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1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Soldiers' Wills (contd)



Most Wills were unwitnessed.  However  Private George Sinclair had his Will (at left) witnessed by two of his officers - 2nd Lieutenants Roberts and Scott.

Sinclair died during the German Offensive of 21st March 1918.  His two witnesses died in 1915.  George Sinclair's death is not recorded on the Commonwealth War Grave Commission's Debt of Honour Register.

Below.  Alexander Mutch wrote two Wills - one in 1914 while at Bedford prior to leaving for France.  The second was completed in March 1917.  He still used his old four digit service number.

Alexander Mutch survived almost four years of trench warfare only to die by drowning in August 1917 while the Battalion was out of the line in the St Janster Biezen area.

At the time he was attached to a Salvage Company which was transporting German explosives by motor launch. The explosives caught fire and Alexander and two other men were blown into the water and drowned. Documents relating to the inquiry still exist.



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Carolyn Morrisey