Battalion Roll : 1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders 1914

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    Number Rank Name Address Additional Notes
New Recruits
"In addition to the above, the following have enrolled for the same unit and are at present in training at Peterhead" Buchan Observer
1             2216   McRae, William Longside To France 2/5/1915 . Disembodied 12/3/1919.  (MiC)
2   2221   Walker, William S 38 Windmill St Peterhead  Buchan Obs. 28/11/1916: Mrs Walker advises that her only son was killed in action on 13th November [1916]. He was killed instantantaneously while performing nobly the duty allotted to him and his body has been buried in a small cemetery behind the lines. He was 21 years of age and previous to enlistment was in the employment of the late Mr W. Gibson, cabinetmakers, Queen Street, Peterhead.  (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
3   2223   Buchan, Robertson 49 Shore St, Fraserburgh Killed in action 25/7/1916. Age 21. Son of Mr and Mrs Ben Buchan of 64 Cross St Fraserburgh. (FLATIRON COPSE CEMETERY, MAMETZ) Buchan Obs. 8/8/1916: Mrs Buchan, Saltoun Square has been notified that her son was instantaneously killed by shellfire in action on 25th July. Pte Buchan was 21 years of age and before the war was a fisherman.
4       Colvin, P 10 Threadneedle St, Peterhead  
5   2226   Irvine,  Andrew Mitchell Brucklay Transferred to MGC Killed in action 20/04/1917. Age 21.   Son of Helen Irvine, of Willanslea, Maud, Aberdeenshire, and the late William Irvine.
6   2228   Sim, John 52 Schools St, Fraserburgh Killed in action 30/7/16. Age 27. Son of John and Mary Ann Sim, of 67, College Bounds, Fraserburgh. Born Rosehearty
7   2234   Hardy, Lewis.J Tipperty, Ellon Killed in action 13/11/1916. Age 26. Son of Margaret Hardie, of Newark, Tipperty, Ellon and the late George Hardy.
8   2229   Gilmour, William James Littlemill, Esslemont Scotsman casualty list 13/11/1917- wounded - (Slains) Disembodied 23/9/1919. 240488 
9       Coutts, George R Ellon Born abt 1890. Son of William and Margaret Coutts, The Square, Ellon (1901 census)
10   2243   Herd, William Foveran Wounded 31/7/1916. SWB. Discharged 21/11/1918
11   2241   Keiloh, Alexander McP Auchterless Farm Servant. Killed Beaumont Hamel 1916. Age 23 Son of James and Annie Keilloh, of 96, Water St., Strichen. (Y RAVINE CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMEL)
12   2240   Chalmers, George M Lunderton, St Fergus Killed in action 17/05/1917 (ARRAS MEMORIAL)
13   2236   Marshall, George Dumbreck, Udny To France 5/12/1915. Disembodied 23/4/1919. 240490
14   2227   Mitchell, John 1 Albert St, Fraserburgh To France 5/12/1915. Discharged to Class Z 26/2/1919 . 240486
15   2246   Davidson, William 6 Love Lane, Peterhead To France 4/12/1915. Later transferred to MGC.
16   2245   Phillips, William 24 Chapel St, Peterhead Scotsman 18/6/1917-casualty lists -wounded (Peterhead). Later Tank Corps.
17   2248   Pyper, Alexander G Oldwhat, New Deer Killed in action 12/04/1918 (6th Bn) Age 22.   Son of Georgina Pyper, of Oldwhat, New Deer, Aberdeenshire, and the late James F. Pyper
18   2247   Gerrard, James Auchinblae Died of wounds 21/12/1916. Age 24. Son of Robert and Jane Gerrard, of Mains of Haulkerton, Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire.
19       Beattie, W 2 Water Lane, Ellon  
20   2239   Angus, Bruce Schoolhouse, Ellon Died  of wounds 14/11/16 in Number 1 CCS of wounds received the previous day. Age 24. Youngest son of James and Margaret Angus (Mitchell), of Ellon. Born Buthlaw, Longside 18/1/1892.  Educated at Ellon Public School. Tailor in civil life.  Went to Canada but returned and enlisted 23/9/1914.
21   2250   Dinnes, John 795 King St, Aberdeen Killed in action 31/7/1916. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL  ) Enlisted Peterhead To France 2/5/1915. Service Returns show aged 21. Born 1895. Son of John Dinnes, ploughman, and Helen Murray. (Brother George, Scots Guards, died 30/1/1919)
22   2256   Cantlay, W (or Cantley) Clochoan, Auchnagatt Died of wounds 26/7/1916. (HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBE) Buchan Obs. 22/8/1916 (Auchnagatt): Left school at 14 -in farm service at Strichen when war broke out. Enlisted aged 16. "It is probable that he sleeps near Deville Wood".
23   2260   Duncan, William Auchmacoy, Ellon Later Labour Corp.
24   2373   Webster, John 4 Brown Pl, Edinburgh  
25   2259   Rennie, George 10 Leman Place, Aberdeen Scotsman 7/7/1915 - casualty list - wounded. (L.Cpl). Killed in action 31/7/1916 (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
26   2253   Pratt, William Angus High St, Turriff Saddler. Served from 22/9/14 tp 23/1/19. Fought in all major battles. Wounded 12/4/1918 and 12/10/1918. Returned home in October 1918. (WBT).
MiC - Discharged to Class Z 21/2/1919. 240500.
27   2251   Gow, Edward George Main St, Turriff Shoemaker. Wounded Nov 1915. Discharged to Class Z 24/2/1919.240499
28   2252   Rennie, Alfred Balmellie, Turriff Chemist.  Wounded at Courcelette Dec 1917. Wounded and taken prisoner Bapaume 21/3/1918. SWB. Discharged (no date). Address (MiC) c.1923: 316 King St East. Toronto Ontario. Migrated to Canada from Glasgow April 1923 - occupation Chemist - age 25.
29   2254   McBoyle, John Backmill, Auchterless Disembodied 6/3/1919 
30   2261   Rhind, John (or Rhynd) 12 St Peter St, Peterhead Wounded 24/6/1917. Disembodied 1/4/1919. 240502
31       Ellis, J 10 Balmoor Terrace, Peterhead  
32   2262   Coutts, Edward Littlemill, Tarves Scotsman 22/9/1915 casualty list - wounded (Ellon). Killed in action 31/7/1916. Age 20. Son of George Coutts of Little Shallow Plough, Ellon
33   2264   Pirie, Lewis W 9 Erroll St, Peterhead To France 2/8/1915. Buch. Ob. 23/4/1918. Reported missing, believed prisoner of war.  He was a labourer at Peterhead harbour.  His wife resides at 8 Erroll St.,
Peterhead. [Married Eliza Bonnar in 1908. ] Later assumed killed 21/3/1918
Age abt. 36. Son of William Pirie, labourer and the late Mary Pirie (Irvine).
34   2266   Robson, William 13 Back St, Peterhead Died of wounds 28/7/1916 at No 38 Casualty Clearing Station. Age 19. Son of Walter and Jane Robson, of 25 Broad Street, Peterhead. (HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBE)
35   2267   Bruce, William Newseat, Peterhead In Reserve for battle 13/11/1916 "D" Coy.  Discharged 24/1/1919. 240505 (Sgt)
36   2268   Boyle, James Baluss, Mintlaw Scotsman 23/4/1917 casualty lists - wounded  (Mintlaw).Later Labour Corps. (Cpl) 
37   2269   Matthew, Henry Howie Lethenty, Fyvie Farm servant. Killed in action 20/3/16. "C" Coy. Age 22. Son of Alexander and Jessie Matthew, of Lethenty, Fyvie (ECOIVRES MILITARY CEMETERY)
38       McAllister, D Manse St, Fraserburgh  
39   2271   Webster, David A Kelly, Methlick Killed in action 13/11/1916. Age 24. Son of Gordon and Margaret Webster, of Kelly, Methlick.
40       Murray, David 46 Kirk St, Peterhead Born abt 1894. Son of William (stationary engine room driver) & Jessie Murray, Kirk St. (No Trace MiC) 
41   2289   Stephen, Daniel  McL 38 Maiden St, Peterhead Cooper employed by Woods and Sons. Buchan Observer report 1918:  "Daniel Stephen has been gassed and is in hospital in France.  This is the 5th time he has been wounded. Two other brothers are in France". Son of James C Stephen, cooper, Maiden Street.  Disembodied 28/3/1919
42   2284    Neilson, Charles Lossiemouth Teacher in Lossiemouth. Family from Ellon where his father William  was postmaster. Born Montrose 1889.  Enlisted at Peterhead in September. Later CSM. Killed at Neuville-St.-Vaast,  2 June 1916. His brother Rolland was also killed. See additional information.
43   2276   Murdoch, William George High St, Macduff Killed in action 13/11/1916. MiC shows next of kin - mother - Mrs M Murdock 47 High St McDuff. (ANCRE BRITISH CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMEL )
44   2287   Scott, Robert Crimond Buchan. Ob. 9/4/1918. (Crimond) Mr George Scott, blacksmith, Crimond, has received official information that his son has been dangerously wounded. Pte Scott has been at the front for over three years. 
Died of wounds 29/3/1919.  1st Bn. S/40347 Age 23. Son of George and Margaret Scott, of Crimond, Lonmay.(AUBIGNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION) 
45   2279   Pirie, Alexander Turriff Farm Servant. Killed by a shell at Roclincourt 10/4/1917. Age 21. Adopted son of Jane Duncan, of Hill of Cook, Fisherie, Turriff.
46   2283   Duncan, Peter Turriff

Farm Servant. France May 1915-January 1918. Twice wounded and honourably discharged as medically unfit 14/3/1918. SWB. 240514.
Wounded 22/7/1916.
Wounded 20/11/1917 "C" Coy   (Barbed Wire) To hospital 26/11/17. 

47   2277   Stephen, Andrew Ythanwells Killed in action 13/11/1916. Age 25. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stephen, of South Cranlock, Drumblade, Huntly. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
48   2232   McIntosh, James R Turriff Wounded Sept 1915. Later Sgt in MGC
49   2274   Barron, Alexander 32 Cluny St, Banff Scotsman 18/6/1917-casualty lists-wounded 240509 (Banff) 
50   2353   Legge, Forbes Denhead, Banff Died of wounds 28/3/1918. Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Legge, of Denhead, Banff; husband of Annie Legge, of Macduff. 240549
51   2278   Massie, John King Edward Farm Worker. Enlisted 30/9/14. Served in France 10/5/16 - 31/7/16. Killed in the battle of the Somme 31/7/1916. Age 22. Son of James and Annie Massie, of Milltack, King Edward.
52   2350    Stewart, James (Stuart) Broadmuir, Turriff "B"  Coy. Buch. Ob 18/12/1917. Mrs James Stuart 28 St Mary Street has received information that her husband has been wounded and lost his left eye. He is at present in hospital at Newcastle. Previous to the war he was a millwright in the Turriff District. This is the 2nd time he has been wounded. 240547. Disembodied  6/5/1919
53   2275   Dickie, Charles Turriff Roof Slater. M.M.  and M.i.D. 1/1/1916. Wounded at Mametz Wood July 1916; Pont du Hinges (Bethune Front) 1918. Enlisted in ranks 1914. Bombing Sergeant 5th Bn. Commissioned from ranks.  
54   2281   Tuck, William Arthur Delgaty Castle, Turriff Footman at Delgaty Castle. (2/5 Bn.) Accidentally wounded in shoulder at Roclincourt March 17.  Sent for treatment to hospital in Antrim. Discharged from army Sept 1917. MiC shows to France 5/12/1915. SWB. Discharged 10/10/1917.
55       Higgins, J 21 Hunter Lane, Fraserburgh  
56   2294   Geddes, Alexander 6 Ugie St, Peterhead  Disembodied 22/2/1919. (Number may be 2293) - Later S/40138. SWB
57   2295   Kelman, William New Byth Farm Servant. Killed at Courcelette 1/12/16. Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Kelman, of Mains of Byth, New Byth (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
58       Cassie, William New Byth Farm Servant. Piper  2/5th Bn. Served Scotland/England.
59   2291   Stewart, William T 127 Land Sq, Keith Wounded Oct 1915. Disembodied 1/4/1919. 240519
60   2310   Calder, William Toux, Mintlaw Later R.E. Discharged to Class Z 17/3/1919 
61   2309   Moir, Alexander Toux, Mintlaw To France 5/12/1915. Transferred to MGC. Disembodied (unknown date) 
62   2308   Bisset, Thomas 16 Chapel St, Peterhead  DCM and MM. Born abt. 1893 in Peterhead, 4th child of Peter Bisset, a publican, and his wife Elsie. Married  Jessie Wallace in 1913. Occupation, Postboy; address 16 Chapel St.  POW after German Spring Offensive. Survived the War and emigrated to USA and later Canada. See Additional Information.
63   2307   Hay, John S Hillfoot, Strichen Wounded 31/7/1916. Later MGC. Disembodied (date unknown)
64   2304   Bremner, Harry Crimond Killed in action 13/11/1916 (Beaumont Hamel). Biography and photo from De Ruvignys Roll Of Honour (See Miscellaneous Articles)
65   2303   Stronach, James Crimondgate, Crimond Born Huntly. Enlisted in Fraserburgh. Killed in action 31/7/1916. Age 21. Son of James and Annie Stronach, of The Glebe, Speymonth, Fochabers, Morayshire
66       Smith, J 29 High St, Fraserburgh  
67   2301   Taylor, Alexander 23 Harbour St, Fraserburgh Enlisted in Fraserburgh.  Killed in action 31/7/1916.(THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
68   2311   McWillie, John 15 Albert St, Fraserburgh Disembodied 19/3/1919. 202604
69   2333   Davidson, John King Edward Farm Servant. To France 5/12/1915. Taken prisoner 26/3/16. Exhanged in Holland April 1918. Disembodied 13/3/1919.
70       Paterson, R Shivas, Ellon  
71   2334   Buchan, William 37 Commerce St, Fraserburgh To France 21/8/1915. Wounded 31/7/1916. Later MGC. SWB. Survived the War.
72   2335   Henderson, George Gateside, Tarves Died of wounds 16/8/1917. Enlisted Peterhead. Resident of Gateside, Tarves . 3rd son of Mr & Mrs Henderson, Gateside Oldmeldrum (DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY)  War Book of Turriff p 243  Farm Servant.  Service returns show age 22. Died No. 47 CCS. 240535
73   2316   Smith, Charles Skene  To France 21/8/1915. Disembodied 21/3/1919. 240524
74   2312   Leslie, John P Ardlin, Ellon Enlisted in Ellon. To France 5/12/1915. Scotsman 25/3/1916 - John Leslie, son of Mr & Mrs John Leslie, Blakesmuir, has been accidentally killed on 17/3/1916. Age 20. (ECOIVRES MILITARY CEMETERY) Note:  SDGW and MiC show "Killed in action"
75   2313   Third, George Hillhead, Ellon  
76   2317   Watt, William  22 Prince St, Peterhead Killed in action 17/5/15.  Age 19. Son of Samuel & Jane Montgomerie Watt of 20 Constitution St Peterhead. ( PERRONNE RD CEMETERY,MARICOURT)
77       Burnet, J Kinmundy, Longside  
78   2322   Turriff, James St Fergus Transferred to RE (driver). Discharged 8/7/1919 (medically unfit)
79       Mutch, A 27 Hanover St, Fraserburgh  
80   2372   Cruickshank, David 30 Hanover St, Fraserburgh Killed in action 21/3/1918 (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
81   2342   Runcie, James High St, Sandhaven To France 5/12/1915. Killed in action 25/10/1918. Age 26. Son of John and Rachel Runcie, of High St., Sandhaven, Fraserburgh.  Born Pitsligo.
82   2343   Wood, George 10 Mid St, Rosehearty

Born Fraserburgh. Enlisted Peterhead. B Company. Wounded 21/11/1917. Killed in action 24/7/1918. (BUZANCY MILITARY CEMETERY) MM  Service returns show age as 25. War Diary for Sept 1917 shows: MM awarded :'For gallantry between 31st July and 16th Sept 1917.' Will at NAS


83   2344   Brown, James 11 Windmill St, Peterhead Attested Oct 1914. To France 5/12/1915. Later Labour Corps. 
84   2345   McWilliam, David 22 Queen St, Peterhead To France 21/8/1915. Killed in action 5/12/1917. "B" Coy. Born Peterhead. (CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL) Buch. Ob 18/12/1917: Mrs McWilliam 22 Queen St has received official information that her 3rd son has been killed in action. In the official statement a high tribute is paid to him as an N.C.O. Prior to the war L/Cpl McWilliam was a cooper with Messrs A. Wood and Sons, fishcurers. He has other two brothers serving in the Navy
85   2360   Barclay, William Fraser Dudwick, Ellon Born 27/6/1895 at Middlemuir, Dudwick, Ellon. To France, 2/5/1915.
Transferred to 51st Battalion, Machine Gun Corps. (Date unknown) No.20223
Awarded Military Medal for an action on 13th November 1916.  L.G 22/1/1917
Promoted to Corporal. (Date unknown).Awarded French Medaille Militaire (October 1918)  L.G 7/3/1919. Demobilized, 18/3/1919.
Became a farmer at Stuartfield.Died, Longside,1972. 
Information from grandaughter Sheila Robertson.
86   2361   Sutherland, Alexander Belfatton, Lonmay Son of Mrs Sutherland, Belfatton, Lonmay. POW March 1918. Disembodied 7/4/1919. Brother of John (1623), died of wounds 22/3/1918 and Duncan (1622) died of wounds 31/7/1917.
87   2362   Finnie, Alexander Auchnagatt Scotsman -casualty lists 20/10/1917-240554 (Auchnagatt). POW March 1918. Disembodied 14/3/1919. 240554
88   2346    Pressley, Lewis 27 Frithside St Fraserburgh Born abt. 1892. Son of George & Jane Pressley. 240544
89   2363    Mitchell, John Mintlaw Reported missing March 1918. Presumed killed in action 21/3/1918.(POZIERES MEMORIAL) 240555 (See Casualty Lists March 1918 Missing for details)
90       White, J.N 66 Main St, New Deer  
91   2348   Rennie, Joseph Touxton, Methlick To France 5/12/1915. Disembodied 2/4/1919. 240545 
92   2365   Mitchell, John G 15 Skelton St, Buchanhaven 240557 Later Orderly Room Sergeant.Married Maggie Gray (Buchan) 19/9/1917. Discharged to Class Z 14/2/1919.
93       Mackay, P.R 4 Union St, Peterhead  
94   2377   Burr, Herbert W 72 Cross St, Fraserburgh Killed in Action 24/7/1916. Age 19. Son of James and Annie Burr.
95   2378   Minto, George 3 Cross St, Fraserburgh  To France 4/12/1915. Disembodied 21/3/1919. 292162
96   2371   Simpson, Alexander Annochie, Auchnagatt Killed in action 8/4/1918 (2nd Bn) Age 22. Son of Hugh and Christina Simpson, Annochie, Auchnagatt; husband of Annie Simpson, of 7 Kintore Place, Aberdeen.(MONTECCHIO PRECALCINO COMMUNAL CEMETERY). Buch. Obs. 18/6/1918: "Mrs Simpson, 7 Kintore Place Aberdeen, has received official news that her husband was accidentally drowned in Italy on 8th April. He was the youngest son of Mr Hugh Simpson, Blackhill, Anochie."
97   2379   Robertson, William Annochie, Auchnagatt Wounded 31/7/1916. Transferred to 14th London Scottish.  Killed in action 23/8/1918.
98   2358   Elrick, John Bell Auchterless Postman. Sergt. Killed in action 31/7/1916. Age 30. Son of Mrs. Margaret Elrick of Overbrae Fisherie, Turriff
99   2359   Brown, Gilbert Auchterless Carpenter.  Wounded at Soissons 27/7/1918. Later CSM. Trans to 7th Bn.  Discharged to Class Z 22/2/1919. 292196
100   2380   Jaffray, Leslie C. Turriff Shoemaker. Served from 11/10/1914 . Sergt. Wounded at Arras 10/4/1917. SWB. Discharged 24/12/1918. Address (MiC) Station Cottage, Turriff.
101   2386   Junor, George Fetterangus Died of wounds 1/9/1918. Age 22. Son of George and Isabella Junor, of Fetterangus. (M.M.) Buch Obs. 25/6/1918: "Mr and Mrs Geo. Junor, North St Fetterangus, have received information that their son L/Cpl George Junor, has been awarded the M.M. for bravery in the field. L/Cpl Junor joined the Army in October 1914 and has been twice wounded. Before joining he was employed as a farm servant at Mains of Gaval."
102   2364   Thomson, William Savoch, Auchnagatt Disembodied 22/3/1919. 240556 
103       Greig, W 33 Nellfield Place, Aberdeen  
104   2374   Reid, James Haddo, Foveran To France 4/12/1915. 240561. Killed in action  23/7/1918 (6th Bn) Age 25. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reid, of 35, The Square, Ellon.( MARFAUX BRITISH CEMETERY)
105   2387   Dey, James Pitmedden, Udny To France 5/12/1915. Killed in action 31/7/1916. (THIEPVAL MEMORIAL)
106       Chalmers, R 41 Bridge St, Ellon  
107   2375   Alexander, Robert Ythsie, Tarves 9/4/1916. Bullet wounds - (superficial) right side of face (War Diary) 
108       Buchan, W Rattray, Tarves  
109       Dyce, William 31 St Mary St, Peterhead  240570 (Did not go to France with Bn in 1915)

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