2231 19/4/1914  26/2/1915  Age on enlistment:  28. Address: Shore St Sandhaven. Wife: Mrs Arthur Buchan. Promoted to L/C 13/10/1914. Reverted to PTE 26/10/1914. Discharged Peterhead : PARA 392 (XVI) KR. (Suffered tubercular disease of left lung.) 
  Buchan, James 2469  27/10/1914   4/11/1915  Age on enlistment: 17. Address 34 High St Buchanhaven. Father: Alexander Buchan 34 High St. Discharged at Greenock "in consequence of being re-enlisted into the Royal Naval Reserve - Trawler Section".
  Buchan, John 2945  18/1/1915  10/9/1915  Declared age on enlistment: 17. Address: Bayfield Cottage, South Rd. Peterhead. Mother: Jane Buchan.  Occupation: Cooper. Discharged: PARA 392 (VI)(a)KR.  :  "Soldier under 17 years of age at date of application for discharge". (Born Oct 30/10/1897. Would have turned 18 in October 1915)
  Burnett, Alexander   1334 11/4/1911   1/12/1914 Age on enlistment 17.Address Cumieston.  Absent at mobilisation 6/8/1914. Arrested at Bedford 4.9/1914. Discharged PARA 156 (XI) TF Regs (medically unfit)

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