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1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders
Nominal Roll of Officers 1914-1918
Part 1 (1915-1916)
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Above: An extract from the original document now in the possession of the Gordon Highlanders' Museum.
My thanks to Charles Reid and the other members of the staff there for allowing me to make use of this document
With a few exceptions the names are listed in the order in which the officer joined the battalion

Name                      Rank Date of Dis-
 Date of Joining/ Rejoining Unit  Date of  Leaving Unit       Cause           of Leaving
 Additional Notes 
Martin, David H  Major   2/5/1915 2/5/1915  13/10/1915  To UK  Son of David Martin Town Clerk. Married Una MacCean 14/6/1916. Led parade at unveiling of Peterhead memorial 1922. Eligible for SWB.  Address 77 Broad St Peterhead. 
Mitchell, George  Captain  2/5/1915   2/5/1915 9/11/1916  To UK Sick  ("H" Company on 1914 Roll)  Later RAF. Address post-war: 58 Grattan Place Fraserburgh. Former (pre-war) Private. Commissioned 17/9/1910. 
Bird, Percy Carr  Captain  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  12/1/1916  To MGC  ("B" Company on 1914 Roll) Formerly 2nd Lt 3rd Volunteer Bn. Joined 14/2/1907. Resigned Commission 7/12/1910. 2/Lt 4/8/1914. From Rugby School Register, Annotated, 1892-1921; Rugby School War Register :  Born on 7 Oct 1886, the only son of Samuel Bird of 61 Cleveland Square, Hyde Park, London. Educated at Rugby School from Sept 1900 to 1904. Employed as a Mechanical Engineer with the Howard Pneumatic Engineering Company, 17 Victoria Street, London, SW1. During the Great War he served as a Captain with the 5th Bn, Gordon Highlanders and as a Major with the Machine Gun Corps and was awarded the Military Cross in January 1918.
His address in 1921 was: 3 Willingdon Road, Eastbourne.
Bruce, Vincent Connell  Lieut  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  26/3/1916  Missing  Died 26/3/16. Age 27. Son of Dr. Alexander Bruce and Annie Louisa Bruce, of 8, Ainslie Place, Edinburgh.(ARRAS MEMORIAL)  Commissioned 13/11/1914. 
Cowie, Robert  Captain  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  1.26/6/1915

2. 9/3/1918

3. 26/10/18
1.To UK  Wounded

2. 5th Army Musk Camp 
3.Still serving
Buchan Observer 7/8/1917 -on furlough at Longside - recovering from wounds
Cruden, James Wilson Fraser  Capt & Adjt  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  13/10/1915  Sick on leave  War Diary shows Mentioned in Despatches September 1915. MiC: Later MCG and Royal Highlanders. Address : 7 Hyde Park Place, London W2. 
Forbes-Sempill, Hon.  Robert Abercromby  Lieut  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  2/6/1915  Killed in action  Age 45. Fourth son of The Rt. Hon. William Forbes-Sempill, 17th Baron Sempill. ( TOURET MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUE) Address of Next of Kin: Sister, Hon Gertrude Forbes Sempill, c/- Rt Hon Lord Sempill, Fintray House, Aberdeen. Commissioned 4/8/1914.  Mentioned in book "The Aristocracy and the Great War".
Fowlie, Charles Wilson Lawson  Major  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  30/5/1915  Killed in action   (F Company - 1914 Roll) Son of John and Elizabeth Lawson Fowlie, of Udny, Aberdeenshire (PONT-DU-HEM MILITARY CEMETERY, LA GORGUE). Killed by a shell while inspecting the trenches of 4th Canadian Bn, prior to relieving them. Mentioned in Canadian War Diary and letter from Canadian soldier Wills Adcock to his father. Address: Mains of Bogechil Whiterathes. NoK: Mrs Fowlie, 29 Carlton Place, Aberdeen.   Commissioned 1/4/1908 (From Volunteers).
Fuller, Leonard Charles Hayden  Lieut  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  7/6/1915  To UK Wounded  Formerly Sgt Bedfordshire Yeomanry. Commissioned 24/11/1914. Later MGC (Capt). Address: 24 Merton St Bedford 
 Grant, Sir Arthur  Lieut Col  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  21/7/1915  To UK Wounded 

Born on 14/9/1879, the eldest son of Sir Arthur Henry Grant, 9th Baronet of Monymusk. Joined the army in 1899 and served in the 12th (Prince of Wales's Royal) Lancers during the South African War.  Awarded the D.S.O 1902. In May 1904 he was Gazetted a Captain.  On 17th April 1912  became a Lieut Colonel of the 5th Bn GH. Was wounded in the arm by a shell  in the trenches at Festubert 18th June 1915. Later employed in the Prisoner of War Department and was the commander of a prisoner of war camp at Brocton in Staffordshire in 1916. Died on 21st June 1931. 

Lyall, William  Captain  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  8/2/1917  To War Office  War Diary shows To hospital sick 5/4/1916; Rejoins from hospital 14/4/16. War Diary 18/2/1917: Capt. Lyall left today for England to take up an appointment as instructor at Gail's Cadet School, Scotland. MC Gazette 1/1/1917. 
Lyon, Robert  Captain  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  30/7/1916  Killed in action  (D Company) Age 24. Son of Sir Alexander Lyon, Kt., D.L., J.P., and Lady Lyon, of Queen's Rd., Aberdeen. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL). Law clerk. Born 14/8/1889. Attended Aberdeen Grammar School and Aberdeen University. Commissioned 26/8/1914. 
Manson, Alexander  Lieut  1.3/5/1915
2. 25/12/115 
1. 3/5/1915
2. 4/1/1916 
1. 22/7/1915
2. 24/11/16 
1. To UK Sick 
2. To UK Wounded
Commissioned 22/10/1914.
Buch. Obs. 21/11/1916 - Kilblean - News has been received of being wounded in action of Lieut. Alexander Manson, GH.  Lt Manson is the only son of Mr J.B. Manson of Kilblean.  He was a distinguished student of the Aberdeen College of Agriculture etc. Address Kilbean Old Meldrum.  SWB  
Mort, J  Capt & QM  3/5/1915  3/5/1915 2/3/1919    To UK Sick  There are two men surname Mort- John William and James. This seems to refer to James although rank seems to refer to J W Mort. J. Mort was 2/Lt. May be an error. See below for 2/Lt James Mort and in List 2 for Capt & Qm J W Mort.  
Moir, George Andrew Christie  Captain  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  7/4/1917  Killed in action  Age 29 (born 17/12 1887)  Son of George and Mary Christie Moir; husband of Mary Moir, (married 19/4/1915) of 130, Blenheim Place, Aberdeen.  One child, George Lumsden Moir, born 25/3/1917.  The War Diary 7th April 1917 shows that at about 9.30 pm the town of Maroeuil was shelled by a high velocity gun. A direct hit was made on one of the officers' huts resulting in the deaths or  injuries of eight officers. (MAROEUIL BRITISH CEMETERY) Also mentioned in De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour - p137. 
Morrison, John  Captain  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  14/1/1916  To ASC  Address:Ellengowan, Maud. Mentioned in Despatches 
McCulloch, John  Captain  1. 3/5/1915
2. 27/4/1916 
1. 3/5/1916
2. 1/5/1916 
1. 4/2/1916
2. 9/4/1917 
To UK Sick 
Killed in action
Commissioned 26/8/1914.
(Mentioned in War Diary 9 th April - leading "D" Coy into battle.) Son of John McCulloch, Draper, Portsoy. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)   Scotsman- 18/4/1917: "Capt J. McCulloch was a native of Portsoy and graduated MA with honours in classics at Aberdeen Univ.  In 1913 he was appointed classics master in Dollar Academy. He received his commission in August 1914."
McDonald, Samuel  Major  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  27/5/1917 - 12/4/1918  To Command Seaforths  (G Company - 1914 Roll) Address: Fraserburgh.  Commanded 5th Battalion from 4 Dec 1916 to 5th Feb 1917. DSO. Commissioned 11/2/1910. 
McLean-Roberts, Reginald A  2/Lieut  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  25/5/1915  To UK Sick  SWB. Card shows Lieut. 1/5th GH. "Ineligible for any medals." Address: Devon Estates (Malacca) 
Rice, James  Lieut  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  2/8/1916  To UK Wounded  Wounded at High Wood 30/6/1916. Later served in Indian Army. Commissioned 22/10/1914. Lieutenant 17/4/1915.
Roberts, Philip Hugh Gore  2/Lieut  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  21/8/1915  Died of wounds  Age 19. Son of Ann S. Roberts, of Milton House, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, Middx., and the late Rev. W. W. Roberts. (MILLENCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION) He was born at Addison Gardens, Kensington, 30 May 1896 and educated at Clifton College where he was a member of the O.T.C. He left College Dec 1914 and obtained a commission in the Gordon Highlanders  27 Feb. 1915.  He was killed in ordinary trench duty at Bellincourt 21 August 1915.   
Robertson, Charles Thomas Andrews  A/Major  1. 3/5/1915 

2. 19/9/1916

1. 3/5/1915 

2. 21/9/16 
1. 3/4/1916

2. 17/11/16

1. To UK Wounded 
2. To UK Wounded

Formerly Lieutenant 3rd Volunteer Battalion. Commissioned 5th Bn 4/8/1914.

3. POW from 21/3/1918. Died of wounds 23/3/1918. Lengthy obituary in Buchan Observer 11/6/1918.  Age 32. Son of Lieut. Col. Robert Robertson, 5th V. Bn. Gordon Highlanders.(GRAND-SERAUCOURT BRITISH CEMETERY)

Runciman, Frank Souter  Captain  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  12/6/1915  To UK Wounded  (D Company - 1914 Roll) Farmer, Auchmill. Severely wounded in back and neck by a shell and buried among sandbags while under way to help a wounded brother officer, and dug out by CSM, 4th June 1915. In command of Turriff company, 1/5th Gordon Highlanders at mobilization. Joined 2nd Volunteer Battalion as a private 4th April 1899; commissioned 11th April 1900. ASC March 1916 - October 1916; recalled to 5th Gordons October 1916; discharged as permanently unfit 22nd January 1917. (Major). WBT p. 135.  
Scott, William Leslie  Lieut  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  12/6/1915 [?]  Killed in action  Age 22. The elder son of William Leslie Scott, Solicitor, and Mrs Scott, Willowbank Peterhead. Born at Peterhead 24/12/1892. He was commissioned as 2nd Lieut in the 2/5th Battalion the Gordon Highlanders in November 1914, and shortly afterwards was transferred to the 1/5th Battalion, in which he was promoted  Lieut in April 1915. He was killed at Festubert on 16th June 1915.  He was Officer in Charge of Bomb-throwers, and was leading his men along a communication trench between the British and German firing lines, to attack the latter, when a bomb or shell exploded in the trench, killing him instantly.
Simpson, Ernest  Captain  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  28/3/1918  To Labour Corps  Schoolteacher, Fraserburgh. Mentioned in book "The Gallant Gordons" as "local schoolteacher, Ernie Simpson", officer commanding "C" Coy. p.33. Commissioned 12/1/1914. 
Vincent, Richard Beaumont  Lieut  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  21/6/1915  To UK Sick  (H Company- 1914 Roll)  Later Embarkation Staff (Major) Address: 22a Colehearne Rd SW10 
Walton, Percy  Capt & Adjt  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  21/1/1918  To UK Sick  War Diary - 8th Feb 1917: Capt. P. Walton rejoined the battalion today". Address : Parkfield Dollar, Scotland. Commissioned 22/10/1914. 
 Watson, James  Captain  3/5/1915  3/5/1915  22/6/1915  Dismissed from HM Service  (E Company - 1914 Roll) . London Gazette shows (Captain) Watson "Dismissed from H.M.Service by sentence of General Court Martial 22/6/1915". (Became Captain 26/9/14. LG 23/11/14) MiC shows: Capt & Major 5th GH. Also "Commandant Etaples Administrative District forwards list of officers and nursing sisters claiming the 1914-15 Star." 23/1/1919. Address: Foveran Schoolhouse, Newburgh.  
McTaggart, Maxwell Fielding  Lieut Col  from 5th Lancers  July 1915  21/3/1918  Missing/ POW  CO 5th Bn from 24/6/1915 to 3/12/1916 and 6th Feb 1917 to 21st March 1918. War Diary shows wounded on 3/12/1916. "During the morning [of 3rd] the Commanding Officer and Capt Lyall went round the front line.  The CO was slightly wounded by an enemy rifle grenade near C Coy's front." War Diary 6th Feb 1917 shows "Lt Col McTaggart rejoined today".  POW from 21/3/1918 to Dec 1918.  To France (Lancers) 17/8/1914. On exonerated officers list Q. 
Muir, James Malcolm  Lieut  1. from 5th Seaforths 

2. 24/6/1918

1. 4/8/1916  1. To UK Wounded 

2. Still serving 
1. Pte in Seaforths (3573). To France 1/5/1915. Commissioned 14/7/1915. Address: The Laurels, Meopham, Kent. War Diary shows wounded at High Wood 30/7/1916.
2. War Diary 26/5/1918 shows taken on strength.  
Garland, James Harvey  Lieut  29/7/1915    12/11/1915  Died of wounds  Son of Thomas and Isabella Garland, of Ardlethen, Ellon. (WARLOY-BAILLON COMMUNAL) Scotsman 16/11/1915 "Lt James Garland, 2/5th GH has died from wounds in France. He was the son of Major Thomas Garland…and prior to joining the colours assisted his father in the management of the farm." Commissioned 24/11/1914. Gazette shows formerly Private.
Guthrie, Albert John  Lieut  29/7/1915    30/7/1916  Killed in action  Age 25. Son of the Rev. W. G. Guthrie and M. A. Guthrie, of Manse of Glass, Aberdeenshire. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL ) Mentioned in Buchan Obs. 15/8/1916. Commissioned 24/11/1914. 
Harmer, Ronald Frederick  Lieut  29/7/1915    10/1/1916  To War Office  Originally Pte 14th City of London Regiment. Commissioned into GH 13/4/1915.  MiC shows Captain and Censor. Claim for medals submitted by DMI (WO) Directorate 21/1/1919. Captain Harmer's Address: River Court Cirencester 
 Hutcheon, Albert  Lieut  29/7/1915    22/5/1917  To UK Wounded  Farmer. Commissioned from ranks 9/4/1915. (WBT p.71 ) To France 29/7/1915. Military Cross  "For conspicuous gallantry" at Vimy 9/10 April 1917 while leading "A" Company. War Diary May 1917- wounded. (Totally blinded by shrapnel 16/5/17. ) Buchan Observer  29/5/1917: reported dangerously wounded. Also mentioned in book "Century of Remembrance" at opening of
Aberdeen War memorial - Captain Hutcheon talking to the King.) Scotsman 22/12/1917 "Lt. A. Hutcheon resigns his commission on account of ill-health caused by wounds received in action." 
SWB.  Address: Lower Colburn, Turriff.  
Jack, Murray, Munro  Lieut  29/7/1915    7/12/1916  To UK Sick  Later Indian Army - 16th Rajputs. Address Dales House Peterhead. Born Peterhead abt 1894. Son of John Murray, draftsman. Commissioned 9/4/1915. 
 Rennie, James  Captain  29/7/1915    24/11/1915  To UK on account of age  (B Company - 1914 Roll) Address: Milladen, Mintlaw Station. Lieutenant, transferred from 3rd Volunteer Battalion 1/4/1908. Born abt 1872. 1901 census shows occupation, woollen manufacturer aged 29. 
Stradling, Alfred Hugh  Lieut  29/7/1915    20/5/1916  To RFC  Originally Pte 14th London Regiment. Commissioned Gordons 13/4/1915.  
Stearns, Hubert Grant  2/Lieut  29/7/1915    28/9/1915  To UK Wounded  Originally Pte 9th Bn London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles). Commissioned 13/4/1915. Scotsman 1/10/1915 - casualty lists - wounded officers  "2nd/Lt H.G. Stearns, 5th Gordons (wounded), received his appointment  last April". Later A/Capt  37th MGC. Address: 1 Wolverton Rd, Stanmore, Middlesex.
Bennett, Eric Henry  Lieut  22/9/1915    30/12/1915  To UK Sick  Formerly Pte 5th Seaforth H. Commissioned 5/5/1915. Later 143rd Squadron RAF. Shows on 1918 Army List as Lt 5th GH.  Address: 4 Hetley Rd W.12
Summers, David Buchan  2/Lieut 

1. 22/9/1915

2. 18/1/1918 
  1. 25/5/1916

2. 1/2/1918 
1.To UK Sick 

2. To UK Wounded
1.MiC shows to France 1/5/1915. Commissioned 9/4/1915 - Gazette - Sgt  David Buchan Summers from 2nd Field Ambulance to be 2nd Lieut 5th GH. Address Inverugie, Peterhead. (MiC shows names as David Beechan Summers.)  Married Christina Davidson, Fraserburgh 1919.

2. Wounded ex Base Depot (air raid).
Robertson, Charles  Lieut  25/12/1915  1. 2/1/1916
2. 2/5/1917 
1. 12/7/1916
2. 25/3/1918 
1. To UK Sick
2. To UK Wounded 
MiC shows 16/1/1919 serving with 51st Grad. Bn GH. Address: 11 Great Western Rd, Glasgow. MC  London Gazette 16/7/1918  Citation 
West, William  Lieut  25/12/1915  4/1/1916    Still serving  Commissioned 9/4/1915. War Diary shows wounded 26/3/1916. Address: 39 Constitution St Peterhead.  
Anderson, William Bruce  2/Lieut  21/1/1916  7/2/1916  7/4/1917  Killed in action  Age 28. Son of Wm. and Jane Anderson, of 167 King Edward Avenue, Toronto, Canada. Born Aberdeen.   Scotsman 18/4/1917 - casualty list - "2/Lt W.B. Anderson, MC, was in Toronto when war began.  He joined up, was commissioned at the date of the Loos offensive in 1915 and gained the MC for expert and resolute handling of his company. He was a graduate in arts at the Aberdeen University."  Formerly 4294 3/4th Gordons. Commission 2/5th Gordons 10/9/1915.
Fyfe, William Quentin  Lieut  1. 21/1/1916 
2. 14/8/1916 
1. 11/2/1916
2. 16/8/1916 
1. 13/5/16
2. 21/3/18 
1. To UK Sick 
2. Missing 
Originally Pte in GH No.1981. To France 19/2/1915.
(2. Killed in action) Age 21. Son of William and Isabel Fyfe, of 67, Westburn Drive, Aberdeen. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
Gibb, Walter James  2/Lieut  21/1/1916  27/1/1916 28/3/1918    To Labour Corps  War Diaries show wounded 26/3/1916. Returned from Base Hospital 15/4/1916. Later 309 POW Coy and attached Labour Coy.   Address: Spiers School, Beith, Ayrshire.
Mitchell, George H  2/Lieut   21/1/1916 27/1/1916  24/4/1916  To UK Sick  Formerly Sgt No. 67.  Later Capt. Attached Labour Corps. Address: Hillhead, Bruxie, Maud.
Irvin, Thomas William  Lieut  4/2/1916  8/2/1916  20/5/1916  Died from wounds  Age 32. Son of Richard and Ann Irvin, of North Shields; husband of Christiana Irvin. (ST. HILAIRE CEMETERY, FREVENT)
Stephen, William  Captain  4/2/1916  8/2/1916  13/11/1916  Killed in action  Age 35. Son of George and Margaret Stephen, of 77, Saltown Place, Fraserburgh. (Y RAVINE CEMETERY)   Buch. Ob. 21/11/16 - Fraserburgh -"Mrs George Stephen 77 Saltoun Place Fraserburgh on Saturday  morning received official notification that her son was missing. Later in the day the sad news was received that he had been killed on 13th inst. Capt. Stephen was in command of one of the local Territorial companies, but had retired before the war broke out. He rejoined and went on active service some twelve months ago. He had seen a great deal of fighting but up to the present had escaped scatheless. ...He was a nephew of Col. McConnachie of Knowsie, a graduate of Aberdeen University, and unmarried. " Transferred from 3rd Volunteers (Lieutenant) 1/4/1908.
Youngson, Robert Wilson  Lieut  20/2/1916  20/2/1916  24/2/1919  To UK for release   Formerly  Sgt 5th GH No.1807. To France 1/5/1915. Commissioned into Gordon Highlanders 20/2/1916. Awarded MC - Gazette 15/10/1918 (citation.)  Address: Schoolhouse, Longhaven.  Born abt. 1896. Son of Alexander & Maggie Youngson.
Buchan, George Alexander Bruce  Captain  11/3/1916  16/3/1916  20/6/1916  To UK Sick   Commissioned 15/12/1913. Eligible for SWB. Married 1924 to Margaret Penny Mathers . Age 37. Occupation farmer, Crimongate Mains Lonmay. Son of  Alexander Buchan, farmer, and Elsie  Hay Murray.
Gilmore, David James  2/Lieut  1. 11/3/1916
2. 12/5/1917 
1. 16/3/1916
2. 19/5/1917 
18/11/1916  To UK Wounded
Still serving 
 Awarded MC Gazette  9/1/1918. Address: Emerald Bank, Irvine, Ayeshire.
Laird, William Weir  2/Lieut  11/3/1916  16/3/1916  4/11/1916  Killed in action  Age 31. 3rd son of Peter and Margaret Laird, of 10 Union St., Aberdeen. Formerly 37 Beechgrove Ave ABD. (MAILLY WOOD CEMETERY) 
Donald, Charles  2/Lieut  1. 10/4/1916

2. 18/1/1917 

1. 17/6/16 

2. 8/4/1917 
1. To UK Wounded

2. To RFC 
Originally Pte 1473 (GH). To France 19/2/1915. Commissioned 1/10/1915. War Diary for April 1916 shows him as in draft from 3/5 Bn Gordon Hrs.  War Diary for June shows him as wounded.
Lundius, James Philip  Lieut  10/4/1916  22/4/1916  28/5/1916  Killed in action  Age 24. Son of Oscar and Mary Lundius, of Peterhead (MAROEUIL BRITISH CEMETERY) Medals to mother, Mrs M. Lunduis 19 Marischal St Peterhead. Formerly Sgt in 2nd Field Ambulance. Commissioned 9/4/1915.
Milne, Allan Smith  2/Lieut  11/4/1916  25/4/1916  26/6/1917 Killed in action  Age 37. Son of George and Isabella Ironside Milne. M.A. and B.L. of Aberdeen University. Born Aberdeen. (POPERINGHE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY)  "During one of these daily bombardments of this area a shell burst in the doorway of the HQ dugout of the 5th GH near Turco Farm. Fragments from the backblast of the shell came through the doorway killing 2/Lt A.S. Milne and wounding 4 trench mortar officers..." p.198 Hist. of 51st Div. Medals to mother: 32 Belvidere  St., Aberdeen.
Morrison, George Alexander  2/Lieut  11/4/1916  15/4/1916  31/7/1916  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows him in draft from 3/5 Bn Gordon Hrs. 15/4/16. Address as Edymion House Maud.  Later 91st  Punjabis
Watson, John Lawrence Craig  Lieut  1. 11/4/1916

1. 15/4/1916

2. 10/1/1917 
 1. 3/7/1916

2. 9/4/1917 
1. To UK Sick 

2. Killed in action
1.  War Diary shows him in draft from 3/5 Bn GH. 15/4/16. Commissioned 9/4/1915.
Age 20 Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Watson, of Kirk-Knowe House, Wishaw, Lanarkshire. (ARRAS MEMORIAL). Scotsman 20/4/1917 - casualty list - killed. "Lt John Watson was the 2nd son of Mrs Watson, Kirk-Knowe House Wishlaw. He was educated at Dollar Acadamy and captained the Rugby XV during 1914-15."
 Watson, William Jack  Captain  29/3/1918  5/4/1918  1/5/1918  To UK Wounded  War Diaries April 1918 shows returned from leave 4th - 10th April 1918. wounded 28th April.  Address - Rainnieshill, New Machar.
Aitken, J H  2/Lieut  25/5/1916  1/6/1916  2/8/1916  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded at High Wood 30/7/1916. Commissioned 2/10/1915, Lieut 1/7/1917. A/Capt 26/2/1918.
Greig, Thomas B  2/Lieut  25/5/1916  11/6/1916  30/8/1916  To UK Wounded  Address: 105 Abbey Rd St John's Wood London NW8
Maitland, William Barclay  2/Lieut  1. 25/5/1916

3. 12/5/1917
1. 11/6/1916 

2. 25/11/16 
1. 6/8/1916

2. 31/12/16 
1.To UK Wounded
2.To UK Sick
3. To UK Wounded 

Formerly Cpl 1926, GH. To France 1/5/1915. Address 84 Helix Rd Brixton Hill SW2. Latterly RAF

3. Buchan Observer 7/8/1917 - "Lt W.B. Maitland, GH, is reported seriously wounded for the third time. He is the eldest son of Mr William Maitland and Mrs Maitland, 5 Longate, Peterhead." DSO

Tarras, George Horatio  2/Lieut  25/5/1916  30/5/1916  24/7/1916  To UK Sick  Mentioned in Buchan Observer -Fraserburgh - 24/10/1916  re death of brother. Later RAF. Address: St Modans, Fraserburgh.
Taylor, Walter  2/Lieut  25/5/1916  1/6/1916  30/7/1916  Killed in action  Age 22. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) Father: William Taylor, Waverley, Stonehaven.
Wilson, George Alexander  2/Lieut  25/5/1916  1/6/1916  13/11/1916  Killed in action  Age 26. Only son of John E. Wilson, of Aberdeen. (HUNTER'S CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMEL  ) Born Glasgow 21 May 1890. Address 17 Belmont Rd ABD. Aberdeen  Medals to Stepmother (Address as above)
Cheyne, Alexander  2/Lieut  1. 9/6/1916

2. 6/4/1918 
1. 20/6/1916 

1. 13/11/16

Sick while on leave 

2.To UK Wounded

Attended Aberdeen University. Originally Pte in 4th Bn. Commissioned 2/10/1915.  War Diary shows him on list of men not going into battle 13/11/1916.  Lt 1/7/1917. Copy of personal dairy June - November 1916 held. Mentions many officers and men of the Battalion.
 War Diaries April 1918 shows returned from leave 4th-10th April 1918. Survived war. Story told in book "Forgotten Scottish Voices from the Great War." Address post war- Dunnikier Manse, Kirkcaldy.

Hendry, Allan Cruickshank  2/Lieut  9/6/1916  20/6/1916  8/11/1916  To RFC  Medals requested 18/4/21 - issued by Air Min. Address: 43 Carlton Place, Aberdeen.
Walker, Alexander Gray  2/Lieut  9/6/1916  20/6/1916  10/8/1916  To UK Sick  Originally Cpl S/8795 GH. To France 25/1/1915. Commissioned 25/9/1915. Address: Mormond View, Alexandra Terrace, Fraserburgh.
Wishart, Edward George  Lieut  29/3/1918  5/4/1918  21/4/1918   Died from wounds  In War Diaries April 1918 - returned from leave 4th-10th April 1918.  War Diary April.  - wounded.  Buchan Observer 30/4/1918. "Died of wounds received in action. He was the youngest son of Mr F.W.F Wishart, Hill of Fides, Foveran. He was 21 years of age and had acquired the tenancy of the important farm of Westerfolds, Duffus."   (AIRE COMMUNAL CEMETERY)
Brown, James  2/Lieut  15/6/1916  10/7/1916  1/8/1918  To UK Wounded  War  Diary shows wounded at High Wood, 30/7/1916.  Comm. GH 10/12/1915. SWB. Discharged 11/11/1917.  Address: 60 High St Fraserburgh.
Hendry, John Noble  2/Lieut  15/6/1916  24/6/1916  20/10/1916  To UK  Attached MGC. Address The Brae, Peterhead. Formerly Pte GH. Commissioned 17/1/1916.
Alexander, Philip Mansell  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Bn GH  29/6/1916  30/7/1916  Died from wounds  (HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBE)  
Aitkin, Robert  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Bn GH    29/6/1916   2/10/1916  To HQ 2nd Army  Later Lieut in RE. Address: 61 Coombe Gardens, New Malden, Surrey.
Nairn, Gordon Alexander  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Bn GH    29/6/1916   Nov 1917  To be Brigade Major 61st Inf Bde  Formerly Black Watch. Address: c/- Bank of Montreal, Threadneedle St. MiC shows MiD 25/5/1917.
Wilson, A  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Bn GH      29/6/1916  13/9/1916  To UK Sick   
Bisset, Edgar George William  2/Lieut   2/7/1916 10/7/1916  7/1/1917  Died from wounds   Age 20 Son of James D. and Agnes I. Bisset, of Union Bank House, Peterhead. (MENDINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY) Scotsman 13/1/1917 2/Lt Bisset GH & RFC has died of wounds. He was the 2nd son of Mr James Bisset, Union Bank Peterhead and was 20 years of age. He obtained his commission in December 1915.
Davidson, W M  2/Lieut  2/7/1916   10/7/1916 1/8/1916  To UK Wounded  Possibly same as Lt William Mason Davidson, 5th Bn GH, later killed in action 26/3/1918. Address: 23 Gt Northern Rd; Aberdeen
Jack, Robert Lawrence Munro  2/Lieut  2/7/1916  10/7/1916  13/10/1916  To RFC  Originally Pte 3191, GH. Commissioned 18/12/1915. Died of wounds 27/2/1917. 5th Bn and 16th Sqdn RFC  (AUBIGNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION) Medals to mother, Mrs L A Jack, Chatham New Brunswick.
Middleton, Louis William James  2/Lieut  2/7/1916  10/7/1916  29/11/1916  To War Office  Later RFC - wounded - SWB. Address: 75 Queen Street Peterhead.
Cattanach, John Roderick  Lieut  from 8/10th Bn GH    2/7/1916  5/8/1916  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded High Wood 30/7/1916. SWB. Address:- The Academy, Rothesay.
Philip, Norman McLeod Mc  2/Lieut  from 8/10th Bn GH      10/7/1916  7/8/1916  Dismissed from HM Service  London Gazette 19/9/1916: Temp 2nd Lt N McL MacD Philip is dismissed the Service by sentence of a General Court Martial 7/8/1916.
Watts, Edward Reginald 2/Lieut  from 4th GH  23/7/1916  5/9/1917  To UK Sick  To France (4th Bn) 21/2/1915. Later RFC. Medals to Mr E F Watts 76 Commercial Rd, Town Hall Square, Portsmouth.
Bowie,  John Nicolson 2/Lieut  13/8/1918  2/9/1916  26/10/1916  To UK Sick  Originally Cpl 2/6th GH. Commissioned (4th Bn.)  28/10/1915. SWB. Address c/- Dr Chambers, Murray Royal Perth.
Ferguson, Robert William  2/Lieut  13/8/1916  31/8/1916  13/11/1916  Killed in action  Originally Pte 3796 3/4 GH. Commissioned 19/6/1915. Age 29. Son of Alexander Ferguson of Peterhead (HAWTHORN RIDGE CEMETERY NO 2, AUCHONVILLERS.)  Born 20/10/1887.  Buchan Obs. 21/11/1916 - Peterhead - Mr Alex Ferguson 62 Queen St has received information that his youngest son was wounded in action on 13th inst. No further information has been received as to the extent of injuries. Lieut Ferguson graduated M,A , B.Sc. at Aberdeen University and prior to joining the Gordon Highlanders was mathematical master at Sharpe's Institute, Perth.
Johnston, Alexander Young  2/Lieut  13/8/1916  20/8/1916   4/12/19`6  To UK Wounded  Originally Pte No. 740, 5th City of Lond Regt. To France 5/11/1914. Then 2/Lt 4th (Res) Bn, GH.  Address: 96 Westbury Ave, Wood Green London N22.
McKenzie, W C  2/Lieut  13/8/1916  20/8/1916  23/10/1916  To UK Sick   
McKenzie, William Todd  2/Lieut  13/8/1916 20/8/1916  26/9/1916  To UK Sick  To Royal Engineers 12/6/1917. SWB. Address: Mansion House, Ellon
Reid, James Tom  2/Lieut  1.13/8/1916

3. 22/4/1918 
1. 20/8/1916


1.To UK Wounded 

2.To UK Wounded
3.To UK Wounded 

Formerly Pte No. 2413 London Reg.   To France 8/3/1915. Commissioned  22/12/1915

3. War Diary shows wounded 1/8/1918 .SWB.
Applies for medals (Star) 5/8/1920.Address:  1 Holland Park Ave., W11. MC Gazette 15/10/1918

Sykes, James Martyn Strickland  2/Lieut  13/8/1916   24/8/1916 13/11/1916  Killed in action  Age 19. Son of Richard G. and Elizabeth Sykes, of Low Wood, Lyndhurst, Hants. (Y RAVINE CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMEL)
Watt, John  2/Lieut  13/8/1916  20/8/1916  14/11/191  Died from wounds  Son of Mr. J. Watt, of Granite Cottage, Ellon. (MAILLY WOOD CEMETERY) Buchan Observer 21/11/1916 - Ellon - Mr John Watt, shoemaker, The Square, Ellon received a telegram on Saturday stating that his son 2/Lt John Watt has been wounded in action. No information has been received as to the extent of the injuries. Previous to the outbreak of war Lt Watt carried on a successful business as a cycle agent in Market Square Ellon. He was an enthusiastic member of the local corps of the Territorials. He was called up at the outbreak of war and received his commission in August 1915. [21/8/1915].  Buchan Observer  28/11/1916 - notification of death. Formerly Sgt 1070 5th GH. To France 2/5/1915.
Wright, Maxwell Campbell  Lieut 



1. 20/8/1916

2. 29/10/1918
1. 9/3/1918

2. 22/11/1918

Duty at home 

To UK Sick
Commissioned 7//7/1916. Lieut 7/1/1918. Later Capt. MC recorded in War Diary Feb 1917. 
MiC shows father Rev M.J. Wright applies for medals 1923 - address 123 Hamilton Place Aberdeen. Born Dornoch 1896. Married 1928 Edinburgh. Occupation medical practitioner age 31.  Wife Jessie Morrison Campbell. 1919 To West Africa - Colonial Service in 1919.
Napier, Egbert  Major    Joins from HQ 3rd Echelon 14/10/1916  13/11/1916  Killed in action 

To France 14/10/1916. Medals to widow (remarried) Mrs Cubitt, 87 Alexander Road Norwich.
Born 12/8/1867 in Mold Flintshire.
Commissioned 1900 (3rd Gordon Highlanders). Served in South Africa.
1909 Chief Constable for Norfolk. At the outbreak of war he initially joined the Northumberland Fusiliers as a Colonel, before taking a reduction in rank to re-join the Gordon Highlanders, serving in the 3rd Battalion, which remained in the UK as a reserve/training unit. However, he went to France on the 14th October 1916, as a replacement officer, being attached to the 5th Battalion. (My thanks to Steve Smith for this information) 

Falconer, R J  2/Lieut  18/10/1916  22/10/1916   17/4/1917 To UK Wounded  Listed in War Diary as wounded 12/4/1917. Also listed in War Diary Nov 1916 as in reserve during battle 13/11/1916
Ferguson, R M  2/Lieut  18/10/1916  22/10/1916  13/11/1916  Killed in action  Possibly same as  2/Lt Roderick Mackenzie Ferguson, 4th Bn. Age 21. Son of John Macrae Ferguson, I.S.O., and Mrs. Ferguson, of 4 Marine Terrace, Aberdeen. Born at Ashford, Kent. Employee of Canadian Bank of Commerce, Kingston, Ontario. (Y RAVINE CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMEL)
Findlayson, Ian Warrack  2/Lieut  18/10/1916  22/10/1916  10/4/1917  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 7/4/1917.  Later 4th Bn Gordons & DLI. Address: Achoor Estate, Vayitri PO, South India. SWB 
McLeod, George MacFarquhar  2/Lieut  18/10/1916  22/10/1916   7/4/1917 Killed in action  (MAROEUIL BRITISH CEMETERY) CWGC shows 7th Bn
Thomson, James  2/Lieut  18/10/1916  22/10/1916  1/6/1917  To UK Wounded  Listed in War Diary Nov 1916 as in reserve during battle 13/11/1916. Born 2/12/ 1889 Fraserburg . Died: 8/10/1952 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Volunteered in Canada September 1914 and went to France with the first Canadian contingent.  Was wounded at Ypres in April 1915 - shrapnel wound to the leg. Served 4th GH. Then 5th GH from October 1916. From Blunt family history site:
'My Grandfather was buried alive for hours after a bombing. His batman was with the other ranks and they came upon this pile of dirt and said ""Jimmy was right here when it struck""  So they dug for his body to give him a proper burial...and found him alive.   It was surmised that he had survived due to the small pockets of air trapped in the soil with him. He always had a nagging cough from the poisonous gasses of the war and this brush with death. There was a hole in his kilt where shrapnel had struck him and injured his thigh.'
Married 1917 - St. Pancras, London Ethel Marion Blunt b.1878 , ( Nurse) Shrewsbury.  
 Webster, Alexander  2/Lieut  18/10/1916  22/10/1916  9/4/1917  Killed in action  Originally Pte 1656, 4th Bn. To France 14/2/1915. Commissioned 1/12/1915. Death mentioned in War Diary.  Son of Felix and Marion Webster, of 265, Rosemount Place, Aberdeen.
Anton, Edward V  2/Lieut  6/12/1916  10/12/1916  16/5/1917  Killed in action  Originally L/Sgt 1686 6th Bn. To France 14/11/1914.  Commissioned  19/8/1915. Death mentioned in War Diary. Age 32 Son of Mrs. Annie Anton, of 3, Church St., Huntly  (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
Dufton, A  Lieut  6/12/1916  10/12/1916  23/7/1917  To War Office  MiC shows 2/Lt 6th GH. To France 1/4/1915. Later Captain A&SH. Address: Corse of Kinnoir, Huntly.
Duthie, William Smith  2/Lieut  6/12/1916  10/12/1916  30/5/1917  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 16th May 1917. Originally Cpl. 11th Canadian Infantry. Commissioned 6/7/1916. SWB. Address:18 St. Petersburgh Place, Bayswater, W2. Born 22/5/1892 Portessie Banffshire. Occupation Bank Clerk. Enlisted  Saskatoon 24/6/1915.
Ledingham, William Marshall 2/Lieut  6/12/1916  10/12/1916  1/8/1917   To RE Originally Pte 1606 GH. To France 19/2/1915. Commissioned 4/8/1916. War Diary July 1917 shows "struck off strength" 14th July - to RE. Address: Bleak Hill House, Burslem, Stoke on Trent.
Meldrum, George Dundas  2/Lieut  6/12/1916  10/12/1916   16/12/1916 Killed in action  Originally Pte S/13609, 3rd GH.   Husband of Dora M. Meldrum, of 2, Brookfield Rd., Cheltenham Rd., Bristol. (POZIERES BRITISH CEMETERY, OVILLERS-LA BOISSELLE ) Scotsman 12/1/1917 "2.Lt G.D. Meldrum has been killed in action. The youngest son of Mr Meldrum 23 Harrington Rd Aberdeen he was in business as a dentist in Bristol for several years and, returning to Aberdeen at the outbreak of the war joined a battalion of the Gordons.  He obtained his commission a few months ago.  Lt Meldrum was 25 years of age and is survived by his wife."
 Monkhouse, Robert Alexander  2/Lieut  6/12/1916  10/12/1916  9/4/1917  Killed in action  Originally Pte 12377 GH. Enlisted 13/8/1915. Commissioned into 6th Bn 15/12/1915.  Died aged 20. Son of Mr. and Mrs John Isaac Monkhouse, of "Bydand [or Byeland]," Strathpeffer, Ross-shire.  (Also extensive article in DeRuvigny's Roll of Honour. p196)
McIntosh, W H  2/Lieut  6/12/1916  10/12/1916  22/1/1917  To UK Sick  Address: W. Macintosh c/- General Register of Sasines, Register House, Edinburgh.
McPherson, J S  2/Lieut  6/12/1916 10/12/1916  11/2/1917  To 1/6 GH   
Rennie, James Davidson  2/Lieut  6/12/1916  10/12/1916  9/4/1917   Killed in action  Age 20 Son of John and Agnes H. Rennie, of Anguston, Peterculter. (ROCLINCOURT MILITARY CEMETERY) Scotsman 20/4/1917 casualty list 2nd/Lt J.D Rennie (killed) was gazetted in September 1916. Employed by North of Scotland Bank Ltd.
Skinner, John Herbert Stuart Alexander  2/Lieut  6/12/1916  10/12/1916   11/4/1917 To UK Wounded  War Diary shows wounded 7/4/1917. Originally Pte 2776 HLI. Later RAF.
Skae, Ernest Traill  Major  8/12/1916 From 4th Royal Scots  18/4/1917  20/5/1917  To UK Wounded  War Diary shows: Second in command was wounded on the Railway Embankment while battalion HQ were moving.
Henderson, R S  2/Lieut  from 1 London Scottish  27/12/1916  5/11/1917  Sick on leave   
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