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The Commemoration of the Fallen
Of the 47 men of the district, 22 were Gordon Highlanders:
Name                                      Rank & Number  Details of death   Date  Notes                    
Moir, George Andrew Christie Captain  Killed in action  7/4/1917 

Age 29 (born 17/12 1887)  Son of George and Mary Christie Moir; husband of Mary Moir, of 130, Blenheim Place, Aberdeen. Of Methlick. (MAROEUIL BRITISH CEMETERY) Married 19/4/1915. One child, George Lumsden Moir, born 25/3/1917. Occupation: Architect with Mr Arthur Clyne, Aberdeen. The War Diary 7th April 1917 shows that at about 9.30 pm the town of Maroeuil was shelled by a high velocity gun. A direct hit was made on one of the officers' huts resulting in the deaths or  injuries of eight officers, including Capt Moir.

Gray, George Sgt
 Killed in action  22/9/1916   Age 18. Son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Gray of "Andet,'' Methlick. Commemorated on Methlick War Memorial.(CITE BONJEAN MILITARY CEMETERY, ARMENTIERES) ( His Soldiers'Will is at NAS)
Leask, Alexander C Sgt
 Killed in action   21/3/1918 Born abt 1895 Fyvie. Enlisted Peterhead. Son of Elsie and John Leask, farmer, Belnagoak Methlick. Previously wounded 9/4/1917. (POZIERS MEMORIAL) 
Burr, Herbert William Cpl
 Killed in action  24/7/1916  Age 19. Son of James and Annie (Chalmers) Burr, of Rowan Lea, Methlick. (FLATIRON COPSE CEMETERY, MAMETZ)   See Additional information

Mutch, Alexander C

Died (Drowned)   9/8/1917 Drowned while Battalion was out of the line. Brother of Cissy Mutch 199 Holbourn St Aberdeen.  (MINDEL TRENCH BRITISH CEMETERY, ST. LAURENT-BLANGY)  (Will at NAS.)    

Burr, Andrew F

Killed in action  21/3/1918  Age 23. Son of James I Burr, Coriecram, Auchnagatt & the late I. Burr. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)    (Will at NAS).
Shepherd, Charles S  L.Cpl
Killed in action  31/7/1916  Postman. Born abt. 1883. Methlick, son of Alexander Shepherd , farmer, and Isobel.Enlisted Methlick. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL )  
Barclay, William M Pte
Killed in action   5/7/1915 Born and enlisted in Methlick. Son of Charles and Lizzie Barclay, of Haddo Methlick. (AUBERS RIDGE BRITISH CEMETERY, AUBERS). Scotsman 12/7/1915 - casualty lists - Son of Charles Barclay, Haddo was killed in France on 5th July, having been shot by a sniper.
Burr, George Pte
 Killed in action  23/4/1917  4th Bn : Age 24. Son of James and Annie Burr; husband of Elizabeth Chalmers Burr, of 60, Cross St., Fraserburgh. Brother of Herbert William Burr.  (BROWN'S COPSE CEMETERY, ROEUX) See Additional information
Duncan, John  Pte
Killed in action  26/3/1918  7th Bn : (Originally 5th Bn) b. Methlick. e. Peterhead (ARRAS MEMORIAL) 
Forsyth, John Pte
Killed in action  11/4/1918  6th Bn : Born Methlick 26/4/1898. Son of Simon Forsyth, shepherd, and Annie Brown, Methlick.  (LOOS MEMORIAL)  (Will at NAS)
Gordon, Alexander William S/24148  Died (Home)   6/7/1918 4th (Res) Bn Age 20. Born Middlemuir, Methlick 25/1/1898. Son of James Gordon, farmer, and Elizabeth Chalmers. Died of pneumonia at Leith War Hospital (METHLICK CEMETERY) 
Gray, Peter Pte
Died of wounds  12/12/1917 

1st Bn b. . Born abt 1897, Methlick. Son of George Gray, mason, and May Gray (Barrack), Methlick. Enlisted Aberdeen. (ACHIET-LE-GRAND COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION). Brother of William & Thomas 

Gray, Thomas Pte
Killed in action  25/9/1915  2nd Bn. Born abt 1895, Methlick. Son of George Gray, mason, and May Gray,  Methlick (LOOS MEMORIAL)   Bother of William & Peter.  
Gray William B Pte
Killed in action  20/2/1915  1st Bn. . Born abt 1894, Methlick. Son of George Gray, mason and May Gray, Methlick. Enlisted Aberdeen (VOORMEZEELE ENCLOSURE No.3)
 Brother of Thomas & Peter.  
Ironside, James Pte
Killed in action  4/10/1917  2nd Bn. , b Tarves, Aberdeenshire. e. Aberdeen (BUTTES NEW BRITISH CEMETERY, POLYGON WOOD)
Leith, John Pte
Killed in action  13/11/1916 

Son of William and Jane (Cheyne) Leith,  Middlethird Methlick. (Y RAVINE CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMEL) b. Methlick (Will at NAS) Previously wounded. Scotsman 9/9/1916- casualty lists. 

Middleton, George Pte
Killed in action  1/6/1917  7th Bn (Originally 5th Bn). Born Fyvie 7/4/1897. Son of Alexander Middleton, farm servant, and Mary Duncan.  Enlisted Peterhead (MINDEL TRENCH BRITISH CEMETERY, ST. LAURENT-BLANGY)   (Will at NAS) Buchan Observer 19/6/1917:  Mr & Mrs Alexander Middleton, Haddo, Methlick, have received intimation that their second son, Pte George Middleton has neen killed in action. Previous to joining the army he was employed at farm work in the Auchterless district.
Murray, Alexander Pte
Killed in action  20/4/1917  9th Bn Age 29.  Son of Alexander and Elsie Murray, of Methlick (WANCOURT BRITISH CEMETERY)  Buchan Observer 1/5/1917. Mr John Murray, Collynie, Methlick, has received intimation that his nephew has been killed in action. Prior to enlisting, Pte Murray was employed in Aberdeen.
Taylor, James William Pte
Died of wounds   12/4/1918 Age 26. The second son of of William and Sarah Taylor, of Hillbrae, Methlick (AIRE COMMUNAL CEMETERY) (Will at NAS) 
Webster, David Alexander Pte
Killed in action  13/11/1916  Age 24. Born Methlick 13 Jan 1892 . Son of Gordon and Margaret Webster, of Kelly, Methlick. (Y RAVINE CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMEL.) See Additional information.
Will, Norman Charles Pte
Killed in action  31/7/1917   Born 30/3/1898. Son of Charles Will, master shoemaker, and Mary Hood, of Rose Cottage Methlick. (YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL) Previously wounded 31st July 1916. 

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