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Peterhead's Roll of Honour
A - F
The following are the names that appear on the Peterhead War Memorial and were published in the Buchan Observer on 8th August 1922. Only the names of soldiers are given here (i.e not seamen). The names on the Memorial appear on four panels each panel containing two columns of 45 or 46 names. A number of names have been added to the original list of 359, the total now being 366. The additions were added to the bottom of the relevant panels. The original published list contained only surname, rank and regiment and in some cases this has made identificaltion difficult.  Extra information exists about many members of the 5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders. Where I have some additional information on other men I have included the reference.  Please contact me for details: carolyn@carolynmorrisey.com
Surname Christian Names Born Enlisted Number RANK Cause Place Date Notes 
ADAM Francis A
Aberdeen Aberdeen 8531 CPL
Killed in Action  F & F 20/07/16 1st Bn The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Son of Alexander & Mary Adam, 7 Ferryhill Terr; Aberdeen (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL) List shows rank as CPL.
ADAMS Robert Peterhead Peterhead 240432 PTE Killed in Action F & F 18/04/17 1st/5th Bn Gordon H. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
AIRD Hugh Peterhead Aberdeen 9419 GDSN Killed in Action F & F 20/01/15 1st Bn Scots Guards. Age 20. Son of Hugh Aird, Martin Rd, Insch. (LE TOURET MEMORIAL)
ALEXANDER Alexander John       2/LT Killed in Action F & F 27/11/17 5th Bn. attd. 2nd/6th Bn. West Riding Regt. Age 20. Son of Francis and Helen Ann Alexander, of 28, Constitution St., Peterhead. (CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL)
ALEXANDER Alexander Murrison Peterhead   130255 PTE   F & F 13/07/16 16th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  Born 1887. Son of Mrs Elizabeth A. Alexander, 18 St Peters St Peterhead. (RAILWAY DUGOUTS BURIAL GROUND)
ALEXANDER Charles   Aberdeen 201625 PTE Killed in Action F & F 23/07/16 4th Gordon H  (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
ALEXANDER George Peterhead   524A GUNNER Killed in Action   30/08/18 2nd Coy. Aust MGC . Son of Mrs Mary Alexander, 14 Kirk St Peterhead (Later of Alloa) (VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MEMORIAL)
ALEXANDER Harry Peterhead Peterhead 2733 PTE Killed in Action F & F 26/03/16 5th Bn Gordon H. Son of Charles Alexander, cooper, and Mary Lovie.  (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
ALLARDYCE James Peterhead Peterhead 241174 PTE Killed in Action F & F 11/04/17 5th Bn Gordon H.   Age 28 Son of John Allardyce St Peter St. PHD. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
ANDERSON Alexander Finnie     240765 SERGT Killed in Action F & F 31/07/17 5th Bn Gordon H. Age 27. Husband of Maggie Jane Smart (formerly Anderson), of 9, William Square, Footdee, Aberdeen.(YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL)
ANDERSON Adam James Peterhead Aberdeen 38570 PTE Killed in Action F & F 28/03/18 13th Bn Royal Scots. Age 19. Son of Adam James & Agnes Anderson, Union Grove ABD. (ARRAS MEMORIAL) (Buchan Observer article 21/5/1918. Obit. 24/6/1919)
ANDERSON Alexander W     2704 PTE Killed in Action F & F 26/03/16 5th Bn Gordon H. Age 20. Grandson of Mrs. Agnes Anderson.(ARRAS MEMORIAL)
ANDERSON Charles Peterhead Peterhead 37358 L/CPL Killed in Action F & F 16/09/16 61st Coy Machine Gun Corps (Formerly 3348 Gordon H) Age 20. Son of William & Jane Anderson,  Auchirie, Cruden Bay.  (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
ANDERSON Hector      S/24599  PTE  Died  Home  8/10/1920 9th Bn Seaforth H. Age 21 Son of John & Helen Anderson of Alness Ross-shire (PETERHEAD CEMETERY) Died of pulmonary tuberculosis. Address 2 Mackie Place Peterhead.
ANDERSON John   Peterhead 240940 PTE Killed in Action F & F 31/07/17 5th Bn Gordon H (NEW IRISH FARM CEMETERY)
ANDERSON William     A/20823 PTE   F & F 01/12/15 16th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment) Age 24.Son of James and Jane Anderson, of Peterhead. (LA PLUS DOUVE FARM CEMETERY)
ANGUS Murdoch   McLeod Peterhead   154680 SAPPER Died of Wounds F & F 06/06/18 9th Bn.Canadian Railway Troops. Age 34. Son of James and Isabella Angus. Native of Peterhead.(ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY) (Buchan Observer article 18/6/1918)
AULD Alexander     S/9563 PTE Died Home 07/11/18 1 Gordon H. (PETERHEAD CEMETERY) (Possibly Alexander Auld age 30, died of influenza 4? November 1918, 20 Tolbooth Wynd Peterhead. )
BAIN Robert G New Deer Aberdeen 202451 PTE Died of Wounds Egypt 24/10/17 1/5th Royal Scots Fusiliers. Age 41  Son of George & Agnes Clark Bain, 23 King St; Peterhead. (DEIR EL BELAH WAR CEMETERY ISRAEL)
BAIRD George Peterhead Peterhead 240761 SERGT Died of Wounds F & F 11/05/18 "A" Coy 1st Gordon H. Age 23. Son of Isabella Davidson  Baird & Late William Baird, Port Henry Rd PHD.   (ETAPLES)
BAIRD John Stewart Peterhead Peterhead 240878 A/CPL Killed in Action F & F 26/10/17 2nd Gordon H. Age 20 Son of Isabella Davidson  Baird & late William Baird,  Port Henry Rd (TYNE COT MEMORIAL)
BAIRD William George Peterhead Peterhead M/354029 SERGT Died Home 30/10/18 Motorised Transport,. A.S.C.( Formerly 2692 Gordon H.) Age 23   Son of David & Jane Baird North St. PHD.  (PETERHEAD CEM) Buried 6th Nov 1918
BANNERMAN Douglas James Peterhead Peterhead S/20013 PTE Died At Sea 15/04/17 2nd Bn Black Watch (Royal H.) (CHATBY MEMORIAL - ALEXANDRIA EGYPT) 
BARRON Alexander G   Maud 240718 PTE Killed in Action F & F 14/10/18 1/4 Gordon H. Nephew of Mrs. E. Milne, of 13, Seagate, Peterhead.(NAVES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION)
BEAGRIE John Peterhead Peterhead 240324 PTE Died of Wounds F & F 14/08/17 D Coy 1st/5th Bn Gordon H. Age 28. Son of Peter & Georgina Milne Beagrie of PHD. Husb. of Amelia Milne. Broad St PHD. (MENDINGHEM)
BEATON George Peterhead Peterhead 10275 A/SGT Died E. Africa 07/08/16 Gordon H. Age 29. Husb. of Mary B. Beaton, Bonaccord St ABD. (FREETOWN, KING TOM MEMORIAL)
BENNETT Robert Peterhead Peterhead 3/5844 PTE Killed in Action F & F 29/10/14 2nd Bn Gordon H. (Formerly 2692 Gordon.H) Age 24. Son of Frederick & Ann Bennett Marichal St PHD.  (YPRES MENIN GATE MEMORIAL)
BIRNIE Alexander Peterhead Glasgow S/14335 PTE Killed in Action F & F 06/05/16 C Coy 7th Bn Cameron H. Age 24. Son of Mr & Mrs Alex Birnie, Longate. PHD. (LOOS MEMORIAL)
BIRNIE A       SERGT       Scottish Rifles
BISSET Edgar George William       2LT Killed  Flying F & F 07/01/17 5th Bn Gordon H and RFC. Age 20. Son of James D. and Agnes I. Bisset, of Union Bank House, Peterhead.(MENDINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY)
BOOTH John     2405 SERGT Killed in Action F & F 14/04/17 Newfoundland Regt. Age 27. Son of James and Jessie Booth, of 43.5, Marischal St., Peterhead. (BEAUMONT-HAMEL (NEWFOUNDLAND) MEMORIAL)
BREMNER William James Peterhead Peterhead 9134 PTE Killed in Action Med. 01/07/16 1st Bn 2nd Kings Own Scottish Borderers. Age 31. Husband of Chrissie Taylor Bremner. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
BROOKS Alan J Peterhead Aberdeen 266773 PTE Killed in Action F & F 26/03/18 7th Gordons (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
BROOKS William Peterhead Peterhead 3839 PTE Killed in Action F & F 13/11/16 1st/5th Bn Gordon H. (ANCRE BRITISH CEM.  BEAUMONT-HAMEL)
BROWN David Bissett Peterhead Peterhead 1871 SERGT Killed in Action F & F 13/11/16 1st/5th Bn Gordon H. Age 21. Son of William & Isabella Brown, Clarence St ABD. (MAILLY WOOD)
BROWN John Niddrie     Ch/236 PTE   Greece 06/12/18 3rd R.M. Bn.Royal Marine Light Infantry. Age 31. Grandson of Charles Brown, of 50, Longate, Peterhead. (PORTIANOS MILITARY CEMETERY)
BRUCE George Peterhead Peterhead S/43299 PTE Killed in Action F & F 11/04/17 1st Bn Gordon H. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
BRUCE Joseph M Peterhead Aberdeen S/14070 PTE Died of Wounds F & F 18/08/16 1st Bn. Gordon H. (BRONFAY FARM CEM. BRAY-SUR-SOMME)
BRUCE James S St Fergus Peterhead 240281 PTE Killed in Action F & F 24/03/18 1st Bn. Gordon H. Age 20. Son of William & Mary Bruce of Mains, Inverugie. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
BRUCE Peter     432897 CPL   F & F 30/10/17 49th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) (YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL)
BRUCE Robert James        2/LT   F & F 02/02/18 6th Bn South Staffordshire Regiment. Age 21. Son of Robert and Jessie Bruce, of 4, St. Peter St., Peterhead. (FLESQUIERES HILL BRITISH CEMETERY) (Buchan Observer Feb 1918)
BUCHAN Alexander A Peterhead Aberdeen S/7942 CPL Killed in Action F & F 13/11/16 1st Bn Gordon H.  Age 20 Son of Mr & Mrs A D Buchan, Roseberry Terr; Wick, Caithness (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
BUCHAN Alexander Peterhead Aberdeen 240687 SERGT Died of Wounds F & F 19/04/17 5th Bn Gordon H.  Son of Alexander Buchan, of 15, St. Peter's St. Peterhead.  (ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY)
BUCHAN A. D       PTE       1st Bn Gordon H
BUCHAN James        2/LT Killed in Action F & F 22/03/18 15th Bn Loyal North Lancs. Age 25. Son of Alex and Eliza Jean Buchan. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
BUCHAN J       PTE       5th Bn Gordon H (4 possibilities)
BUCHAN Joseph     263149 PTE   F & F 23/08/18 17th Bn Royal Sussex. (CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ) Feb 1918 Roll of Honour shows Pte Joseph) Buchan, Royal Susex, Peterhead (Buchanhaven) died 1918.
BUCHAN Thomas Peterhead Calgary 467040 PTE Killed in Action F & F 19/04/16 13th Bn Canadian Scottish (Quebec Regiment). Age 36.  Son of David and Jessie West Buchan, of Buchanhaven, Peterhead; husband of Christina Buchan, of 29, High St., Buchanhaven, Peterhead, (CHESTER FARM CEMETERY)
BURNETT James Fyvie Peterhead Aberdeen S/13649 PTE Died of Wounds F & F 23/08/16 1st Bn Gordon H. Age 28. Son of Jesse Thomson Burnett, Princes St PHD. (LA NEUVILLE BRITISH CEM.)
BURNETT William John Bruce Peterhead Aberdeen 138113 PTE Died of Wounds F & F 28/09/18 63rd Bde Machine Gun Corps  R.N. Div. Formerly S/22841 A&SH. Age 19. Son of Sarah Geddes, Port Henry Lane PHD. (SUNKEN RD CEM. BOISLEUX-ST MARC)
CARLE George Peterhead Peterhead S/43315 PTE Killed in Action F & F 14/06/17 1st Bn Gordon H. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
CARNEGIE William Leslie Peterhead   16 PTE Killed in Action F & F 20/07/16 8th Coy. Australian MGC Age 25. Son of Robert and Alexandrina Carnegie, of Sunny View, Cairntrodlie, Peterhead (ANZAC CEMETERY, SAILLY-SUR-LA-LYS) (Formerly served with 5th Bn Gordon H.)
CARR J       PTE       Royal Scots. Possibly John Carr, 302811 7th Bn Royal Scots, formerly S/7540. Gordon H. (SNWM) Killed in action 23/8/1918. Born Dundee. Merchant seaman. Married in Peterhead 1915. Pte 3rd Bn Gordon H. (per marriage certificate). However age on marriage cert (1915) is 30. Age on Service returns 39 in 1918.
CASSIE William R     S/8338 PTE   F & F 25/09/15 2nd Bn Gordon H (LOOS MEMORIAL)
CATTO John Peterhead Peterhead 2127 PTE Killed in Action F & F 14/11/16 1st/5th Bn Gordon H. Age 19 Son of John & Agnes Catto, The Smithy, Roseharty Fraserburgh.  (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
CHALMERS James Peterhead Aberdeen 292570 L/CPL Killed in Action F & F 28/07/18 1/5 Gordon H.  Son of Mr J Chalmers, Prison Blg. Peterhead (VILLEMONTOIRE) (Buchan Observer article 6/8/1918)
CHALMERS Joseph Peterhead Aberdeen S/6134 PTE Died F & F 03/07/18 9th Gordon H. Age 28. Son of Alex. & Elizabeth Chalmers High St Cuminestown. (AUBIGNY)
CHEYNE A.M     13243 PTE   F & F 17/12/17 15th Bn. H.L.I. Son of Mrs. J. Forsyth, of 12, Back St., Peterhead. (MENDINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY)
CHISHOLM Roderick     11396 L/CPL   F & F 13/09/14 2nd Bn Royal Scots (LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIAL)
CLARK Alexander       LT & QM       9th Bn Seaforth H 9th Bn Seaforth H Age 46. Husband of Martha J. Clark, of Sandison's Buildings, High St., Alness (HARINGHE (BANDAGHEM) MILITARY CEMETERY) Son of A. Clark 84 Queen St Peterhead.  (Buchan Observer article 30/4/1918)
CLARK David       PTE     29/03/05 3rd Bn Gordon H 3rd Bn Gordon H.  No details. (Name also appears in a list of Peterhead casualties in Buchan Observer, Feb. 1919, giving year of death as 1915.)
COCKBURN James Peterhead Aberdeen S/31014 PTE Killed in Action F & F 28/03/18 7th Bn Cameron H. Formerly 6790 Lovat Scouts  (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
COLLYER Arthur Hamilton Dollar     2/LT     23/04/17 5th Bn Gordon H. Age 25 Son of Annabella Collyer, of Dollar, and the late Arthur Hamilton Collyer (ATHIES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION)
COOPER John Peterhead   6/4014 PTE   F & F 21/09/16 2nd Bn  Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F. (CATERPILLAR VALLEY (NEW ZEALAND) MEMORIAL)  Date also given as 21/10/1916.
CRAIB James       PTE Killed in Action F & F 17/05/15 5th Bn Gordon H. Age 22 (LE TOURET MEMORIAL)
CRAIG Robert     S/18121 PTE   F & F 28/11/17 1st Bn Gordon H. Age 30.   Son of Robert and Helen Main Craig, husband of Mary MacPherson Craig, of 24, Maiden St., Peterhead. Native of Stonehaven. (ECOUST MILITARY CEMETERY, ECOUST-ST. MEIN)
CRAIG R       PTE       3/5 Gordon H.
CRUICKSHANK Alexander Peterhead Peterhead 3533 PTE Killed in Action F & F 13/11/16 5th Bat.Gordon H. Age 19. Son of Mary Cruickshank, Peterhead (MAILLYWOOD)
CRUICKSHANK James Peterhead   20000 RIFLEMAN   F & F 07/05/18 "C" Coy 1st Bn. Royal Irish Rifles. Age 18. Son of John and Margaret Jane Cruickshank, of 2, Brickfield Cottages, Londonderry (BARD COTTAGE CEMETERY)
CRUICKSHANK Robert Peterhead Aberdeen S/24008 PTE Killed in Action F & F 19/04/18 Seaforth H. Formerly TR/1/18670 T.R. Battn. (Irish Reserve) (Buchan Observer article 6/8/1918) Home town, Ellon.
CURRIE Stephen Peterhead   240873 PTE Killed in Action F & F 20/09/17 5th Bn Gordon H  Age 21. Son of James Currie, of 179, Hardgate, Aberdeen, late of Peterhead. (TYNE COT MEMORIAL)  (Buchan Observer article /7/1918)
DALGARNO John Smith Peterhead Aberdeen 7286 A/BDR Killed in Action F & F 10/06/17 "A" Baty, 174 Brigade Royal Field Artillery. Age 22. Son of Lydia Joyner Dalgarno, Weavers Lane PHD (VLAMERTINGHE)
DAVIDSON Alexander Peterhead Aberdeen 3/3553 PTE Killed in Action F & F 13/11/16 1st Bn Gordon H (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
DAVIDSON Arthur Peterhead Aberdeen S/14709 PTE Died of Wounds Egypt 30/12/17 14th ( Fife & Forfar Yeomanry Bn) Black Watch.Age 25 Son of Patrick & Jemima S. Davidson of Peterhead. (RAMLEH)
DAVIDSON Bailie Patrick Peterhead Aberdeen 74828 PTE Killed in Action F & F 30/08/18 11th Bn Royal Fusiliers.  Formerly 15471 41st T.R Battn (COMBLES)
DAVIDSON George Peterhead Aberdeen 9971 PTE Died Germany 27/10/18 1st Bn Gordon H. Age 30. Brother of Mrs Elizabeth Jacobs, Park St, Port Credit Ontario. (NIEDERZWEHREN) (Buchan Observer article 7/5/1918 - Father David 6 Backgate Peterhead.)
DAVIDSON James M   Peterhead 240637 PTE Died of Wounds F & F 01/08/17 5th Bn Gordon H.  (DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY)
DAVIDSON Russell Watt Peterhead Peterhead 240064 L.SGT Died E. Africa 01/10/17 Gordon H. Attached to King's African Rifles. Age 23. Son of David & Williamina Davidson. Queen St. PHD. (DAR ES SALAAM)
DAVIDSON Thomas Peterhead Peterhead S/43279 CPL Died of Wounds F & F 28/09/17 1st Bn Gordon H. (DOZINGHEM)
DAVIDSON W       PTE       1st Bn Gordon H.
DAVIDSON William  Peterhead Peterhead 2532 PTE Killed in Action F & F 31/07/16 5th Bn Gordon H. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
DAVIDSON William J Peterhead Aberdeen 6499 CSM Killed in Action F & F 17/05/15 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers.Age 34 Husband of Annie Davidson, Chestnut Row, Aberdeen. (LE TOURQUET)
DAVIDSON William Lamb Peterhead Peterhead 240773 PTE Killed in Action F & F 26/03/18 7th Bn Gordon H. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
DEWELL (DUELL) Alexander     452 PTE   F & F 17/05/15 "B" Coy. 2nd Bn. Gordon H. Age 23. Son of William and Annie Duell, of Burnhaven, Peterhead (BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY)
DICKIE Cecil Barron
      2/LT   F & F 18/8/1918
107 Sqd. RAF and Black Watch. Age 20. Son of John Barron Dickie, and Christina Bruce Dickie, of 51, Queen St., Peterhead. (ARRAS FLYING SERVICES MEMORIAL) (Buchan Observer 23/7/1918)
DICKSON Isaac Fife   S/17425 PTE   F & F 04/05/18 1st Bn. Gordon H (LOOS MEMORIAL) Buchan Observer Roll of Honour Feb 1919 shows his Residence as Peterhead. (Buchan Observer article 28/5/1918)
DOUGLAS Robert Morrison Wilson Old Deer     2/LT   F & F 29/03/18 5th Bn Gordon H Age 24. Son of Mr & Mrs Alexander Douglas, 2 St Mary Street, Peterhead (POZIERS MEMORIAL) (Buchan Observer article 9/4/1918)
DUELL (DEWELL) John Peterhead Aberdeen 27175 PTE Died of Wounds F & F 08/03/16 17th Bn Royal Scots (ST VAAST POST, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUE)
DUGUID James Peterhead Aberdeen S/3648 PTE Killed in Action F & F 20/02/17 1st Bn Gordon H. Age 29 Son of John & Jessie Duguid,  Windmill St PHD. (FAUBOURG D'AMIENS, ARRAS)
DUNBAR George Peterhead Banchory 290010 PTE Died F & F 16/04/18 Gordon H. (former service number 555) Age 21. Son of George & Jane Dunbar, Spital, ABD. (VIEILLE-CHAPELLE, LACOUTURE) (Buchan Observer 24/6/1919)
DUNBAR Norman Peterhead Banchory 117055 CPL Killed in Action F & F 19/07/18 Machine Gun Corps. Formerly 4884 Gordon H. Son of George & Jane Dunbar, Spital. ABD. (METEREN)
DUNCAN William C     240767 PTE Killed in Action F & F 31/07/17 Age 31. Husband of Fanny Duncan,  5 Roanheads, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, late of Lumphanan.  (NEW IRISH FARM CEMETERY)
DYKER Henry F     2299 L/CPL Died Home 03/02/15 5th Bn Gordon H. Died at Peterhead. Age 19.  Son of Charles & Eliza Dyker, Sauchen Bush, Buckie.(BUCKIE NEW CEMETERY) (Death certificate)
EDWARDS J Glasgow     RIFLEMAN   Mesop. 06/07/18 6th Royal Irish Rifles ((BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERY))
ELRICK Morice     Deal/12589(S) PTE     02/02/18 Royal Marine Labour Corps  Dunkerque Depot. (ABERDEEN (TRINITY) CEMETERY)
EWAN John Peterhead Peterhead S/17308 PTE Killed in Action F & F 23/03/18 6th Bn Gordon H. Age 23. Son of John & Helen Ewen, Jamaica St. ABD. (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
FALCONER George Patton Peterhead Peterhead 36721 PTE Died of Wounds F & F 25/10/18 9th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers. Formerly 4931 A.S.C . Brother of Mr P. Falconer, Abbey Hill, Edinburgh. (AWOINGT)
FERGUSON George Peterhead Peterhead 240645 PTE Killed in Action F & F 23/06/17 1st/5th Bn. Gordon H. Age 20 Son of George & Mary Dyce Ferguson, The Cottages H.M. Prison PHD. (VLAME RTINGHE)
FERGUSON Peter     138456 PTE   F & F 31/08/18 50th Bn MGC . Age 20. Son of John Ferguson, of H.M. Prison, Peterhead; husband of Jeannie Florence May Uccellotti (formerly Ferguson), of 41, St. Mary St., Peterhead.(VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIAL)
FERGUSON Robert W       2/LT Killed in Action F & F 13/11/16 5th Bn Gordon H. Age 29. Son of Alexander Ferguson of Peterhead (HAWTHORN RIDGE CEMETERY NO 2, AUCHONVILLERS.)
FINNIE Alexander Canning Peterhead   45101 SAPPER   F & F 30/10/17 3rd Field Coy. Canadian Engineers. Age 31. Husband of Christian Finnie, of Bloomfield Cottage, South Rd., Peterhead (VLAMERTINGHE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY) (Buchan Observer article 23/4//1918)
FLORENCE A.K       PTE       MGC (Possibly 3739 5th Bn Died 1916)
FORBES William Peterhead Peterhead 240044 PTE Killed in Action F & F 21/03/18 5th Bn Gordon H. (POZIERES)
FORMAN Alexander Peterhead Peterhead 2533 PTE Killed in Action F & F 18/03/16 B Coy 1st/5th Bn Gordon H. Age 20. Son of Aleander & Jane Forman, PHD. (ECOIVRES, MONT-ST ELOI)
FRASER George A     1784 L/CPL Killed in Action F & F 26/03/16 5th Bn Gordon H. Age 18. Born Old Deer. Son of Lewis & Christine Fraser, Easterton PHD.  (MAROEUIL BRITISH CEM.) 
FRASER John     3609 PTE Killed in Action F & F 13/11/16 5th Bn Gordon H. Age 21. Son of Colin and Sophia Jaffray Fraser, of Peterhead.( MAILLY WOOD CEMETERY). 

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