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1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Five sons in their country's service 

Mrs Taylor, Pool Lane Peterhead

Mrs Alexander* Taylor, who resides at 9 Pool Lane Peterhead, has the honour and distinction of having no fewer than five sons, all her family, in the service of their King and country.
Her husband, Mr Alexander* Taylor, who was a fisherman, died about a year ago.  Her sons...are as follows:

Andrew, the eldest, 33 years of age, has been 11 years in the Navy, and is at present stationed at Portsmouth Barracks.  He is married and his wife and one boy live in Peterhead.

Frank, the second son, has also been 11 years in the Navy and is also stationed at Portsmouth Barracks.  His wife lives in Peterhead.

Alexander was called up on the mobilisation of the Royal Navy Reserve, and went away from Peterhead with the first batch sent south.  He also has a wife living in Peterhead.

Thomas and Robert, the fourth and fifth sons, have joined the 5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders (Territorials), and are at present undergoing training at the Scottish camp at Bedford. Thomas joined the Gordons about six weeks ago, while Robert, who had previously been a territorial, left with his battalion on its departure for Perth two months ago, being subsequently drafted to Bedford.

(Buchan Observer October 1914.)

* The newspaper made an error with the name of Mrs Taylor's husband which was James and not Alexander as reported.

Note: Thomas W. Taylor (No. 2156 later 240454) arrived in France on 21/8/1915. He was killed in action between 9 and 11 April 1917 (Battle of Arras) He appears on the Battalion Roll in "D" Company.

Robert Taylor No. 1551 was a member of "C" Company.  He was wounded on 1st July 1916 and later transferred to the RFC and then a Labour Battalion.

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