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1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders
Nominal Roll of Officers 1914-1918
Part 3
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With a few exceptions the names are listed in the order in which the officer joined the battalion
 Name                                    Rank  Date of 
Date of joining/
rejoining unit
Date of 
Cause of                  leaving
Additional Notes 
Duthie, John Farquhar Christie  2/Lieut  4/1/1918  12/1/1918  14/4/1918  To UK Wounded Buchan Observer 23/4 /1918." Mrs Duthie, 9 Saltoun Square Fraserburgh has been notified that her son has been wounded in the right leg and is in hospital in Liverpool. Before enlisting he was a clerk in the Bank of Scotland, Fraserburgh."  Commissioned 26/9/1917.  Address: 337 Edith St, Duquisue Heights, Pittsburg. USA.
Hodgins, Charles Wallace  2/Lieut  9/1/1918  16/1/1918  21/3/1918  Missing POW  POW from 21/3/1918. Repatriated 18/12/1918. Address: Aldens, Martlay, N. Worchester. Roll of Honour Mill Hill School:
Record:  Mill Hill  1911 to 1913, 1917, Ridgeway House. School O.T.C. O.C.B., Cambridge. Commissioned 28th August, 1917, Gordon Highlanders. Lieut. Served in France. Prisoner of war in Germany, 1918.
Hunter, Alexander  2/Lieut  9/1/1918  16/1/1918  1/3/1918  To UK Sick  Commissioned 29/8/1917.   Formerly Pte 2850 Gordon H. To France 2/5/1915.  Address 30 Brook Tce, Slaithwaite nr Huddersfield. 
Russell, William Magnus  2/Lieut  9/1/1918  16/1/1918  29/3/1918  To UK Wounded  Address: 1. The Corner, Banchory. 2. 82 Osbourne Place, Aberdeen. Born Banchory 1892. Commissioned 29/8/1917.
McNab, G R  Major  25/2/1918    25/3/1918  To UK Sick   
Webster, William  Lieutenant  29/3/1918  5/4/1918  24/6/1918  To 1st Gordon H  Previously in War Diaries as wounded 28/4/1918 -  Also: returned from leave 4th-10th April. Army List shows promoted Lt 1/7/1917. SWB. Address Mt Saint Terman, Banchory. 
Skinner, Duncan  Lieutenant  6/4/1918  9/4/1918  14/4/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diaries show returned from leave  4th-10th April 1918 and wounded 12/4/1918. Buchan  Observer 23/4/1918." ..severely wounded in the right arm, and is in a London hospital. He obtained his commission three years ago and has been at the front only a short time. He is a well known Fraserburgh fishcurer, and a son of Mrs Skinner, Cortiebrae, Lonmay."  Scotsman 20/4/1918: "Capt Duncan Skinner, transport officer (wounded on the right arm), joined the Army at the beginning of the war.  He was a fishcurer in Fraserburgh." 
Taylor, J W McM  2/Lieut  6/4/1918   9/4/1918 15/4/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 12/4/1918.
Davidson, David Stuart  2/Lieut  15/4/1918  1/6/1918  15/6/1918  Posted to 1st Gordon H  Originally L/Sgt 35238 15th HLI. To France 18/12/1916. Commissioned 26/9/1917. SWB. Address: Bankhead, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.  
Gill, Ian Munro  2/Lieut  15/4/1918  25/5/1918  9/8/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows gassed, 3/8/1918.  Commissioned 31/10/1917 (Formerly A/Sgt 03467 Royal Vet. Corps) Born 1897. Son of James Gill, grain merchant adnd his wife  Margaret,  Ferryhill Aberdeen.  Address: C/- Gavin & Gill, 23 John St, Aberdeen. 
Middleton, Gordon A  2/Lieut  15/4/1918  1/6/1918  6/8/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 1/8/1918. Commissioned 28/11/1917 . Buchan Observer 13/8/1918 "2/Lt Gordon A Middleton, GH, wounded by gun shot in the back, is the fourth son of police superintendant Middleton, Peterhead. He served his apprenticeship in the Union Bank Peterhead and subsequently emigrated to Canada, where he was employed in the Bank of Hamilton. He volunteered for active service and on obtaining his commission he was transferred to the Imperial Army. He is 27 years of age. 
McIndoe, William Reid  2/Lieut  15/4/1918  1/6/1918  15/6/1918  Posted to 1st Gordon H    Killed 6/8/1918, attached 1st Bn. Age 30 Son of Joseph Leitch McIndoe and Mary Lindsay McIndoe, of Glasgow. (SANDPITS BRITISH CEMETERY, FOUQUEREUIL)  He was the eldest son of Mr and Mrs McIndoe of 62 Cadder Street, Pollocksheilds. He was educated at Glasgow High School and on leaving he joined his father's business as an Ironmonger in Hope Street. In January 1914 he joined the Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry and was mobilised with his regiment on the outbreak of war, serving in various parts of the country before seeking a commission.
He was gazetted into the Gordon Highlanders on the 30th of October 1917 crossing to France in April 1918. He was killed in action while out on patrol with his company on the 5th/6th of August 1918. (Roll of Glasgow High School)   
Samuel, A  Lieutenant  15/4/1918  1/6/1918  22/5/1918  To UK Sick   
Emerson, Percy Edwin Pillie  2/Lieut  Gazetted 16/4/1918  16/4/1918  5/6/1918  To UK Sick  War Diary shows previously wounded 28/4/1918. Originally L/Cpl 1213 & WO2 Gordon H.  Address c/- McKay 44 Skene Tce Aberdeen. 
Haig, Alexander Weir  2/Lieut  16/4/1918



To UK Wounded 
Died from wounds 
War Diary shows wounded 28/4/1918.

Age 29. Son of James and Margaret Haig, of Dalkeith, Midlothian. 1st Bn attd 1/5th. Served nine years with 71st Bn. Cameron Highlanders. (CAMBRIN MILITARY CEMETERY) Originally 8724 Cameron H. To France 14/8/1914.
Berry, Gordon Munro  Lieutenant  17/4/1918  23/4/1918  10/8/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 1/8/1918. Originally Pte 1967 14th London R. To France 15/9/1914.  Commissioned 7/1/1916.  Address: 1. 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth. 2. 34 Nesen Square, Earls Court SW.
Currie, J P  2/Lieut  17/4/1918  23/4/1918  24/9/1918  Sick on leave   
Currie, William Thomson  Lieutenant  17/4/1918  23/4/1918  31/7/1918  Died from wounds  War Diary shows wounded 28/7/1918.  3rd Bn attached 5th. Age 21. Son of Rachel Currie of The Whins, Worplesdon Surrey and the late John Currie. (SENLIS FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY) MiC shows to France 14/5/1916. Medals to mother, Mrs J. Currie, Westbourne Gardens, Glasgow.
Cranna, Alexander Park  Lieutenant  17/4/1918  23/4/1918  18/2/1919  To UK for release  Commissioned 19/12/1916. Address: Cheviot Estate, Tabu, Malay States.
Hay, J W  Lieutenant  17/4/1918  23/4/1918    Still serving   
McDonald, D S  Lieutenant  17/4/1918  23/4/1918    Still serving   
Stewart, J M  A/Captain  17/4/1918  23/4/1918  22/2/1919  Posted to 8th Gordon H   
Fotheringham, Thomas  2/Lieut  5/12/1915 from 4th Gordon H  27/4/1917  1/12/1917  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 20/11/1917. Originally Pte 2656 1/4th GH. Later 51st Graduate Bn. Address: 1. 9 Holbourne St. Aberdeen. 2. Weybourne, Norfolk. SWB. [Not known why this officer is out of sequence. CM]
Buchanan, Adam Heaton  2/Lieut    29/4/1918  5/10/1918  Killed in action  Age 23. Son of Daniel F. and Jeanie Heaton Buchanan, of 382 Kilbowie Hill, Radnor Park, Clydebank, Glasgow. Native of Dalmuir, Dumbartonshire. (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE)  From DCM citation of Sgt J Murray: "On 5th Oct 1918, when advancing towards the Haute Deuil Canal, his platoon was suddenly engaged from a strong concealed position. His officer [Buchanan] was killed..."
Fraser, D A D  Lieutenant    29/4/1918  8/8/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows gassed 3/8/1918. Later 1st Gordons. Lieut 27/4/1918.
McHardy, John  Lieutenant  1/5/1918  25/5/1918  24/7/1918  Killed in action  Age 31. Son of Alexander McHardy, stationmaster, Ellon ; born Inveramsay, 28/12/1886. School master at Robert Gordon's College. Served as Adjutant of the  4th (Res) Bn Gordons, till May 1918. Posted to France and attached to 5th Bn.  Killed leading his Company at Chaudon, 24/7/1918. Husband of Jeannie Milner Ross McHardy, of 24, Belvidere Crescent, Aberdeen.
Strathdee, Roy Brown  2/Lieut  1/5/1918  1/6/1918    Still serving  Commissioned 18/12/1917. Address: 17 Albyn Place, Aberdeen.
Brown, Andrew  2/Lieut  2/5/1918  1/6/1918  1/8/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 28/7/1918. Buchan Observer 6/8/1918. (New Pitsligo):    " 2/Lt Andrew Brown has been wounded in the leg by shrapnel. He was in hospital at Rouen, France, but has been removed to the Countess of Radnor's Hospital, Lowford Castle, Salisbury." Post-war address: The Wires, Jagersfontain, Orange Free State, SA. 
Coutts, Lewis  2/Lieut  2/5/1918  1/6/1918  15/6/1918  Posted to 1st Gordons  Originally L.Cpl  3095/240948 5th GH. To France 4/12/1915. Wounded 16/5/1917. Buchan Observer. 29/5/1917- "Cpl Lewis Coutts, wounded, is a son of William Coutts, sanitary inspector, Ellon." Commissioned 30/1/1918. Medal Card shows: Address: Patient, Royal Mental Hospital  Aberdeen. Note: " undesirable that the officer should have his medals" 22/1/1935. Address 1938: 43 Waverley Drive, Wishaw, Lanarkshire. Born abt 1895 in Ellon. Died aged 57 in 1953 at Ellon.  (Brother William E Coutts, Royal Highlanders killed in action 22/3/1918.)
 Hadden, William John  2/Lieut  2/5/1915 




Originally Pte 7th Bn Gordon H.
Commissioned 17/12/1917. Address: Haystockhill, Muirkirk, Ayrshire.
Manson, Richard  2/Lieut  3/5/1918  1/6/1918   15/6/1918 Posted to 1st Gordons  Died 1/10/1918 (4th Bn). Age 21. Son of the late Alexander Manson, of Aberdeen. (RIBECOURT RAILWAY CEMETERY) Originally Pte 4364 GH. Address on MiC for medals 29 Ashvale Place
Nicol, W  2/Lieut  3/5/1918  1/6/1918  15/6/1918  Posted to 1st Gordons    Commissioned 18/12/1917 
Cameron, R A  2/Lieut  8/5/1918  1/6/1918  1/9/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows gassed 30/7/1918. Address: Hamewich, Keith, Banffshire. Commissioned 28/11/1917.
Goodall, Sydney Orr  2/Lieut  8/5/1918  1/6/1918  15/6/1918  Posted to 1st Gordons    Originally Pte 1945, A&SH. To France 1/5/1915. Commissioned 2/12/1915. Address: Braeside, Akron. Ohio, USA. Departed for US 16/7/1927 age 33. Occupation cement engineer. Married to Catherine Goodall.
Stephen, Robert  2/Lieut  8/5/1918  1/6/1918  15/6/1918  Posted to 1st Gordons    Commissioned 28/11/1917. Address:1 - 10 Dennyduff Rd Fraserburgh. 2 - Johannesburg SA. Born abt. 1890 in Fraserburgh, son of John Stephen, cooper. Migrated to South Africa 1924. Occupation engineer. Address (1924, prior to emigration) 150 Victoria St Torry Aberdeen.
Anderson, D K  2/Lieut  5/12/1915




Still serving
Originally Pte 2874 GH. Commissioned 18/12/1917 
Elliott, J B  Lieutenant  25/5/1918  25/5/1918  30/7/1918  To UK Wounded  War Dairy shows wounded 27/7/1918
Cameron, A G  Captain  from 9th Royal Scots  31/5/1918   17/6/1918  To 2/4th Royal Berks   
Frame, Ian MacGregor  Captain 






Posted to 1st Gordons 

Address: c/- Caledonian Club, London 
Black, Robert Alistair Macgregor  A/Captain  from  8/10th Gordons  8/6/1918  27/7/1918  Killed in action  Age 30  Son of John and Jessie Black, of Rose Cottage, Killean, Lismore, Argyll. Native of Oban, Argyll. (RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIRE) Originally L.Cpl 1880 A&SH. To France  1/5/1915. Commissioned 10th Gordons 12/12/1915.
Bowie, F J T  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Gordons  8/6/1918    Still serving  Commissioned 30/1/1918 
Doull, James  Lieutenant  from 8/10th Gordons    8/6/1918  7/12/1918  To UK Sick  Commissioned 1/7/1917. 131 Leighton Rd, West Ealing W 13. Mentioned in Despatches
Geddes, Godfrey Power  Captain  from 8/10th Gordons    8/6/1918    Still serving   
Insch, James Gordon  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Gordons   8/6/1918  10/8/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows gassed 3/8/1918. Formerly  Pte 3072/ 290632 7th GH. To France 2/5/1915. Commissioned  18/12/1917.Address: 71 Cameron St Stonehaven.  (MM) 
Keir, James  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Gordons   8/6/1918  7/2/1919  To UK for release  Formerly Pte 203034 4th GH. Commissioned 28/11/1917.  To France 8/5/1918. Address: Parkhouse School, Arbroath.
Kemp, William Strathenry  Lieutenant  from 8/10th Gordons   8/6/1918  22/2/1919  To 9th Gordons  War Diary 25/6/1918 shows returned on strength after CO course at Aldershot. Diary  shows  gassed 3/8/1918. To France 3/12/1915. Applied for medals 17/8/1921. Address: 17 Leamington Tce Edinburgh. MC - Gazette 23/7/1918.
Lovie, Frederick William  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Gordons    8/6/1918  25/7/1918  To UK Wounded  Date 25/7 may be incorrect as War  Diary shows wounded 28/7/1918 (Buzancy) : "The right flank then ran into trouble from a machine gun firing from an embrasure cut into the park wall.  Lieut F W Lovie brought up his platoon from the support company, worked around the post and rushed it. He himself was wounded and his platoon suffered severely, but he had cleared the way for the advance to continue. After that all went well and the objective was reached at 1.20 pm." Awarded MC for this action,  Gazette 15/10/1918
 Born Aberdeen 1888. Married Alice Wyness 1920. Died as a result of wounds received on active service 1924. 
Martin, John Francis  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Gordons    8/6/1918  21/8/1918  To Battalion Intelligence Officer  War Diary shows taken on strength from 8/10th Bn 12/7/1918. Diary also shows gassed 3/8/1918.  Formerly Pte 3899 Royal Fusiliers. To France 15/11/1915. Commissioned 26/4/1917.  Address: Helenslea Milngarvie.
Moffatt, Francis John Campbell  Captain  from 8/10th Gordons    8/6/1918    Still serving  To France 9/7/1915.   Address: Bernard's Crescent Edinburgh.
Morrison, A  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Gordons    8/6/1918  17/2/1919  To UK for release   
Smith, Alick D R  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Gordons    8/6/1918  12/2/1919  To UK for release  Commissioned 28/11/1917. Address: Chanonry Lodge, Old Aberdeen.
Wood, John Bruce  Major  8/7/1915
from 8/10th Gordons 
8/6/1918  11/11/1918  Still serving  A/Lt Col. Commanded 5th Bn 29th July 1918 to 20th Oct 1918. DSO and MC. Address: 27 Comely Bank Edinburgh.
Cruickshank, George Gerrish  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Gordons    8/6/1918  2/8/1918  Posted to 1st Gordons  Originally Cpl 1512 GH. To France 19/2/1915. Commissioned 27/7/1917. Address c/- Messrs Turner and Morrison, 6 Lyons Range, Calcutta.
Adam, John 
Lieutenant  from 8/10th Gordons   5/7/1918  21/8/1918  To UK Wounded 

War Diary 5/7/1918 shows taken on strength from Div HQ -formerly Div. Burial Officer. War Diary 1/8/1918 shows wounded. Scotsman Biographical notes 7/8/1918: "Admitted to hospital suffering from severe gunshot wounds in arm and leg. He is the older son of the Rev James A. Adam, Cambusbarron U.F. Church, Stirling. Lt Adam was a first year divinity student in the U.F. Church College, Glasgow, when early in 1915 he received his commission from OTC of Glasgow Univ. In Oct 1915 he was sent to the front and since then he has been in service there."" (Lieut 1/7/1917)

Franklin, Roger Warwick  2/Lieut  12/8/1918  19/8/1918    Still serving  Originally Pte 1608 West Kent Yeomanry. To Balkans/Gallipoli 7/10/1915. Commissioned RFA 26/7/11917. Address Assistant Comm. of Police, Rangoon. 
Bain, Lewis  2/Lieut  14/8/1918  18/8/1918    Still serving  Address: 17 Seafield Place, Cullen Banffshire.
Boxer, William Neville Gordon  2/Lieut  14/8/1918  18/8/1918    Still serving  Medal card  shows served in France from 19/8/1918 - 26/5/1919. Address: 20 The Chanonry, Chaplainey, Old Aberdeen
Haddow, G T  Lieutenant  14/8/1918  20/8/1918  31/8/1918  To 9th Gordons   
Tollemache, John Ernest  2/Lieut  14/8/1918  18/8/1918  31/11/1918  Sick while on leave  Medal card indicates served with Tank Corps post war. Address: 41st Tanks, Wareham, Dorset.
Lyall, W H  Lieutenant  From RAF  14/8/1918    Still serving   
Munro, Alexander  2/Lieut  14/8/1918  18/8/1918    Still serving  Originally Pte Gordon Hldrs (number unknown) Address: 155A Adelaide St, Heywood, Lancashire
Low, J F T  2/Lieut  From 9th Gordons  20/8/1918    Still serving   
Stuart, Douglas John  2/Lieut  From 9th Gordons   20/8/1918    Still serving  Originally Pte 3672/201141 4th Gordon Hldrs. To France 18/12/1915. Commissioned 9/1/1918 Address: 377 Holbourn St Aberdeen.
Watt, George  A/Captain  From 9th Gordons   20/8/1918    Still serving  Originally L.Cpl 1114 6th Gordon Hldrs. To France 10/11/1914. Commissioned 9th Gordon Hldrs 15/12/1915. Address: 90 Duff St, Macduff.
Stewar, J D Y  Lieutenant  From 9th Gordons   20/8/1918  15/9/1918  To MGC, Grantham   
Wilson-Smith, Evan  2/Lieut  From 7th Gordons   1/12/1916 


To 9th Gordons  Originally 1st Bn. To France 1/12/1916. Address Agra Ouvah Estate, Agra Patnas, Ceylon.
Tindall, Alexander George  2/Lieut    Joined Bn ex UK 1/9/1918  8/10/1918  Killed in action  Originally Pte S/23942 4th A & SH. Age 26. Son of Sarah Wells Tindall, of 167Crown St., Aberdeen, and the late Robert Tindall. (PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE)
Cowper, Gordon  Lieutenant  From 9th Gordons     1/9/1918  2/2/1919  Died  Enlisted at outbreak of war and served with 9th Gordon Hldrs. Commissioned November 1915. To France 30/9/1915 (9th Bn). Died 2/2/1919 of influenza at CCS at Hal (Halle), Belgium.  Age 34. Son of William Cowper and Mrs. Jean Duncan Armit Cowper, of "St. Edmunds," Sunningfields Rd., Hendon. London. (NIVELLES (NIJVEL) COMMUNAL CEMETERY)
Barron, John Malloch  2/Lieut  3/9/1918  7/10/1918    Still serving  Originally Pte S/10661 Gordon Hldrs. Commissioned 26/6/1918. Married Jean Campbell Young on 25/1/1920. Occupation, draper, aged 25 of Leven, Fife.
Leslie, E  2/Lieut  7/9/1918  7/10/1918    Still serving  Formerly Pte 2238 Gloucester Reg. To France 31/3/1915. Commissioned 25/5/1918.
Lord Dudley Gladstone Gordon  Lieut Col    Joined ex Base 8/9/1918  6/2/1919  To UK for release  To France 9/5/1915. Lt Col Lord Dudley Gordon DSO - Commanded 5th Bn 21/10/1918 to 5/1/1919.
Born 1883, the second son of John Hamilton- Gordon, 1st Marquis of Aberdeen and Tremair. Engineer. Gazetted 8th Bn Gordon Highlanders  on 6/10/1914 and  transferred  9th (Pioneers) as a Temporary Captain  25/10/1914. DSO citation Gazette 26/9/1917.
CO of the 8th/10th Battalion from 21/12/1917 but on amalgamation with the 5th Bn, the CO of the latter, Lieut Col. G.A. Smith assumed overall command.  With Smith’s death, Major Wood assumed temporary command until Lord Gordon took up the position in October 1918. Resigned his commision in February 1919.
Became 3rd Marquis of Aberdeen and Temair on the death of his brother in 1965 and died in 1972.
Wright, D M  2/Lieut  18/9/1918    26/10/1918  To UK Sick  Commissioned 26/6/1918 
Knight, Theodore William Brailsford  2/Lieut  Joined Calais ex Egypt    18/2/1919  To UK for release  Originally 2418 4th Gordon Hldrs. To France 19/2/1915. Commissioned 28/8/1917. Address: 52 Clarence Pde Southsea
Mowat, A G  2/Lieut  15/10/1018  23/10/1918  17/2/1919  To UK Sick  Commissioned 28/8/1918. To France 15/10/1918. Lieutenant 28/5/1920.  Address: 4 Castle St, Chesterton, Stoke-on-Trent
McClusky, R  2/Lieut  15/10/1918  23/10/1918  22/2/1919  To 9th Gordons   
McIntyre, R B  2/Lieut   15/10/1918  23/10/1918    Still serving  Commissioned 31/7/1918 
Lobban, T J  2/Lieut   16/10/1918  28/10/1918    Still serving  Address: 287 Union Grove Aberdeen 
McKenzie, James Melville  2/Lieut   16/10/1918  28/10/1918    Still serving  Originally Pte S/12141 GH. To France 25/10/1915. Commissioned 29/1/1918.  Address: 9 Steels Place, Edinburgh
Pirie, J P  2/Lieut   16/10/1918  28/10/1918  7/2/1919  To UK for release   
Stronach, A R 

Still serving 
Commissioned 28/8/1918 
Dixon, J C  2/Lieut   24/11/1918  9/12/1918    Still serving   
Capell, James Evans 2/Lieut   25/11/1918  9/12/1918    Still serving  Address: South View, 8 St Georges Avenue Northampton 
McPherson, I  2/Lieut   25/11/1918   9/12/1918   Still serving  Commissioned 9/10/1918 
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