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1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders
Nominal Roll of Officers 1914-1918
Part 2 (1917)
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With a few exceptions the names are listed in the order in which the officer joined the battalion
 Name   Rank Date of Dis-
Date of joining
/ rejoining unit 
Date of leaving unit  Cause of               leaving   Additional notes 
Smith, James William  2/Lieut   5/1/1917 18/9/1917  21/3/1918  Missing  Originally Sgt 355 7th Gordons.  Commissioned 7th BAttalion. Died 21/3/1918, age 23. Next of Kin, mother: Mrs Catherine Smith Parkfield Rd, Lerwick and later 127 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh 
Davidson,  William                           2/Lieut  6/1/1917  10/1/1917  17/1/1918  To UK. Tank Corps  Originally Pte 3466 GH. To France 1/5/1915.  Commissioned 3/10/1916. Address:Garguston, Muir of Ord, Ross-Shire. MC. 
Emslie, Alexander  2/Lieut  6/1/1917  10/1/1917  16/5/1917  Killed in action  Age 28. Son of Jane Emslie, of 235 Westburn Rd., Aberdeen, and the late Alexander Emslie, of Keith, Banflshire. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)   6th Bn. attd. 1st/5th Bn. 
Hall, Herbert John  2/Lieut          Age 31 Son of James and Jane Hall, of North Kirkton St. Fergus. (MAROEUIL BRITISH CEMETERY)  Scotsman 18/4/1917 casualty list - "2nd Lt H.J. Hall (St Fergus) was the only son of Mrs Hall, North Kirkton, St Fergus. He joined the Forces as a private in Dec 1914 and after a short period of service in that capacity was appointed Quartermaster. He received his commission in September 1916. He was 30 years of age." Sister Florence applies for his medals 18/1/19122. 
Milne, David John        7/4/1917  Killed in action  Originally L/Cpl 1413 GH. To France 19/2/1915. Commissioned 4/8/1916. Address: 98 Powis Place, Aberdeen.
Peter, Thomas Lieutenant  6/1/1917  10/1/1917  27/11/1917  To Labour Corps Address: HM Prison Peterhead. Originally CQMS. Commissioned 19/6/1915. Mentioned in book Salthouse Remembered by his son Tom Peter. Served with 1st GH on NW Frontier 1890s ( Chitral Medal ), Egypt and South Africa - Peter, T .L/Cpl 4080.  Left Army in 1905 and joined Prison Service. 
Warrack, Thomas Ligertwood  2/Lieut  6/1/1917 



To UK Sick

To UK Wounded 
Record shows enlisted 6/3/1914. Dischaged on Commission - 25/9/1916. Commissioned 26/9/1916. Promoted Lt 26/3/918. War Diary shows wounded 28/7/1918. MC. Seconded to Labour Corps 8/12/1918  and Number 243 PoW Corps. Disembodied 28/10/1919.  Relinquished commission 30/9/21. Convicted of fraud 1924, 1927 and 1928 - imprisoned. Address: 14 Glendower Rd, Waterloo, Nr Liverpool.
McDonald, D S  2/Lieut  8/1/1917  16/1/1917  11/4/1917  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 7/4/1917  
Smellie, Robert McDougall  2/Lieut  8/1/1917  16/1/1917  20/5/1917  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 16/5/1917.  Address Clyde Bank, Bent Rd, Hamilton. Included on Glasgow Univ. Roll of Honour. 
Welsh, Robert  2/Lieut  8/1/1917  16/1/1917  20/5/1917  Sick on leave 

MC Gazette 9/1/1918 & 26/9/1918. . Applied for medals 20/7/19123.Address c/o Messrs Reid and Welsh, Lossiebank Mills, Elgin. 

Riddel, John Dean  2/Lieut  18/1/1917  22/1/1917  17/4/1917  Died from wounds 

War Dairy shows wounded 7/4/1917. Age 23. Eldest son of George Riddell, farmer, and Mary Riddel, of Myngfield, Kininmonth, Longside, Aberdeenshire. Born at Westmains of Nethermuir, New Deer 8/9/1893. Enlisted in the 5th GH in Nov 1915 ; Gazetted 23/11/1916 - 4th Reserve Battalion and posted to the 5th GH. Died at Etaples Military Hospital.  (ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY)  (Also mentioned in DeRuvigny's Roll of Honour p.231)

Duncan, Douglas Napier  2/Lieut  18/1/1917 7/7/1917  26/11/1917  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 20/11/1917. Buchan Obs 27/11/1917: "Mr George Duncan, merchant, Peterhead has been officially notified that his eldest son has been wounded by gunshot in the left arm, which has been broken, and he is now in hospital at Abbeville, France. He enlisted in Sept 1914, in the RAMC and was later transferred to the Gordons with whom he has been at the front for nearly a year." Address: 23 Marishal St.Peterhead  
Kelly, Alexander  Lieutenant  (A/Captain)  18/1/1917   


To UK Wounded 
War Diary shows wounded 16/5/1917. 

POW from 21/3/1918. Repatriated 29/11/1918. Scotsman 29/4/1918. "Capt. A. Kelly, M.C. GH (previously reported missing and now reported a POW and unwounded), is a son of Major W.J.Kelly, secretary Aberdeenshire Territorial Assoc."  (MiC on Ancestry) . Requested medals 14/5/20. Address: Abbotswells, Bridge of Dee, Aberdeen.
Robertson, W S  Lieutenant  18/1/1917    30/1/1918  To UK Sick 
Dean, George Murray  Lieurenant  19/1/1917



Sick on leave 

Killed in action 
Originally Pte 3/5th Bn GH 3683.  Commissioned 16/11/1916

Age 31 Husband of Margaret Dean, of Rowan Cottage, Ellon (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE) Scotsman 21/8/1918: "Killed. Husband of Mrs Dean, Leysland House, Ellon and son of the late Mr Dean, Mill of Leask, Slains, and was in business in South Africa." . Widow, Mrs G.M Dean Rowan Cottage, Ellon. (1922).
 Gilmore, William  Lieutenant  20/4/1917  27/4/1917  1/5/1917  To 7th Gordon H  Army List Dec 1918 shows Captain 4th (Res) Bn. Attached 7th Bn. MC citation Gazette 1/1/1918
Glennie, James O T  2/Lieut  20/4/1917  27/4/1917  18/5/1917  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 16/5/1917 - B Coy.   SWB. Requested medals 5/2/1932. Address: 11 Great North Rs, St Johns Hill, Wanganui NZ.
Moodie, Ralph Wilson  2/Lieut  20/4/1917  1/5/1917  16/5/1917  Killed in action  6th Bn. attd. 1st/5th Bn. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)  Born abt. 1893, West Calder  Midlothian. 1901 census shows son of Henry Moodie, baker, and Margaret Philip. Address Dingwall, Ross & Cromarty.
McCormac (or MacCormac), Meriotte Campbell  2/Lieut  20/4/1917  27/4/1917  16/5/1917  Killed in action  7th Bn attached 1/5th Bn. Age 26. Son of Thomas Campbell MacCormac, and Eliza MacCormac, of 28, St. John's St., York. Went to France Sept., 1914 with 1st Bn. London Scottish. (BROWN'S COPSE CEMETERY, ROEUX) Note: CWGC shows Menotti Campbell MacCormac - 7th Bn GH. MiC shows Pte 2035 14th London R.  To France 15/9/1914. Commissioned 7th GH 4/8/1915. Mrs E W MacCormac 28 St John St, York applies for medals.
McKechnie, D  2/Lieut  20/4/1917  27/4/1917  1/5/1917  To 1/7th Gordon H  Possibly same as Dugald McKechnie, originally 1/7th GH. To France 3/5/1915. Later Capt 1/7th GH. Address: Eastgate, 65 Partickhill Rd Glasgow.
Smart, John  2/Lieut  20/4/1917  27/4/1917  19/5/1917  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 16/5/1917. Address:  55 John St Montrose.

McIntosh, J F  2/Lieut  20/4/1917  2/5/1917  9/5/1917  To 1/4th Gordon H   
Taylor, T W  2/Lieut  13/5/1917  19/5/1917  10/8/1917  To UK Wounded   
Cruden, Albert  2/Lieut  23/5/1917  16/6/1917  21/3/1918  Missing POW  Originally L.Cpl 3341 GH.  To France 12/10/1915. Commissioned 24/1/1917. POW from 21/3/1918. Repatriated 13/12/1918.  Buchan Observer  7/5/1918.  "Albert Cruden, prisoner of war and wounded, son of Mr L. Cruden fishcurer Fraserburgh, was previously reported killed in action. Scotsman 1/5/1918.  Lt Albert Cruden (prisoner and wounded) son of Mr L. Cruden, fishcurer Fraserburgh was previously reported killed in action." MC Gazette 30/1/1920.  On exonerated Officers' list. Address: Saltoun Place, Fraserburgh.  (Mentioned in the memoir of Captain Mort - wounded and being recommended for MC.) 
Douglas, Robert Morrison Wilson  2/Lieut  24/6/1917



To UK Wounded 

Killed in action
Originally: Pte RAMC. First entered war zone (3) 16/3/1915. Dischaged and Commissioned 28/2/1917. Buchan Observer 7/78/1916 - "Lieut R.M. Douglas, G.H. Who has been wounded, is the third son of Mr & Mrs Douglas, 2 St Mary Street, Peterhead. In civil life he was in the employment of Mr Charles Bruce, ironmonger, Chapel Street".
Buchan Observer 9/4/1918. "Official information has been received by Mr & Mrs Alexander Douglas, 2 St Mary Street, Peterhead, of the death of their third son, who was killed in action in France on 29th March last. Lieut Douglas who was 24 years of age, joined the R.A.M.C in September 1914, and went through the Dardanelles campaign. He was afterwards transferred to the Gordon Highlanders and obtained his commission in March 1917. He was wounded at the end of 1917, but after recovery was drafted back to the Front in February last. In civil life Lieut. Douglas was engaged with Mr Charles Bruce, ironmonger, Peterhead." (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
Campbell, J  2/Lieut  29/6/1917  6/7/1917  21/3/1918  Missing POW Commissioned 25/1/1917. Appears on Officer POW list as 4th GH. Repatriated 19/12/1918.
Copland, A D  A/CAptain
29/6/1917  6/7/1917    Still serving   
Kidd, J  2/Lieut  29/6/1917  4/7/1917  6/8/1917  To UK Wounded   
McPhaill, A G  2/Lieut  29/6/1917 (from 1/7 Black Watch)  6/7/1917  21/3/1918  Missing POW  POW from 21/3/1918. Repatriated Dec 1918. Also in War Diary July 1917 - joining Battalion. Medal card shows 4th Bn GH. "On exonerated officers' list"
Neill, D A  2/Lieut  29/6/1917 (from 1/7 Black Watch)  6/7/1917  1/4/1918  Sick on leave   
Ross, Norman W   2/Lieut 29/6/1917 (from 1/t Gordon H)    To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 26/6/1917 '"During one of these daily bombardments of this area a shell burst in the doorway of the HQ dugout of the 5th GH near Turco Farm. Fragments from the backblast of the shell came through the doorway killing 2/Lt A.S. Milne and wounding 4 trench mortar officers..."  Medals claimed by sister Mrs Margaret Dran, Rowan Cottage Ellon.
Allan, J   2/Lieut   7/7/1917 (from 1/7 Black Watch)  8/9/1917  31/3/1918  To UK Sick   
Allan, W M   2/Lieut  7/7/1917 14/7/1917  4/4/1918  To UK Wounded  Commissioned 28/3/1917.  M.C 
Gay, D S   2/Lieut   29/6/1916  6/7/1917  16/9/1917  To UK Wounded   
Maxwell, V M 


29/6/1917  6/7/1917 15/8/1917  To UK Sick 
McDowell, James Douglas  2/Lieut  (from 1/7 Black Watch)  6/7/1917  29/3/1918  To UK Sick  To France 7/10/1916 - 5th Royal Highlanders. (Captain). Address: Dunella, Broughton Ferry. 
Peterkin, Cosmo G Grant  T/Major  (from Scottish Horse)  9/7/1917  12/7/1917  Died from wounds  War Diary shows wounded 11/9/1917. Age 38. Son of J and K Grant-Peterkin. "E" Squad. Scottish Horse, attached 5th Gordons. (DONZINGHEM MILITARY HOSPITAL) Scotsman Sept 1917: "Capt Cosmo G Grant Peterkin, Yeomanry (died of wounds) was the youngest son of the late Mr James Grant-Peterkin of Grange Forres. He was gazetted 2/Lt in August 1914." Medals to brother Lt/Col  M.J. Grant-Peterkin, Grange Hall, Forres.
Mort, James   2/Lieut July 1917  12/7/1917  21/3/1918  Missing POW  Originally Sgt 1499 Gordon H. To France 2/5/1915. Commissioned 1/3/1917. War Diary shows 2/Lt J Mort joined Bn 14/7/1917. POW 21/3/1918. Repatriated 19/12/1918. On Exonerated Officers' List. Thought to have been killed: Scotsman 13/4/1918 - "James Mort was a son of Capt. J W Mort MBE, Tarves, who holds the DSM. Lt Mort rose from the ranks, and two other members of his family besides his father are on active service." Gazette 22/4/1918: Gordon Highlanders - "2/Lt J Mort, M.M. (since killed in action) to be actg. Capt. whilst comdg. a Co. 1 Feb 1918."  Scotsman 6/5/1918 - "Act/Capt James Mort GH, POW, is the son of Capt J W Mort, Tarves. He was previously reported killed."  Post war address as Govt. Secondary School, Beni St. Egypt.  Compiled a memoir regarding the events of 21st March 1918, his period of imprisonment, repatriation and career immediately after the war. 
Lowe, D  2/Lieut    31/7/1917  1/9/1917  To UK Wounded  Possibly Douglas Lowe, originally Pte 3935 Scottish Horse. Later 2/Lt Royal Highlanders and Gordon Highlanders.
Brackenridge, William Patrick  Lieutenant  5/7/1916 

10/7/1916  20/11/1916

To UK Wounded
To report to Paymaster in Chief 
Address: Westland, Cuper, Fife 
Jaffray, John  2/Lieut  18/8/1917    18/10/1917  To UK Sick  Originally Pte 4163 14th Lond. R. To France 5/7/1915. Commissioned into Gordon H 27/3/1917. SWB. 2/Lt Jaffray married Helen Summers in Aberdeen 17/5/1917. Address: 19 Lansdale Rd, Peterhead.  Usual occupation marine engineer. To Canada 21/4/1920. Address: 112 Davenport Rd Toronto Ontario.
Bayley, Daniel James  A/Captain & Adjt  7/9/1917   25/9/1917  21/3/1918 Missing  Presumed killed 21/3/1918. Age 31. Son of James and Mary Bayley, of 29, Malvern Rd., Leytonstone, London; husband of Elsie May Barry (formerly Bayley), of The Police Station, Cosham, Hants.(ARRAS MEMORIAL) Originally A/Sgt 3265 3/10th Lond. R. (Records show 7th Bn GH)
Fulton, L M  Lieutenant  from 1/7 Black Watch  8/9/1917  21/11/1917  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows Lt Fulton (Black Watch, attached) wounded 20/11/1917.
Alderton, C j w  2/Lieut  from 1/7 Black Watch    24/9/1917  20/11/1917  Died from wounds  Age 21. Son of Charles John and Sarah Eliza Alderton, of "Thorndale", 50, South St., Epsom, Surrey.(METZ-EN-COUTURE COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSION) 
Dickerson, J  2/Lieut  from 1/6 Black Watch    9/9/1917  19/12/1917  To Tank Corps   
Underwood, John James  2/Lieut    22/9/1917  15/4/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 12/4/1918
Ganson, Robert James Hay  2/Lieut  from 1/7 Black Watch      25/9/1917  30/9/1917  To RFC  Originally Pte 323 Gordon H. To France 16/6/1916. Commissioned 25/1/1917. Address: Brentham House, Lerwick.
Mitchell, J  2/Lieut   3/3/1916   2/10/1917  To 1/7 Gordon H  Possibly James Mitchell, originally Pte 1731 14th Lond. R. Commissioned 7th GH 14/7/1915. Address 77 York Rd, Camden N7.
 Barron, James Urquhart Emoli  Lieutenant  3/10/1917



To UK Sick 

To UK Sick 
Irvin, Magnus Hincks  2/Lieut  30/9/1917  2/10/1917    Still serving  MC Gazette 26/7/1918 citation. Formerly Pte in North. Fus. 13/1113. To France 22/11/1915. Address Banff, Canada.
Murray, A  2/Lieut   30/9/1917  16/10/1917  22/6/1918  Posted to 1st Bn  Commissioned 28/3/1917 
Scott, W J  2/Lieut   2/5/1915  16/10/1917  1/1916
Still serving 

Army List Dec 1918 shows Lieutenant (1/9/1918) 

Smith, Alex Will    30/9/1917  16/10/1917  21/3/1918  Missing  Presumed killed 21/3/1918. (POZIERES MEMORIAL) Originally Pte 1665 GH. To France 19/2/1915. Medals to father: A W Smith, Marine Hotel, Stonehaven. MC Gazette 18/2/1918 (citation) 
Smith, George A  Lieut Colonel  from GHQ 3rd Echelon  15/10/1917  28/7/1918  Killed in action  Replaced McTaggart as CO of 5th Bn 5/4/1918. Killed 28/7/1918.  Age 43. Son of Robert and Jessie Smith, of Auchmar, Aberdeenshire. Solicitor, Aberdeen. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE) DSO
Chalmers, John James   2/Lieut 5/11/1917 9/11/1917  21/3/1918  Missing  Buchan Observer 30/4/1918. "Mrs John Chalmers, Middleton of Rora, has been notified that her son, lately reported missing, has been wounded in action and is a prisoner in Austria." (List of Officer POWs shows repatriated 20/11/1918. SDGW shows died 20/11/1918 - in German hands.) CWGC- 20/11/1918. Age 20. Son of John and Kate Chalmers, of Middleton, Rora, Longside. (NIEDERZWEHREN CEMETERY) Originally Pte 1977, GH.
Chalmers, James Moir  2/Lieut   3/12/1917 7/12/1917  23/3/1918  To UK Sick  Commissioned 9/4/1915 
Grant, W  Lieutenant   3/12/1917
 7/3/1918 To UK Sick 
Still serving 
Gordon, William 2/Lieut  19/12/1917  28/12/1917  21/3/1918  Missing POW  POW from 21/3/1918. Repatriated 18/12/1918. On Exonerated Officers' List. Address Carsaig House, Carsaig, Isle of Mull..
Henderson, Graham  Lieutenant  19/12/1917  28/12/1917  21/3/1918  Missing POW    POW from 21/3/1918. Repatriated 13/12/1918.  MC Gazette 30/1/1920. Address: 1. 59 St Nicholas St, Aberdeen. 2. Senkang Estate, Port Dickson, Negri Simbilan, Fed of Malay States. Originally Pte 2663 Gordon H.
Turner, Thomas Brown  2/Lieut  19/12/1917  28/12/1917  21/3/1918  Missing POW    Appears on list of officer POWs as 6th Bn GH. Repatriated 2/12/1918.
Address: 2/11 Hershall St, Anniesland, Glasgow. 
Endsor, William  2/Lieut  22/12/1917  3/1/1918  21/3/1918  Missing POW  POW from 21/3/1918. Repatriated 29/11/1918. Commissioned 30/5/1917.  Address: Field Head, Leicester Rd., Higher Broughton. Manchester.
Moss, William Henry  2/Lieut  22/12/1917  3/1/1918  23/6/1918  To UK Wounded  Originally Pte 3276 7th Gordon H. To France 2/5/1915. Commissioned 28/3/1917.  Address: 2 Prosperity Villas, Middlewich, Cheshire
Murray, A R  2/Lieut  22/12/1917  3/1/1918  21/3/1918  Missing POW  POW from 21/3/1918. Repatriated 2/12/1918 


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