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1st/5th Battalion  Gordon Highlanders
Casualties for German Offensive, March 21st - April 2nd 1918 (A)
The Regimental History gives the following casualty figures for the 5th Battalion for this engagement -  "the losses of rank and file numbered 560, of whom 446 were missing".  I am not sure whether the 114 'not missing' included wounded. The missing undoubtedly included dead and prisoners of war.  Using the Commonwealth War Graves Roll of Honour (CWGC) and the information provided in Soldiers Died in the Great War (SDGW), I have identified 83 dead (Other Ranks) and two officers for the period 21st March to 2nd April 1918.  The first stage of the German offensive ended on 5th April, however most of the 5th Battalion casualties have a date of death shown as "between 21st March to 2nd April", indicating that their exact date of death is unknown.   However the majority probably died on the first day.  As can be seen, very few have a known grave.  There will of course be others who died of wounds outside of this period, however I have no way of identifying them.
Names in Blue indicate men who appeared on the 1914 Battalion Roll. It can be seen from the details of birth and location of next of kin, that a fair proportion of the men were no longer from the traditional recruitment area of the 5th Battalion. (Click here for an analysis of the change in composition of the Battalion)
    Other Ranks

Name                       Number   Born Enlisted  Notes 
Alexander, Daniel   266268     Banff Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 19. "D" Coy. Brother of Mrs C. Riddell 9 Beaconsfield Tce Turriff. (POZIERES MEMORIAL) 
Anderson, David   241261  Longside   21/3/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  (3709) 
Begg, William    242277    Edinburgh Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  Formerly of 8th Battalion. Next of kin (per Will) Mrs Begg, 42 Seafield St, Portcoy Banffshire.
Burns, John   240651    Strichen Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918. Age 20. Son of Mrs Margaret Burns 33 Hanover St Fraserburgh. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  DCM. (2550) 
Burr, Andrew  240711    Ellon Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918. Age 23. Son of James I Burr, Coriecram, Auchnagatt & late I. Burr. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  (2649)
Callum, John  265703    Keith 21/3/1918. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  (11301)   
Carter, Frederick  S/43518 Suffolk   Southwark 21/3/1918.  Age 30. Husband of Florence Carter, 80 Muson Rd., Portway, West Ham, London. (POZIERES MEMORIAL) Formerly Cameronians S/21845.
Christie, Thomas   202890  Aberdeen  Aberdeen 22/3/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) 
Clark, James 241212   Longside Old Deer  21/3/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (3631) Peoples Journal Missing List 22/2/1919 - James Clark, "A" Coy, son of Robert Clark, Scotston, Dudwick Ellon.
Clelland, Robert L  291967 Glasgow   Glasgow 21/3/1918. Age 21. Son of Robert and Christina Clelland 152 Hill St., Garnethill, Glasgow.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL) Formerly Scottish Rifles 8183 
Cook, John Mitchell S/41282   Lochgelly, Fife  Lochgelly 21/3/1918. Age 38. Son of the late Andrew and Ann Clark Cook.    (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  Formerly Royal Highlanders S/41282 
Corbett, John  241273  Tyrie Peterhead 21/3/1918.   Age 32. Son of George and Margaret Corbett, Weetingshill, Maud.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  (3725)  Buchan Observer 16/4/1918 - reported as missing.
Cowie, James   202709  Muchalls, Aberdeenshire    21/3/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) Note: SDGW  shows Died of wounds in Germany. People Journal Missing List 2/3/1919 shows Mrs Cowie seeking information about her son. "B" Coy, 5th platoon.
Cowie, Robert  S/17970   Foveran Aberdeen  21/3/1918.  Age 26. Son of Robert Cowie, Scotston, Dudwick, Ellon.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  [See also POW list]
Cowie, William George   240986  Old Rhynie, Aberdeenshire  Peterhead Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 23. Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Cowie, Quarryhead, Gight, Fyvie; husband of Catherine Cowie, of Muirlandhillock, Auchnagatt. (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (3219) 
Cruickshank, David  240560 Slains   Ellon 21/3/1918 (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (2372) To France 5/12/1915  Buch Obs 23/4/1918 - Slains - Mrs Cruickshank, Bruce Hay Schoolhouse, Slains, has been informed that her fourth son, L.Cpl D.Cruickshank is missing supposed to be a POW. 1901 census - son of Benjamin Cruickshank, farmer, and Cristian. Born abt 1897 
Driver, Albert  260243   London Wood Green Died of Wounds 2/4/1918. (HEATH CEMETERY, HARBONNIERES) Formerly A & SH 253166.
Duhig, Alfred Edward  260252   Hampstead, Middlesex  Mill Hill  21/3/1918. Age 35. A Coy. Son of Maurice and Elizabeth Duhig, of 5A Wotton Rd., Cricklewood, London.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL) Formerly A & SH 253167. (See Driver above)  
Duncan, Douglas   242181    Aberdeen  Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 21. A Coy. Son of William and Elizabeth Duncan 45A, Urquhart Rd., Aberdeen.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) 
Duncan, Robert  202866   Cabrach, Banff  Aberdeen Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918. Age 27. Son of Alexander and Mary Duncan, of Whitehillock, Cabrach, Huntly.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  
Fiddes, Alex G  241252    Aberdeen  Died of wounds 31/3/1918.  Age 26. Son of William and Jessie Fiddes Loirston Road, Cove Bay, Kincardineshire. (ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN)
Forbes, William K 240044   Peterhead  Peterhead 21/3/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (571) Sewing machine agent. Married Isabella Thomson 1896. Buch. Ob.23/4 /1918. Reported missing, believed prisoner of war, was formerly with Messrs Singer, Peterhead.  His wife resides a 6 Charlotte St., Peterhead.
Gerrard, Adam 242138  Auchendoir, Aberdeenshire  Aberdeen Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 21. C Coy. Son of Mr & Mrs Charles Gerrard, Market Square Lumsden Aberdeenshire. (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (5096) 
Hastie, George  241193  St Fergus  Peterhead  21/3/1918.  Age 28. Son of Mrs. Mary Hastie, of St. Fergus. (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (3602)
Henderson, George 242139     Keith Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 22. Son of Mrs Barbara Reid, 6 Bruce St Macduff, Banffshire. (POZIERES MEMORIAL) 
Hughes, John  260198  Kilrenny Fife  Kirkaldy  Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918. Age 38. Husband of Lizzie Hughes, 465 High St Kircaldy. (POZIERES MEMORIAL) Formerly Royal Highlanders 350242. (Mill worker of Maryhall St, Kirkcaldy. Married Lizzie Downie aged 18, millworker, in 1907.)
Inglis, William  242145    Banchory 21/3/1918  Age 22. Son of Mary A. Inglis, 31 Queen St., Gourdon, Montrose, and the late David Inglis. MARTEVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY, ATTILLY. "Buried near this spot." 
Jennings, Ernest   260129  Liverpool  Chiswick  Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918 Age 38. Husband of Elizabeth Jennings, 15 Berrymede Rd., Acton Green, Chiswick, London. (POZIERS MEMORIAL) 
Kelman, Henry Edward  241141  Longside  Peterhead  2/4/1918  Age 19. Son of James and Christina Kelman, of Upper Claystiles, Memsie, Fraserburgh. (POZIERS MEMORIAL) (3523) 
Kemp, Joseph  266503    Grange, Banffshire   Keith Died of wounds. (Possibly in German hands, 1/4/1918) Age 29. Son of Robert and C. Kemp of Tulloch Cottage, Kininvie, Dufftown, Banffshire.  (PREMONT BRITISH CEMETERY)  SDGQ shows "Died in Germany".
Lawson, George  260178    Govan   Dundee Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918  (POZIERS MEMORIAL) Formerly Highland Light Inf. 24437 and Royal Highlanders 202851.
Leask, Alexander 240650   Methlick   Peterhead 21/3/1918  (POZIERS MEMORIAL) (2548) Commemorated on Methlick War Memorial.    
Lornie, Alexander  242092


 Aberdeen 21/3/1918  Age 25. D Coy. Son of Andrew and Elizabeth Lornie, 3 March Lane, 13 Jacks Brae, Aberdeen. (POZIERS MEMORIAL) (5048) 
MacKay, George   S/20537  Farr, Sutherland   Nairn 21/3/1918 Age 19. Son of Hugh and Dolina Mackay, of "Burnside", Achina, Bettyhill, Thurso. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  
Mackie, Victor William James   242509  Knock, Banffshire  Aberdeen 21/3/1918 Age 20. B Coy. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Mackie, 7Friendship Terrace, Aberdeen.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  (5695) 
Marshall, Robert  241684    Aberdeen Died of wounds 29/3/1918. (NAMPS-AU-VAL BRITISH CEMETERY) (CCS March-April 1918)
Mathieson, John   241289  Latheron, Caithness Fraserburgh  Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918. Age 34. Son of James and Elizabeth Mathieson, 61 School St., Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. His brother Frank also fell. (Merchant Marine - 24/11/1917) 
McDonald, David  Allan  S/18611   Auchterless  Aberdeen Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  "Farm servant. Served 2/7/1917 - 21/3/1918. Reached France in time for Battle of Cambrai, November 1917. Missing and presumed killed at St Quentin, in big German Push 21st-22nd March 1918."
MacDonald, James  S/40884   Skye  London 21/3/1918.  Age 33. A Coy. Son of Murdo and Jane Hunter MacDonald.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) 
McGregor, William   202798 Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire   Laurencekirk,  Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918. Age 22. Son of William and Mary Ann McGregor, 182, High St., Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) 
McGregor, William   240369  Inverurie  Fraserburgh Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 23. Son of George and Mary McGregor, 7Kintore Terrace, Inverurie.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)   (1972)
McLachlan, Alexander  238021  Sandyford, Lanarkshire   Glasgow 21/3/1918. Age 21. Son of Elizabeth McLachlan, 44 St. Vincent Crescent, Glasgow, and the late John McLachlan.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)   Formerly A & SH 202261
McLeod, George S/18600  Little Delrachie, Drumin, Glenlivet   Aberdeen

Died of wounds 16/4/1918 aged 24. Born the 7/12/1893 at Little Delrachie, Drumin, Glenlivet the son of Murdoch and Jane (nee Shaw) McLeod later of Strondow, Knockando. He lived in Morayshire for ten years where he worked as a ploughman. He joined the army on the 30/6/1917 at Aberdeen. He was wounded in both legs by gunshots on the 28/3/1918 and was evacuated to No 5 General Hospital at Rouen where he succumbed to his wounds two weeks later.
(From Morayshire Roll of honour)
My thanks to John Hamblin for supplying this information.

McRobbie, John   240707


 Turriff 25/3/198 (CWGC).  Farm Servant. "Wounded once. Killed at Fresnoy in his 21st year, 21/3/1918 " WBT.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)   (2643) Peoples Journal 8/3/1919: On missing list. "B" Coy, 7th platoon. Son of Mr Charles McRobbie, Hillside, Claypointie, Turriff. Previously: Scotsman 18/6/1917 casualty list - wounded 240707 (Turriff)
Milton, William  241269   Boddam (?)   Peterhead Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 22. Son of John and Jane Milton, Roadside Forgie, Keith, Banff. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  (3718)
Mitchell, John  240555


21/3/1918.  Buch. Ob. 9/4/1918. Youngest son of Mr Peter Mitchell, Kiplawhill, Mintlaw.Before joining the army he was a farm servant in the Ellon district. He has been three years at the front. (New recruit on 1914 Roll - Mintlaw 2363) Later assumed killed between 21/3/1918 - 2/4/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) Named on Mintlaw War Memorial.

Moir, William  S/17962

 Dunblane  21/3/1918.  Age 26. Son of William Moir, Netherton, Thornhill, Perthshire. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
Munro, Robert  260207    Keith   Perth Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 27. Son of Mrs. Mary Munro, of Clachan Cottage, Drum Rd., Keith.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
Murray, Henry  240715 

 Old Meldrum Died of wounds 26/3/1918. (MEZIERES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION) (2660)
Murray, William  241042   Banchory  Peterhead Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (3324)
Paterson, James   241054   Longside   Peterhead 2/4/1918  (BELLICOURT BRITISH CEMETERY) Born abt. 1892. Son of George and Elenora Paterson, Auchlee Cotter House, Longside
Pirie, Lewis W  240504


 Peterhead 21/3/1918.  Address 1914: 9 Erroll St, Peterhead. Occ. Carter.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  (2264) Age abt. 36. Son of William Pirie, labourer and the late Mary Pirie (Irvine). Married Eliza Bonnar in 1908.
Reid, William  202302

 Peterhead Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Father of Robert Reid, 12, Jute St., Aberdeen.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
Rennie, Arthur  240138   Tarves  Old Meldrum Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.Address in 1914: Auchnieve, Old Meldrum.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (1464)
Riddoch, John  266132


 Keith Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.   Age 22. Son of Maggie Riddoch, 3 Nelson Terrace, Fife, Keith, Banffshire, and the late James Riddoch. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
Robertson, Alexander  Leslie  242427 

 Aberdeen Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Baker. 38A Fife St Turriff. Reported missing believed killed March 1918. (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (1664)
Robertson, James  260091  Kilwinning, Ayrshire    Ayr 21/3/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  Formerly A & SH 5457 
Robinson, Percy   S/12293 Newton-in-Makerfield, Lancs   Earlestown 21/3/1918.  Age 21. A Coy. Son of William Robinson, collier, and Hannah Robinson, of 25 Lord St., Earlestown, Lancs. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
Sandy, Thomas  241150  Peterhead  Peterhead Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 27. Son of Mrs. Matilda Sandy, 5 Constitution St., Peterhead. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)   (3532) 
Scott, James   241319


 Aberdeen Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 40. Son of the late Mrs. George Christie and George Christie (Step-father).   (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (3788)
Scott, William   242045


 Keith Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (5001)
Sharpe, David   S/18625   Old Monkland Lancs.    Hamilton Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 19. Son of Jane Sharpe, of "Gricourt," 34 Kennedy Drive, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, and the late Thomas Sharpe. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  
Shepherd, Alexander Clelland  S/19594 Bishopbriggs, Lanark   Selkirk 21/3/1918.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  Born 16/8/1898 Westen District of Cadder, Bishopsbriggs. Son of John Shepherd, engine fitter and his wife Jessie (Clelland.)
Simpson, Ogilvie  266011 


 Keith  21/3/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)   D.C.M
Simpson, Robert   266718   Cairnie Aberdeenshire  Aberdeen 21/3/1918.   Age 20. Son of William Simpson, 2 Stuart's Lane Huntly.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL) 
Sinclair, George Leslie  240671

Peterhead 21/3/1918.   Killed in Action at Fesney-Le-Gelat. 2588 Next of kin (per Will) Mrs Alexander Sinclair, 33 Saltoun Place Fraserburgh. Previously: Scotsman 18/6/1917 casualty lists- wounded 240671 (Fraserburgh) (BELLICOURT BRITISH CEMETERY)
Stewart, Cuthbert  S/17077  Deskford, Banffshire   Aberdeen 21/3/1918.  Age 18. Son of William Stewart, of Ashridge, Forres, Morayshire. (GRAND-SERAUCOURT BRITISH CEMETERY) 
Thomson, Alexander   202170  Cruden  Aberdeen 21/3/1918.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL) Peoples Journal 8/3/1919 Missing List. "A" Coy 3rd platoon. Son of Mr & Mrs Paterson, Hay Farm Cruden. [See also POW List]
Thomson, James   241986    Coull, Aberdeenshire  Aberdeen 21/3/1918.  Age 35. A Coy. Husband of Alice Thomson, of Harvey Cottage, Dinnet, Aberdeenshire.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  (4942) 
Thomson, John  S/17999  Monquhitter  Aberdeen 21/3/1918  (BELLICOURT BRITISH CEMETERY) Shepherd from Auchterless in civilian life.
Thomson, William  240342   Peterhead  Peterhead 21/3/1918.    (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (1907)
Turner, Robert  S/41323  Ladybank, Fife   Perth  Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 40. Husband of Mary W. Turner, Brighton Place, South Union St., Cupar, Fife. (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
Wallace, Alexander  240353   Fraserburgh  Fraserburgh Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (1941) Son of Alexander  & Isabella Wallace 17 Manse St, Fraserburgh.
Watret, George  291460 Kirkmahoe, Dumfries  Berwick on Tweed 21/3/1918.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
White, David  242476   Huntly   Keith Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  (5661)
White, Thomas  S/20641   Carline, Ayrshire   Perth Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL)
Whyte, James  240977   Boddam   Peterhead Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 23. Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Whyte Sandford Lodge, Peterhead ; husband of Eleanor C. Whyte, of 2, Market Terrace, Strichen    (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (3207)
Whyte, John P  240847

  Peterhead Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (2911)
Wiggans, Andrew Fettes  242251


  Banchory Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 21. Son of Mr and Mrs James Wiggins 30 Jute St., Aberdeen.    (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (5412)
Will, George  241050   Rathen  Peterhead Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL) (3337) M.M
Wilson, James Ritchie  203364


  Huntly 21/3/1918.  Age 21. Son of George and Annie Wilson, of Bogs of Raich, Forgue, Huntly. (POZIERES MEMORIAL) Farm servant. "Reported missing after 21st March 1918, and as having died while a prisoner of war in 1919". (Also in POW list)
Wilson. Robert  242439

  Edinburgh Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.    (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  (5622) 
Wood, James S/20640 Cairnie, Banffshire   Aberdeen Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.  Age 19. Son of John Wood, Lewes Farm, Fyvie.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  Farm servant. Served from June 1917. "Missing and presumed dead 21st March 1918".
Wylie, William  S/18630


  Aberlour Between 21/3 - 2/4/1918.   (POZIERES MEMORIAL) 


Twenty-four officers are listed as missing in the Regimental History, including the Commanding Officer Lieut. Colonel M.F. McTaggart.  I have found only three deaths for this period and there were twelve listed as prisoners of war (including one who died.) The fate of the other eight is at present unknown to me but they were possibly wounded. Major Robertson, who died on 23/3/1918, is listed under the prisoners of war.

Name                   Rank   Notes
Fyfe, William Quentin Lieut.  Age 21. Son of William and Isabel Fyfe, of 67, Westburn Drive, Aberdeen.  (POZIERES MEMORIAL)  Born Aberdeen 3/6/1896. Educated Woodside and Gordon College.  Apprentice engineer (mechanical). Joined 4th Bn 8/4/1914.Gazetted 2/Lt 5th Bn 16/8/1915. Promoted Lieut 1917. Wounded at Kemmel in 1917 and died of wounds on the field at Fresnoy-le-Petite. (De Ruvigney's R of H)
Smith, Alexander Will   2nd Lieut     (POZIERES MEMORIAL) M.C. - London Gazette 18/2/1918

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